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Pocket watch thief!!

I searched high and low for pocket watches and I finally came across a site that sold one,
it was also the last piece, so I grabbed it!
I was not at home when the parcel arrived as I was away on a trip but it was received by either my mum or my maid, but when I opened the parcel, instead of receiving my pocket watch, I received a black box with a random "supervisor" pin, my parcel had been tampered with and my pocket watch was stolen!

I informed the blog shop owner and he is trying his best to help me out, but what do I do now?
Do I demand for a refund or do I just let it slide? I'm quite annoyed. I looked all over for that pocket watch and the Malaysian post let the parcel be tampered with and stolen. :'(

I hate you watch thief!
If you're reading this,
may your time run out!

But readers, some advice please, what do I do now? :'(


  1. omg! you have my sympathy :(
    did you opt for poslaju? if you did, a refund by pos malaysia is possible, but you have to make sure that the seller still has the receipt and that he wrote the exact item and price on the form or it will be of no use.
    the seller should not be at fault because he's not the one who tampered the parcel. a partial refund, maybe?

  2. okay. this is a good post. not some post yg mengada2 nak complaint on petty2 things. nways u have my sympathy too.

    i agree with anon#1. i think a refund by PM is possible but make sure seller still has the receipt n so.

    can lodge a report to PM. if am not mistaken la. need others suggestions

  3. If your package have been tampered with, you should submit a formal complaint.

    I hope you've taken pictures, or opened the parcel in front of the delivery peeps as proof. =(

    As for the refund, well, I think it's up to the seller as most (if not all) sellers have the "not responsible after posting out" clause on their T&C, and if the seller gives you a full refund well then they'll be loosing money for again, something that's not their fault. Perhaps you can negotiate to get the profit they made refunded to you? So then they don't lose out, and you at least get a partial refund.

  4. Hi there,
    Writer here,
    Thanks for the advice, I used pos express though since it was included in the clearance sale,
    The blog shop owner is also quite confused at what happened,
    He plans to make a report soon too,
    But can the post do anything?
    I don't want to be too negative but can the post really find out anything?
    I was thinking of sending the black box to dust for prints but that's a bit too much right and I don't know any police cops also :(

    Does the post cover the loss for pos express?
    If it doesn't, I have to try to work out something with the blogshop owner,
    This is def new to me,
    I am not trusting pos express ever again!

  5. Lodge your report to Pos Msia. The seller should not be at fault here because once the item reach the post office, it's not their responsibility anymore however, the seller should help and collaborate with you on this since he has the receipt and all. :)