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You'll say anything just to make a sale

Sellers, I get it that you want your items to sell as fast as possible; but please..think about the buyers too.

I like this legging that I've been searching high and low. Finally found it at pre-order blogshop. And I specifically asked the seller "I'm XXXcm in height, is it long enough?" and she answered "yes, i'm about ur height too bla3.." so I thought ok la,buy.

Not only that the parcel took longer time to arrive; turned out that the legging is only 3/4 of my legs
..waste of my time asking. and money somemore (-_____-")


  1. omg.. sounds all too familiar. the seller i dealt with gave the same sentence.

    right now i am waiting for the parcel, which i dunno whether she has posted out or not.. cos she told me last monday that she was sick. and two days ago she told me the post office ran out of envelopes so it's delayed again.

    am getting worried!

    writer, can you tell me the blogshop pls? i hope not to receive something that's too short for my height yet had to wait so long to see it :|

  2. writer:

    i waited for lyke 3 weeks for the parcel to arrive. and when it finally arrived..dissapointment.. =.=

    send you the blogshop name~