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The on-going dilemma

You know what pisses me off?

when a shop is selling something im interested in.

i enquire.they reply.i confirm.they send me their details.i respond saying i'm going to make deposit tomorrow/now. THEN THEY REPLY SAYING THAT IT'S SOLD OUT ALREADY BECAUSE SOMEONE BANKED IN THE MONEY FIRST! thats the ultimate wtf!

I mean i get this is a fist come first serve right?
well i came first but they sell it to the person who pays first.

I totally get it if i didnt reply at all for the past 3-4 days and they sell it off.

But its not like i went MIA.its not like i didn't reply.
I DID reply.I DIDN't go MIA! i told you i was to bank it in about..gee i dunno 5 minutes ago!?

why cant they tell that dear other buyer
"the item is currently pending but if the dear sweet buyer does not reply me tomorrow it will be yours *insert smiley here*"

how i see it.
seller brings in 2 pieces.
8 people send in their order forms and they send their acc numbers to all 8 of them.

and ding ding obviously only 2 of them get the pieces.

what if i didnt read your next email and i went ahead and banked in the money via maybank2u?!

when this happens.i just dont shop at said shop anymore.
dont you guys agree?


  1. I'm a seller myself, and for the first 2 weeks or so I had the "first who pay will get the goods" thing.

    Note I said first 2 weeks, coz even for that short a period of time, it was so much hassle on my end to refund those who paid too late, and I placed myself in the buyers' shoes. If it's so mengada for me to refund their money, what about those who go all the way to the bank/deposit machine to pay, only to have me tell them "oh sold d sorry".

    I believe most sellers do that as to prevent backout buyers, but I think giving buyers at least 24 hours to pay is reasonable, and you can always tell your other potential buyer that you'll get back to them on whether it's available or not.

  2. I have had my fair share of back out buyers and its frustrating. My priority now is just so I dont lose money & keep dead stock... not if you're able to spend money.

    To all buyers who go thru this over & over again... do us all a favor.

    GET YOURSELF ONLINE BANKING!!!! Then all is solved. You will never be the last to bank in money. HOW BLOODY difficult is it for you whiny brats to apply for a bank account and tell the officer "please activate the online banking"

    Dont give monkey excuses.

    Sick of all you brats whining about seller selling off an item before you can go to a bank. WHAT?? You maybe ONE who claims you wont back out but how are we really suppose to know? You words against ours.

    The only thing it will cost you monkeys are the money you are willing to part with anyway. We sellers on the other hand risk dead stock. So what do we do? Sell it to whoever can pay up fastest.

  3. i disagree. im a buyer and not a blogshop owner but i think its fair if the blogshop owner wants to sell their stuff on a first pay first get basis IF they inform you of the policy either via their T&C or beneath their order form, or along with the bank details. its their way of protecting themselves and i think its only right. its fair to the buyers as well, because as it is with retail shopping- whoever pays first gets the item first.

    eg, you're shopping at a boutique and see a dress you'd like, but have insufficient funds in your wallet. you put the dress aside and head downstairs to the ATM to withdraw some cash and while you're there, someone else spots that piece and takes it to the counter and pays for it. you can't expect everything to be put on hold because you had to go and withdraw cash right? it's a first pay first get world out there hun :)

  4. to Eef: disagree. as an online seller (you will soon realise if your business is good and you're getting a lot of orders and bringing in a ton of stock every week) first pay first get is the only way 2 go. else u end up w dead stock n buyers who are no longer interested.

    my previous experience w allowing reservation for 24 hours was that many buyers tell u after 24 hrs that they're on the way 2 d bank now/cant make it but will bank in in a few hours, pls extend their reservation. its only natural you'd say yes since youve already reserved d item for them 4 24 hours. guess what? 50% of these ppl back out in d end!

    to avoid cases like Eefs, an efficient online seller shud immediately update the status of the items on their blog once it gets sold out. u can also text interested buyers and let them know its no longer available to save both parties d hasle. easy peasy (:

  5. dont call other people monkeys la weh...

  6. yup, first pay first get only fair lo.....

  7. Fed up ma... tak habis habis whine. Its very sickening to keep hearing the same drama when the solution is soooooooooo simple. Apply for online banking la. Wont cost you a dime.

    You have money to shop, you have money to open an account. Open your that mouth you use to whine so much "cik tolong activate online banking" BAM! 5 mins later you'll be shopping your life away with no complains.

  8. it's better for sellrs to maintain the first pay first sold policy but I strongly disagree with the second commentor,
    What if the buyers were students? Ones with bank accounts that are considered minor? These minor accounts have no access to online banking (believe me I have tried all sorts of ways) so have no choice but to use a cash deposit machine. There will always be back out buyers no matter whatever policy you follow, the only solution is to reserve the item for that buyer for at least 24 hours then release it for the buyer waiting in line..

    SOOO many excuses to blame sellers but didnt take any initiative as a buyer.
    Sellers start up an online business to sell at MUCH CHEAPER prices, its only natural that orders are a lot!


  10. buyers got to also understand that sellers have to face heaps of back out buyers and it's as sickening as you guys having to receive emails informing that your said item is already sold to some one who provided prompt payment. come on, look at it this way, buyers have to layan inquiries after inquiries. not only from one buyer but, more and at the end of the day, no purchase done. i'm both a buyer and seller myself. thus, i also have my fair chance of experiences both situations and guess what? i was never bitter even if i managed to make my payment through maybank2u only to be informed that someone else's managed to make the payment seconds before me. sooo chill people. it's a fair deal. prompt payment, more satisfaction

  11. In all seriousness... if you're a minor, go shop in boutiques with your mummy. And if mummy is understanding enough with the latest technologies of cheaper online shopping, then she can do the online banking for you. Dont have to be sneaky right?

  12. Easy solution. Everytime buyer order ask for her no. when another buyer want to bank in call her to ask if whether she is still interested. now email have slowly become snail mail where u got your reply only after a week or two or maybe months...

    Leave HP no. Then again buyer don't mengada go and disturb ppl no when it is not business matter!

  13. jialatt,

    don't go calling your potential buyers monkeys. it's very unprofessional of you. how would you feel if someone else calls you monkey? :)
    u may have just lost your potential clients.

    yes i agree that whoever pays first gets the item first. but even if they have an online banking service, not all online banking service operate 24/7. especially if the buyer is transferring from a different bank account. it takes up to 3 working days to clear the transferred amount.

    and even if the buyer email the seller the banking transaction, how would you know if the buyer is not cheating? they can just copy paste another transaction and mail it to you. and then insist on you posting out the item before the transaction is cleared on your account (happened to a friend who is a seller).

    so, don't go calling people monkeys.
    treat others as how you want to be treated.
    life is a gamble.

  14. Holding on to dead stock is not a gamble I choose to mess with.

    You can call me a monkey if its justifiable. Seriously. Call me anything you want.

    Define potential buyers... I seek buyers, not potentials. I sell clothes, not houses and insurance. I am no different than the fella out there selling char kuey tiow. Fast deals. Unlike selling a house or insurance, i can sweet talk and layan you till kingdom come.


  15. This is a very matter of fact matter if you look in a different perspective.
    Let me explain in the context of a seller :-

    We have 4 pieces of dress in a same design.
    -We receive 6 enquiries, 3 filled in the ORDER FORM with full details, 3 just ask "im interested, still available? " , or " I want this dress, please reserve "
    - We give priority to those who filled in the form as they take the initiative to read the FAQ which clearly states that only those with full order form will be taken seriously.
    - The rest of the 3 will be replied but not taken into consideration as potential buyer to avoid dissapointments.
    - The first 3 orders with full order form made payment and secured the 3 dresses. NOW LEFT 1.
    - The 3 other enquiries asked for measurements, more pictures..etc.. all emails are replied prudently.
    -One more order come in with full order form. Seller replied with acc number. Payment made.
    - ALL 4 items soldout.
    - Seller inform the 3 buyers that all items are soldout.
    - Buyer replies "WHAT, I TOT YOU RESERVED FOR ME ???"

    *dear buyers, this is how busy sellers can be*
    so if you are kind enough, do bank in ASAP if you want to CONFIRM your items.

  16. happens to me all the time. its quite frustrating when that happens. however, i do agree with everyone else, the sellers have to finish their stocks asap to get new fresh stocks. not all buyers can be trust like you. so yeah, there are pros and cons for both parties

  17. I'm a seller and I believe in giving customers a chance to get the items - first come first served basis.

    If they agree to make payment and all details from both sides are provided, I'll keep the item for them with my reservation policy. If they fail to complete transaction, I'll let others have it.

    Sure, some may backout but in this online business where you can't see seller and buyer face to face, customer service is utmost important - way of handling customers, email etiquette.. part of end-to-end process.

    If I go to a shop, spot something I like to buy and lack of cash, I would inform the cashier to keep for me till I come back from atm. If they like to keep business going with range of regular customers - they would keep it for me. Maybe I won't go back once I walk out from the shop but am sure they experience it before and take it in their stride as part of customer service. Well if they don't, then they will lose me as future customer and if they do it many times to other people, they will lose a lot of customers, aight?

    We shouldn't demand customers to do this and that when we are promoting our items - when customers aren't even being nasty or unreasonable.

  18. I am a seller too. Buyer sometimes reserved a top/dress, then they keep comparing prices from other blogshop, later said want to add item, or change color, ask for more photo, measurement ( when all this infor already in details), change their mind faster than weather, keep pending the payment or at the end, keep bargain for the best deal. We should not demand customer to do this and that maybe, but every blogshops has their own T & C too.

  19. next time i purchase a movie ticket, i'll tell them to keep it for me while i go withdraw cash and see what they say! HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  20. thats y shopping with a website with a shopping cart system is better.
    wat u see is wat u get. available and sold

  21. dear jialat,
    potential buyer is defined as those who will actually click on ur blog link to browse what you're selling. Losing potential customer means that less traffic for your blog (which literally means less sale right?). So either you have a handful regular customers who never failed to purchase EVERYTHING that you sell or else you're gonna end up with the unmoving stocks jugak because nobody is clicking your link. Same thing~


  22. Movie tickets? Yes they will keep for u if u reserve. They only release it if u fail to collect after certain period of time.

    Same goes to shops. If u ask them to keep for u, they will take down ur number and reserve till a certain date. Happens all the time. They give customers benefit of doubt, why can't we?

    The key point is not about lack of cash. Buyers indicated they intend to purchase, gave details, told sellers when they are making payment then sellers should give them benefit of doubt. First come first served. If they didn't pay within the agreed period & didn't observe reservation policy then release item.

    It looks like sellers prefer first pay first served are not only because of backouts, but also to earn fast cash, clear stocks and less hassle in dealing customers. Where's customer service in these???

  23. =.= buyers, go activate online banking. seriously it's convenient for yourself and also the sellers.

    and to jialatt, of course you open your big mouth here. none of us here can find out which blogshop u own or else, the consequences will be horrid. Name-callings are for kids. Please grow up. at least mentally.

  24. Dear the monkey named jialat,

    Let me know the name of your blogshop and i will ask anyone i know NOT to shop with a monkey like you. NO RESPECT!

  25. Well,

    Business is business,

    Life is always unfair,

    First pay, first serve now. :)

  26. Why is it that some people here find mockeries such a crime?

    Is as if you yourself have never called someone bitch or stupid or whatever before. Dont be hypocrites la people... *haih*

  27. dear jialatt (and other sellers)

    please bear in mind, if you want to start a business, the first thing that should be on your priority list is ETHICS. if you do not have respect for your customers then you don't deserve to be in the business. that includes calling your customers "monkeys", "bitch" or "stupid" because that points to the exact character that you are.

    i understand that buyers themselves must have respect for sellers too. but the nature of your business is SERVICE-BASED. that means, you accomodate as far as your patience goes. if you want to impose some terms and conditions, so be it, but do not be unfair to HONEST buyers who are deprived because they do not have online bank accounts. at the same time, buyers should not lead their sellers on to no end. hwoever, just as much as you sellers encounter undesirable buyers; remember, buyers ALSO encounter undesirable sellers - and if you intend to do well in the business, this is not a list you want to be in.

    there are hundreds of buyers - some, or most of which you will never encounter again. but there are only so many sellers in comparison; thus people will remember you forever. especially if you model your own clothes too.

    comments like if you're a minor, please shop with your mummy are seriously unjustified, discriminative, unfair and downright selfish. in a business, i understand money is an integral part. however, so is your INTEGRITY - in case you didn't realise.

  28. dear jialatt,

    why don't you try calling your customers monkey to their face and see what happens? =)

  29. Yeap! Life is always unfair!

    We strongly agree with this policy


    Online shopping is just like you shop in Shopping Mall! They do not reserve clothes for u till you get your pay or so whatever. Start to purchase when you have sufficient cash and you are familiar with online banking and i believe for those who shop frequently via internet you are READY to purchase!

    Lets be fair!Make ur deposit and the seller will reserve for u. If u are a regular or VIP im sure the seller will give priority to u compared to New customer,Internet business is based on TRUST! Business is business, Money come first! Be realistic! Be a considerate Buyer and Professional Seller!

  30. Its funny how most you dont know how to draw the line between a vent blog and the real world.

    How naive can you all be to think that that's how I am with my customers... As one of the anons said above, dont be hypocrites.

    I'm way out of your leagues. My website garners 25k monthly and its definitely not by means of "I owe you" "Pls reserve" "I pay tomorrow". Being in this business the last 6 years, i have dealt with the worse of its kind hence I dont find the need to give in to school girl demands.

    And thats the only secret of my success that I'll reveal to you all.

    cheerio ;p

  31. telling us not be hypocrites? aren't you proving to be one yourself? "how naive can you all be to think that that's how i am with my customers"

    HAHA. you're a joke.


    I do call people names, just not to their face.
    Unlike most of you who deny doing it at all.

    Do you know what hypocrite means?


    I'm done here. My 10yr old niece has more common sense than most of you.

    To the ones who support me, RAWK on sisters. You shall reap in the MOOLAHS. Lots of it!

  34. jialatt,

    well then if you deny being a hypocrite, you're a definite two headed snake :)

  35. as a seller, i would definitely agree with who pays first gets the item first. buyers always complain about how unfair that the item can't/won't be reserved for them, yet don't give two hoots about backing out, or not even replying after confirming and reserving the items. while one person is taking her own sweet time to make her payment (in 3 days, let's face it, this person might go MIA), say, 3 others are interested in the same item, and can make payment immediately. and after 3 days, and you follow up with the girl, she tells you that she's already gotten something similar. so what do you do when you contact all the other interested buyers to inform them that the item has been released only to find out that they're not interested anymore? well, this reservation is to the advantage of buyers, but it's not a guaranteed sale for the seller. these days, sellers can only take the buyers' words at face value, and nothing more than that. so instead of being hypocritical and maintaining that "reservation" term that is dissolved once another interested buyer comes along, it's just better to do away with reservations altogether.

  36. Bravo to Anon who mentioned about ethnics and integrity!

  37. err..ethnics, or ETHICS?? LOL

  38. Agreed with the saying of sellers can only take the buyer's words at face value!

    BLAME those back out buyers if you hate us implementing first pay first serve basis.

    You see, initially we agreed to reserve for you and the period was 3 days! which gives u enough time to either:
    A)slowly bank(who is willing to pay quickly?)
    b)found cheaper price at other shop who update 1 day later than the first shop
    c)to find yourself no longer interested

    More often that not, buyers choose B & C choice.
    What about us? we trusted u. we thought you will make payment as PROMISED as we PROMISED to reserve for you. and did you know, maybe there's other customer in the waiting list who are willing to pay earlier/confirm getting the item?
    and because of you reserving 3 days and after that backs out, we LOSE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS! hello, we're earning a small living here only k. losing another customer makes our small earnings even smaller!

    even reservation for 24 hours also can back out what!even emails with full details also can back out what!

    personal experience: i was selling this dress and i only have 2 ready stock and not restockable. many emails came in ordering and along that, questions about length la, width la, discount la, when can get la....
    so i reserved the 2 items for 2 customers for 24 hours. 1 paid immediately and the other did not make payment the next day and MIA-ed.
    I emailed customers who are interested on the dress and many of them replied,oh sorry im not interested anymore. oh sorry i bought from other blogs already. oh... MIA again.
    Next thing i know, it's dead stock again.

    Can you believe an item which was popular yesterday became dead stock today?

    now, i always give priorities to those who can make immediate payment. and those who have been making immediate payment previously.

  39. having dead stocks is a worse ordeal than being unable to buy what you want. Cruel but fair, serious buyers will always make payment asap while those buyers with second thoughts will ask this ask that, drag the time a bit then vanish without a trace.

    So can you really blame some sellers who had too much of backout-buyers to go with the first pay first serve" policy?

    if you can't get what you want because you are just one step behind, well, treat it as a penny saved and one less impulse purchase lor, LOL.

    And besides, if it's a popular item sure there'll be other shops going to bring in the stocks, and their price might be even lower. So who untung in the end?

  40. jialatt,

    since some of us are quite not with you on this whole saga, why don't you post up your blog link so that we, "monkeys" can avoid your blogshop? i've read harsh and bitchy comments but yours is a whole new level down below all that. caller people who PAY you monkeys? for real?

    look, we all know some buyers are difficult and i'm not saying what you said is not true, but
    there are nicer ways to get your point across.

  41. jialat,
    ur website garners 25k a month?
    u think we're born yesterday?

  42. Wow jialat you really damn jialat. 25k a month? if this is true then i feel sad for all the buyers that bought from you.


  44. hahaha...god! i NEVER knew that some people can be so MORONIC! come on jialat, whatever you're doing is definitely a form of hypocrisy..calling all these good people who actually helped u reap in "25k" a month (or so you claimed) monkeys/unthinkable names?? wow....i have never know people can be SOOOO low! seriously...if you really think that you're "all that"..why don't you give us your blog name? and besides...using all the name as a facade'? u definitely KNOW the consequences if people DO find out who you really are...because your business would drop like flies...

    sheesh.... a seller and also a buyer..n i DO NOT condone such an unethical and rude behaviour!!
    i guess it is not surprising that people like you open up businesses online, because you certainly CAN'T handle people in REAL LIFE! i bet if you start a business at a normal boutique, no one would come in seeing that they certainly can sense that "nasty aura" of yours miles away!!! hahahaha

    owh..and as to the topic...i think first come first serve policy is good if you implement it properly, at least be considerate and let a window of opportunity for these kind buyers to pay...not to say 24hrs...but at least give them time...

    and to all that claimed that these "whiners/babies" should get an online banking...not everyone is capable of doing so..

    btw....if there are ALOT of people who back out from buying your stuff leaving you with some dead stock....don't you think that there;s something wrong....perhaps with your blog or maybe you? well could be some other blogs are selling same item at lesser price, or any other reasons, but people don't simply behave as such for no reason......good sellers would always have people coming back to why the worries?

    take a chill pill ;)

  45. Jialat,

    How much you earn doesn't reflect on one's personality and integrity, let alone one's right to call others with degrading names.

    Don't you know you're being a hypocrite too when you're calling people names behind their backs or under anonymity?

  46. aiyo... chill la ppl...
    jialatt, i get your point, but maybe next time you can try getting it across minus all the monkeys and whiny brats thingy?
    there there ppl... no need to get worked up over something like this. :)

  47. hi SMYDY, im the author of this publish this please

    hi people, yea i wrote this.i was really pissed the day i sent this in,now not so.reading all these comments i get a real kick out of it.this is my dose of laughter for the week seriously.

    To jialat, you really making 25k a month? you sure you selling clothes are what are you REALLY selling what har? ;)

    And I really resent comments like these

    "In all seriousness... if you're a minor, go shop in boutiques with your mummy. And if mummy is understanding enough with the latest technologies of cheaper online shopping, then she can do the online banking for you. Dont have to be sneaky right? "

    and others who keep telling me i should get an online banking account.

    no offense to you but.what the hell is your problem? you blind or what!

    do people just read what they want to read to attack me or what?

    as i mentioned in my post,

    "what if i didnt read your next email and i went ahead and banked in the money via maybank2u?! "

    I DO HAVE A MB2U ACCOUNT! and i'm probably older than you and you probably still live with your mummy!(honestly nothing wrong with staying with your mom,but she started it!)You assume then undermind.


    This is what really happened.IN CASE ANY OF YOU WERE WONDERING OR CARED, before you started blasting.

    I smsed this girl okay obviously a seller,because she said i'd get faster replies when i sms.
    then she smsed me back,within about 10 mins telling me it was available..interested?

    She stated on her site she cods around my area so i said
    " YES I WANT IT PLEASE! :) can we cod? I'll pay for it first then we cod la"

    Seller " Okay! heres my acc number XXXXXXXX total is XX "

    Me : Okay making deposit now *logs on to m2u acc*

    I was filling in her and my particulars and the amount...Acc number: 11..*beep beep*

    " sorry dress sold already"

    So obviously i was pissed right!?
    WHo wouldnt be? what if i entered it earlier and sent in the payment and she told me it was sold out?

    then what you expect me to do? type faster to get the dress ah? make my internet move faster?ask m2u to load faster? if it comes to that then i'd really stop shopping online

    who wouldnt be pissed la?

    another occasion;

    i emailed the buyer saying i was interested and can make payments asap.

    You see right maybank2u takes 3 days to process to make payment to another bank she said i must pay to her CIMB account by today ,so she wants to see it today.

    so i said okay la.i'll go out and make a deposit to the cimb account now.

    i wrote down the acc no but forgot to write down the amount on the way i quickly went to check my email for the amount thats when i received the email that she said it was sold out already.

    so thats what happened that ignited that fire to make me write it on SMYDY la

    i'm no that unreasonable to not get back to them or delay my payment for 3 days and then get pissed at the seller right?

    so what do you guys think now? enlighten me please.

  48. JIALAT and her supporters, U GUYS EFFIN' SUCKK!!

    Ur so bloody selfish. REGARDLESS of whether they have applied for online banking, DOESNT MEAN THE BLOGSHOP HAS THE SAME ACCOUNT! lets say I have CIMB, and seller offers only maybank. SO WHAT U EXPECT ME TO GO APPLY FOR BANK JUST BECOS OF THAT? and YA YA, i know that we can transfer to other banks. BUT IT COSTS an extra RM1, just so that u can transfer from CIMB to Maybank. AND NOT ONLY THAT, IT TAKES ABT 3 WORKING DAYS for the transfer to be accepted. And some blogshops waits for the payment to be cleared. WHICH IS SUPER HASSLE FOR BOTH PARTIES.

    SO JIALAT AND BLOODY SUPPORTERS, u guys may have not encountered similar unfortunate events, but you ppl could at least try and understand. NOT EVERYONE AS EFFIN' LUCKY OR RICH (to have many banks) AS U OK! stupiaksss!

  49. yup..totally support you on this author.....these people need to be more reasonable...and im sure most of these sellers are buyers too...and i bet if other sellers were to do that to them they'll be pissed as well!!

    come on laa....can;t you just wait for at least 1/2 a day?? or ru really THAT desperate to get money from buyers that you can't have a sense of ethical values?

    seriously....if people like your stuff..they would come back..and if they LOVE your services...they certainly recommend it to others..

  50. hey author,

    i was laughing at ur comments.. i feel u!! maybank2u can be sooooo slow at times!

    so yes i still maintain my stance: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

  51. Hmm... jialatt probably means 25k visitors, for all you know.

    But yeah, your post started quite clearly that you had Maybank2u, so I don't get why some of the people fanning the flames here didn't see it. Seriously buta lor.

    Fair's fair - a first come first serve basis is very practical after encountering cases of backout buyers, but author, surely that owner could've waited half an hour for you! -_-; After giving you the go-ahead to bank in the money, and all that. What did she expect, after all - for all her potential customers to bank in money immediately without any notice as to the status of the item?

  52. THIS IS SO TRUE! it's so unfair that some people can simply online banking but some have to use a cash deposit machine! and after bank in then only say sold out!

    sellers, please dont put first pay first serve, really unfair for those serious buyers. :(