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Two Thousand too LATE

Updates. Yes updates sellers.

If the items are sold, update your blog, put SOLD on the items. Even better, delete the posts. if you have time to update your blog with new items, why don't make time to edit your old posts?
These past few days, i've been submitting my order on so called AVAILABLE items (as stated on the blog), and getting "sorry it's sold" as a reply. too damn frustrating.

Same goes with pre order. if the item is no longer available to be pre-ordered, freaking delete the post already or just write something to let us buyers know that its no longer available! not that i'm furious for getting "sold out" as a reply. but some sellers don't even reply and just left me hanging. sometimes they reply, after making me wait for 3 days ++. Why why why?


  1. this is so true!

    they not only have time to update new items on their blogs. they even have the time to SPAM out inbox with their updates! and yet no time to update on their sold out items! hish!

  2. Ohhh i hate this too... especially if the shops dont have any of the 'available' or 'sold' label waste so much time going through the entry one by one!

  3. slap buyer?
    are you sellers slapping buyers?

    well then, why?

    what are your reasons?
    no time?
    if you can make time to update, and then spam random people, MAKE TIME TO UPDATE SOLD ITEMS.

  4. i couldn't understand why all of you are angry with this...i know its frustrating not to be able to purchase the item, but hey, the seller did reply and let you know right?...its like a pregnant woman who crave for something after seeing it and not able to get it, and then went berserk... :))

  5. Anon above, are you one of those sellers that do the same thing? Do you know this would actually affect your business and some buyers might not want to return at all knowing that you're too lazy to upkeep your blog.

  6. annabelle...i'm not a seller but a buyer..i do face the same thing before and i let the seller know about it (i say it nicely though)..she apologized and the next day, yep, she did update it...