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Talk la Properly

I saw a bag which im kinda interested in and fyi, i do cod with seller ALL the time. So i asked, this seller if she do cod at 1 Utama/Curve as she posted in her blogshop that COD may be arranged upon requet, please kindly contact us for the location.

Me: Hello:) Do you do COD at 1 Utama/Curve:) (please note that i gave TWO smiley faces)

Seller: sorry, u mean??

Okay, it is extremely easy to understand. SIMPLE ENGLISH.But okay nevermind, i ask in a more simpler way.

Me: Do you do meet ups at 1 Utama/Curve?

Seller: no..y?

1. You can just say: 'I'm sorry but i dont think i'll be able to do COD there'. She clearly DONT have to ask me why.
2. Since you can speak good english in the blogshop then why is ur english is so cacat-ed in mails? Do you copy it from other blogshops or WHAT?!


  1. Hehehe pity you writer. If I were in your shoes,I tend to think that I might have e-mailed to the wrong address or the blogshop's e-mail had been hacked or something.

  2. dont be so emotional dear. maybe the seller was in 'full moon' :P

  3. >fagha, it doesnt matter if she;s in full moon or half moon or whatever, the point is where's her bussiness ethics? want to gain customers or what?

  4. so rudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee