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** If anyone wants to know the identity of the said seller or buyer, please leave your email add in the comment box and wait for the private message from the author.
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** I am also not married to Grissom hence I have no CSI knowledge to know which story is true or not. I am only your cut & paste typist.


There seems to be major hype on certain posts and everyone has stopping slapping me stories. I do however has a pile of MIA stories which are repetitions.

Has the online world gone plateau?

Come on dolls, bring on the juice!

Ferocious Me


  1. nice, promoting and wanting bad stories. batu api.

  2. Well this is what its all about... tragically true

  3. I dont get the first anonymous.... I mean arent you here the first place to hear about these stories? or are you a seller trying to protect your reputation when someone slaps you?

    I for one agree with Ferocious Me, bring on the stories! I'm in for a friday night and need some entertainment! :D

  4. bad story means the online world is getting better with both seller n buyer had understand both ends more

    what a peaceful world.. :p

  5. Yup, exactly what i thought anonymous above me. Could it be possible that there are less disputes? Good lah. No need to ask for more stories, just accept the fact that there are no more (or not as many) big disputes that need to be shared.

  6. Oh well then I'm off for my facial... thumbs up!

  7. I've sent you 2 stories last week but never got published =(

  8. Ooooo... write to

  9. Yeah same. I posted a story last week but never got published. :/ Same situation as the anonymous above.

  10. Erhm... were they all about MIA buyers? Sorry la babes, I can only post so many of the same topics in a week.

  11. you dont check out the authencity of the stories right? cos you cant. so i can just slap you any made up juicy stories and you'll publish it?

  12. This is what I've learnt so far, I dont know the authenticity for sure but in most cases of any kind of story, there will be a lesson taught and a lesson to learn.

    In cases where malicious intent are intended, alot of the readers do know their fact and are much better investigators than i would dream to be.

    Have you been butchered in here? You have every right to defend yourself you know.

    So yeah... I'll publish it if its interesting for the readers. Go get creative.

    If it isnt real, its still something that went pass the minds of a would be executor.

  13. not batu api lah, just as SMWDY said,there would be a lesson taught and a lesson to learn.
    for me, it's like a warning from being trapped by the "cekik darah" sellers or "tiga suku" buyers -__-