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Daylight robbery

I think sellers/newbies secretly steal our email addresses from SMWDY. i've been getting more and more spams of updates from unheard of, new blogshops.

I just reply to them asking to remove me from their contact lists. but yes, i really do think they stole my address from SMWDY. pfft.

**Editor's note : If any of you know for sure your email adds have been nicked off from here (esp the one who create email adds just for SMWDY), do let me know. I will personally rat them out in public...


  1. Heh, I agree. I've been seeing more spam when I've received none before this. I usually filter them to spam/trash and never read them anyway, regardless of what they're selling :) Who asked you to spam my inbox, padan muka.

  2. same here. and when i asked where did they get my email add, they said it was from my enquiry.


    what a lie. 1 thing good about gmail is that they store your emails even in trash n i dont empty my trash. i've checked, n nothing.