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Jealous jealous

I own a preorder and ready stock blogshop which bring in stocks from Taiwan.
Business is going on quite well I must say. And I have been operating my blogshop for quite long.
But today, someone left a message on my cbox stating that she just bought a bad quality clothing from me at RM50++
The problem with that is, I recently did not sell any ready stock clothing. I checked back on my records and the last time I sold a ready stock item is 3 weeks ago with the colleagues of that customer coming to me to order more items coz of the good quality and affordable price.
And no one has ever emailed me to complain about the quality of my clothes. I can honestly say that the quality of my preorder items is one of the best in the blogospere. Many of my customers and return customers can attest to that.
So I think that it must be the work of a jealous competitor.
So sad that people would resort to such tricks to bring another blogshop down :(
And I don't know how long it has been since that message was left there for others to see :(
Why la do this to me??


  1. you could always delete that comment, if that helps. :)

  2. jealousy!

    anyways, mail me your blog please?
    love ready stocks from taiwan etc. thanks :)

  3. mail me too

    hard to get nice quality stock around, thanks

  4. Mail me too .. Would like to check out ur blog.

  5. wanna know ur blogshop url too!

  6. I would LOVE to visit your blogshop! I love Taiwan stuffs but often doubt their quality. Would you mind telling me your shop?

  7. Mail me your blog link, please? :)

  8. Hi dear, don't be so depress, just go into the chatbox settings and delete the comment =)

  9. Hi all, I've deleted the comment. Thanks for the suggestion :)I just don't know how long it was left there for others to see. Quite damaging to my site's reputation lo :(

  10. mind telling me ur blogshop?=)

  11. mail me your blog url too...

  12. hey there. i'd love to visit ur blog. :)

    mail me pls.

  13. plz mail me ur blog pls. would like 2 visit.

  14. mail me your blog url as well.
    thank you.

  15. mail me ur blog too~

    mail me ur blog

  17. mail me ur blogshop,