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I'll top the other buyer!

Once in a while I get a few customers who are willing to pay more for the items which are reserved for other buyers. I have never once take on the higher offer because I think it would be unfair to the buyer who reserved the item first. Some of them sound desperate while others think they can get anything they want with $$. What do you think?


  1. that's a very respectable act.
    I always think that sellers should always look in long term relationship with buyers than short term wealth.

  2. yeap! i agree, im a seller too, and i do believe in good ethics :) i do have situations where a buyer was willing to pay earlier or more, but it would only be fair to let the 1st customer settle her payment 1st, besides, good services would always invite more customers, not only that...even the buyers who were put on hold (and in the end didnt get the item due to 1st buyer made payment) still keep coming back n have now become regulars ;) so it shows....good business ethics would always help you in the long run ;)

  3. I agree, always believed it is better to sell the item to the first one who asked for it. Unfortunately, some customers take advantage of this fact and take AGES to pay or just disappear without a trace, leaving sellers to turn down so many disappointed customers and then lose business. So I suggest the fastest person to bank in wins (unless the first customer has a valid reason for paying late), and no auctioning will be necessary! :)

  4. why not just give them a time period for the 1st buyer to pay within, after which the item will be released to the next interested buyer? I think that's fair :)

  5. i think those buyers are just suggesting, because thats what happens in the real word. the rich gets everything. you cant blame them.