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Links to nowhere

I am super hate those links that put fake information about
"visit us for GREAT SALE"
"New ready stock for sale, clothing from Taiwan, Korea, HK"
"COACH, Gucci, Burberry for sale"
"Bla bla bla........
When we clicked on the link, it link to another totally unrelated blog or website....even some of the link, after clicked on it, it shows a blank website...

What wrong with those ppl...:S


  1. at least their marketing strategy did right :D able to pull customer to at least click n visit their blogshop...

    If is blank website...99.9% there's an invisible tracker in it where they can see from which link u arrive from....

  2. And some even take advantage on these cbox/shoutmix advertising by putting links of their myspacemoney sites where they earn money for every click. What a scam :( So be careful and watch what website you're clicking.