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Lazy and unprofessional

I have bought 2 items (separately) from a well known blogshop recently. The clothes that she sells are nice and the price is quite reasonable.

However, one thing that I am not satisfied with her service is how she sends her parcels. Bear in mind that I'd opted for Pos Laju for my courier service. When I'd received my item, I was shocked to know that she had only used a plastic bag which were folded into two and was only sealed with layers of cello-tape. Like hello, I'm sure the RM6 (or RM8 for East Msia) that I'd paid also comes with the Pos Laju envelope right??

Not only that, she did not write her full name (only her first name basis) at the sender section. Worst, she didn't even bother to write her full address. For eg: XX, Lorong XXXX. THAT'S ALL. No Taman, No State or anything.

Honestly, I am really disappointed in her. Shows how lazy and unprofessional the seller is. And very irresponsible. What if one day one of her customers' items were undelivered and the postman did not know where to send it back?? :/


  1. hurmm im not sure if my blog ure talking about,I would like to apologise if its yes but pls bear in mind that the pos laju flyer/envelope is only given to those who registered with pos laju,so if the seller did not register with pos laju,u cant get the flyer/envelope.and regarding the cello tape,i dont think ada problem with it,as even if u guna pos laju envelope,only one tape right? so far i have not encounter any problem/missing/torn parcel,and there is few parcel that returned back to me safely based on address that i wrote in sender house dun taman or what..only the house no n jalan..

    however i would like to apologise if its my blog and u are not satisfied with the service given.and I do hope also that u email me personally letting me know so that i can improve in that sorry once again :)

    thanks so much

  2. Hahahahahaha!! what a moron!
    You CANNOT buy poslaju sleeves. You dont have to register for it but you can request for them BUT they are rarely given out unless the postal officer feels you really need them. I've only been given the sleeve ONCE in all my years using poslaju cos the officer was afraid my envelope would tear from the weight of my items.

    Plastic bag & cellotape is sufficient!! What were you expecting? Waterproof air tight casing? Metal box?

    Also be thankful there are LAYERS of cellotape. Most sellers only put enough to hold one end to the other.

    Tragic la you... first time shop online?

  3. The Pos Laju employee gives me as many Pos Laju envelopes/paper bags that I want :D
    Coz I usually have a lot of parcels to post so they give me 20 pieces of each size every time I request for it. And nope I don't have an account with them.
    You should request for it la. Saves a lot of time by packing the items at home.

  4. Pos Laju or courier sleeves 'plastic' is given only to registered customer (customer who have account with them)

    But erm... at least should have an envelope to put the item inside?

  5. i've wrapped the items with transparent/white plastic 1st and after that i put in nice plastic bag(d thank you yellow plastic bag) den only i cello tape it with musking should be secure enough den paper envelope.

    i've tried n asked the staff but they said they couldnt give it..maybe ure lucky cuz u get baik hati staff...

  6. eh, i got the poslaju orange-grey plastic envelope for free, dont have to register la. just ask from the counter at post office.

    to missy, your words are so jahat la. be nice, okay. btw, the poslaju envelope is very strong la, wont tear easily.

    imho, the envelope is only for small items. but for bulky or heavy items, use box la. it's safer. and then put "FRAGILE" notice some more.

  7. I think it depends on which post office you go to..the post office near mine wouldnt give it so easily..and i do think you have to personally complain to the blog owner before you post this thing here..perhaps she has her own reasonable la dearrrr

  8. Mean? You feel pedas ah? Buyer has to be reasonable la. I dont believe in coaxing brats... i give it straight up.

  9. cucucamber, maybe u can go call the Pos Malaysia hotline and complain la, coz the envelope is supposed to be given to you for free.

    i'm like carly, the post officers gave a lot of those envelopes.

  10. agreed with last anon..previously when im working bukit bintang area,the staff there very easy n nice to give me the plastic everytime i asked,but now im in ampang,they dun want to give me as i dun have account with them,thats y i use plastic bag but before i post it i make sure its secure...however next month will register with them so i can get the pos laju plastic envelope...

  11. #anon that post @ 6:08pm : i've call pos malaysia hotline about this and explained to them that i need the plastic envelope and telling them that i post more den 40parcels a week n etc,but the answer is still the same..u need to register with us and u can get the starting april i will register with them..

  12. buyer: pls do let me know if its me or not so that im alert about this..thanks so muchh and sorry for the hassle..

  13. it depends on the personnel in pos laju that you're dealing with. some are very nice & don't mind giving you envelopes. but some don't. so, just have to ask and try your luck.

  14. Agreed that not all post office will give the envelope plastic bag. Just came across 1 pos laju office that requested u to pay 1st before they give it to u. Not sure whether they have started to go "green" or wht or only that office insisted. Previously, they have been giving free all while but now is not.

  15. if you ask me, its not a big deal to pack the items in a folded plastic bag with many layers of cellophane tape. pos laju is meant to be safe and handled with care. that's the purpose of paying up the charges.

    and also not all post office have stocks for the pos laju plastic envelopes. you've got to be more considerate darling. you should be thankful enough that the seller cares to pack your items in a plastic bag. what if she doesn't and goes to the post office and they have no stocks of the envelopes? think okay.

  16. ive tried 3-4 pos office n the results still the same...they dont give the plastic so easily :( i only got once i guess..if not mistaken...most of the time they dont allow it :(

  17. bravo to cucucamber for owning up that she could be the seller in question :)

    buyer shud definitely contact seller next time if u have this kind of complaints. let the seller know this is how u feel.

    most sellers welcome feedback to improve their service. my overseas customers will tell me to change to sturdier packaging if they receive parcels that are damaged during shipping.

    what cucucamber did was already sufficient. masking tape woulda ensured the package is properly and safely sealed. maybe it did not meet ur aesthetic standards but the most important thing is the item reached u safely.

    cucucamber, getting an account with poslaju saves u the time to package ur items and travel to the post office cos u get free flyers and pickups. i regret not opening an account with them way earlier.

  18. Dear CucuCamber,

    Don't worry, it is not your blogshop anyway. :)

    Best regards,

  19. Realdeal: yes,currently im using pos laju pick up service which dey charge rm2 per pick up,but yes as u said that its better to open account with them to save time in wrapping,free flyers n pickups...

    thanks so muchhh for the thought..thanks and really appreciate it..i will try to improve in every way that i can :)

  20. Writer: thanks so much for informing is not me..however i'll take it as a reminder to myself. :)

    SMWDY: lega..hahahah...thanks so muchhhh

  21. Comments here turned educational... I LIKES!

  22. It's not easy to get the poslaju envelopes. Tried getting it from them but they insist only for registered customer. Called before them and they say to register need to pay deposit of RM1k!!! That's too much for me.

    However, my friend from another area always manage to get them so I always asked her to get some for me, that is if the poslaju fella is willing to give more.

  23. SMWDY: agreed with u..this is the way it should be kan, :) thanks to u for opening this blog :) me loike this..heheheh

  24. last anon: 1k? its way too much..deposit is only rm200 or rm300 if im not mistaken..better u double check with them k...


  25. Really? Think have to ask them again. Seems like each post office saying different things.

  26. As I know some pos office do not have any envelope. I sent pos laju in pos office in pyramid b4, the staff said they don't any! So ... I am so lucky, my buyer didn't complain me! :)

  27. err... i asked for plastic envelopes oso but the pos laju office donwan to give. she said i need account too :P
    so wad i did, i put my customer's stuff in d transparent plastic n seal it in the envelopes. so far all the items reached safely as pos laju is the most reliable delivery (fast, safe and expensive of course). :)

  28. Dear Sellers

    Just my 2 cents, I personally think that it would look much better if you send your parcels via your own envelop rather than just plastic bags. Nampak cantik n kemas lagi. Nak letak plastic bag pun, make sure ada your own wrapped envelop dekat luar :)

  29. hey guys, what one of you said is true. i called up pusal poslaju (pps) in pj, they tell me RM1k deposit. then pps brickfields pulak, rm500. pastu see see when i finally got hold of the sales manager (the one who set up the account for u) turns out no need deposit. but u do need to provide ssm. and once u submit ur app, they will check if u are blacklisted at any banks. but usually approval rate quite high :)

    i dem like "missy" comment. pedasssss siutt!

  31. Hey,

    I'm the one saying they need RM1k at first. I've just called the mainline for post malaysia, they say it's free. =.= And only need to bring IC along and walk in into any poslaju centres.

    Confusing right?

    Thanks realdeal for your information too. =)

  32. really? this is so confusing...can u give me the number that u called so that i double check as early april i want to register with them...

    pening la this pos msia..

  33. hello everyone..

    I just called one guy,he is from pos laju marketing department..n he informed me that he only need SSM letter, and also copy of ic..NO DEPOSIT NEEDED !

    Anyone who want to register,u can call this number:
    019 313 9222 (i forgot to ask his name,but i got his number from pos laju account department)

    hope this information would help.

    thanks :)