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Are you still in business?

Not that i want to complain but why can't sellers just check their emails at least once a day, like before they sleep or anything?
You know the feeling when you paid for something but those sellers only reply you a few days later.

I paid for this item, which i have already included every details of my transaction in the email but this popular seller takes like 2 days to reply me and it is usually only one  or two sentences like "which account did u pay to?".

I know u have life but at least try to reply your customer's email at least once a day, no?

it's a pre-order and it closes today. Until now i am still not sure whether did she pre-order my item for me. ==

And again, I am wondering, how long do i still need to wait for her reply.


  1. Shoot! Why la slap buyer? Obviously seller's fault. Should have at least have the courtesy to follow up and let the buyer knows whether seller received it or not. Later case become complicated. Double slap seller!

  2. Sigh~~~ another seller who ruin our online seller reputation.

    please la... check your email daily, inbox and spam, and reply to them within a specific timeframe...... if you think you can't do so...then stop operating your blogshop and stop ruin our seller's reputation....

  3. Yea, I do agree that seller must check at least once a day, and yes we're doing that several times a day unless outstation (we'll put out a vacation's auto reply system). We'll still reply if we have internet access, but prior notice must be ready just in case the place we go dont have internet access.

    But there's a buyer i encountered once, she demands me to reply her email within hours. She'll bug me back if I don't reply her in the next 3 hours she sent the email. =.=""