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She takes her time to back out

I own a preloved blogshop. So I got this email from another seller from this certain blogshop saying she wanted to swap with me. I looked through her blog and saw something I like. So yeah I agreed for a swap. I asked for measurements. She gave me the measurements. I was also excited cuz I never swap before. Haha.

Suddenly she emailed me and she said she doesn't wanna swap anymore. So I asked her if she is still interested to buy the item from my blog. She said yeah I am.

She sent an email again saying she changed her mind. Fine then.

On the next day, she emailed me again, saying she wanted to buy the item. She also demanded for a free postage. I made her a deal of pay half of the postage fees instead. It was a pretty good deal as the item is dirt cheap already. Then she said she doesn't have the budget to buy.

Me: So you're backing out?
Her: Yeah.

I really don't know what to say about her 0.0


  1. sounds like making fun of you
    if she's a seller herself, how can she say tat she don't have the budget to buy??

    maybe we should all go to her shop n inquire this n that then say aiya...too expensive la.we don't have the budget to buy. :p

  2. i own a preloved shop also!
    can you tell me which one she owns? dont want to be in her way at all

  3. sure, not a problem! leave me your email ladies. i shall email you the name of the blogshop :)

  4. hi, do mail me too please. appreciate it :)

  5. wanna know too!i'm a preloved seller too.

  6. hi,wanna know which blogshop!
    thanx :)

  7. Sorry for replying this late, but I wanna know too!