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Vanished shoes

I've came across a blogshop that's now pretty popular quite a while back and saw a pair of flats I was dying to have! So I emailed her and all, payment and discussion went smoothly. But after that, when it was time for delivery, she told me she couldn't deliver it until the next week because those flats are in her other house back in god-knows-where. *don't understand why she has to keep her stocks elsewhere* So fine, I decided that oh well, people do have other things to do and maybe she has her consequences.

I was patient and waited till the next week and then she emailed me that she went back over the weekend, but forgot to bring the shoes back with her, so I'd have to wait again. This went on for a couple of times and I was still bloody patient with her.

After about 3 or 4 times she did this, she suddenly told me: "sorry dear, the shoes are missing! I can't seem to find them at all. I'd have to refund you."

Could you imagine my dissapointment and all the while I was going WTF?!!! I waited for sooooo long, I really loved those shoes, and was patient throughout. I even told her to take her time and people make mistakes sometimes and that is what she did.

It was only a few months after that I found out she sold the shoes to someone else because the girl was reselling it.

Up to today, even when I do see something I love on her site, I haven't purchased from her even though she did offer some discounts if I wanted anything else because I can't believe how irresponsible she is. After how patient I was and I was so polite and promt in my payment she did this.

Sometimes sellers like this don't deserve nice buyers.


  1. i hav the same luck as u did..i bought a pants n its nearly a month i waited as she told me she was bz wit her studies..i waited with passion n recently got to know my parcel is missing! i dont want a refund as i want the pants so bad! of course la, or why did i waited for a month huh? plus, im the one who kept reaching n contacting her. she doesnt bother to inform me anything! so does not giving me the track number from the first. wth?? erghhh! till now i never get my pants yet!

  2. Oh gosh! You are TOTALLY right! Some sellers just don't deserve good buyers...What an irresponsible thing to do, say it's missing and it turned out to be sold to somebody else, why did the seller bother with the whole process in the first place anyway?

    Thanks for sharing though! and yeah, may I have her email? I cannot stand this type of seller. Here's me add:

    Peace and out~~

  3. mail me plezzz...

  4. waaaaaaaaa...please email me the blogsop ya!

  5. i like to have that blogshop link:)

  6. can i know which blogshop this is?

  7. can u email me the blog add?thanks