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Every single time after I send out parcels, I would email my buyers personally to inform them of their Tracking number. No matter it's PosLaju or PosExpress.

However, for the parcels I sent out last week (Sat to be exact; all via PosLaju), there is no record of the tracking numbers in the Pos Malaysia system.

I came to realise this after several customers informed me that they still have not received their items today (it's freaking Tue already). No incidents before this batch...

Sellers may be accused of cheating, just because Pos Malaysia hasn't been updating their system!

I've even tried keying in past (successfully delivered) tracking numbers for testing sake, also no record!

Frustrating isn't it? You don't want buyers knocking on your door saying you are a CHEAT!

No slaps required, just wanna know anybody faces similar situation?!


  1. Try calling Pos Malaysia at 1-300-300-300 to check.

    I've experienced Pos Laju not updating the tracking number before (It was only updated AFTER I got my parcel wtf) but since your customers have yet to receive their parcels, you better call Pos Malaysia to find out why.

    And I'm sure you kept the form right?

  2. i realized that this week Pos Malaysia did not update their website..maybe they got some glitch on their system or something. but i still get my parcels the next day after the seller sent them. and my customer also received their parcels on time. the tracking number error are only for Poslaju, tho.

  3. i've been facing this problem since last week,but after i check with pos malaysia,they informed me that currently they having problem with their pos laju track n trace,so if we want to check,need to call dun worry,just inform ur customer about this..

  4. In all honesty, the track & trace never works. I asked the post office I go to everyday if its rosak and even they say the down time is more than the up time. just call the 1300 hotline they say.
    Dont rely on our postal online system.

  5. i am facing the same problem too! my customers keep asking me whereabouts of their parcel which i have posted on saturday..

  6. I've been facing this problem too. Parcels are not sent to the customers yet. Emailed them and reported, each day each reply. -.- So it's like 3 days from now, only got 3 replies from them. Don't know the status yet.

  7. dear all,

    tried calling the PosLine (being the curious me) and even filled up their Feedback box twice.
    No one picks up, no reply to my mailbox! Hmmph.
    yupz, the only proof that i sent out was the sender's copy of the consignment form.
    i adviced them to check with their local post office, and assured them that i can scan the form for their reference.

    so buyers, don't go accusing your sellers of scam, before you find out the 'truth' oh.

  8. I came across this situation too, and I personally went to the Pos Laju and asked about my posted parcel, and they told me that Pos Laju is upgrading their server. So currently we're unable to check our parcel status.

    But seller can show them the consignment note and they'll print out the tracking status for you :) parcel which posted on Saturday, 50% of the customer received, while 50% of the customer haven't receive.

    Will checked with them tomorrow.

    Also it's better that you get the local Pos Laju phone no. instead of Posline. It'll be more faster

  9. Sometimes I find pos express more efficient than pos laju.

    I bought 2 items lately from 2 different blogshops, one using pos express, one using pos laju and both posted out on the same day. But when I checked on the pos & track website, the status for pos express one states "Posting out". But for pos laju one until NOW, the status remains as "Record not found"

    It is not the sellers' fault for sure. But the sellers can definitely help out the buyers in tracing their parcels though. Should curse Pos Malaysia for being so inefficient, seriously. Damn it!

  10. Yea! I thought I was the only one with the problem. I even accused my bf of forgetting to post the items :(
    Turns out that it's Pos Malaysia's fault. Blardy inefficient.
    But no choice la have to use them since other courier companies are much more expensive :(

  11. well my e-parcel too was stuck at the post office for 10 to 11 days. with an invalid tracking number. i figured pos malaysia wasnt updating their website, so i waited another week before contacting the seller... and there it was one morning! :) safe and sound. though suspiciously looking like someone slit two sides of the box open to look at its contents. -___-

  12. had same problem so many times esp saturday shipment - i think buyers should stop jump into a conclusion by labeling "CHEAT" or "SCAM" seller at the first place unless they waited more than 5 working days.

    There was a glitch in the online tracking system I presume.
    Thank God the item I purchased arrived safely and the items I sent did too :)

  14. dear all,
    finally i received a reply from Pos M'sia in my mailbox today T_T

    apparently, one wasn't home to receive the parcel(wanna mail me again n again saying no receive somemore), one received on Tue itself (by time i get a reply, buyer also receive d, see how slow the reply!), and another just sent to the buyer's local post office(why need so many days, kl only wo)!

    i replied by 'enquiring' why is this situation happening & it's causing much reply as yet. biasa la tu~!

  15. yeah i did too~ i didn't sent the parcel to customer,but to my sister's friend..i tried many times to track it down but it was a failure. but luckily just now i can track it.but the item still didn't arrive at her doorstop yet..kinda weird..haiyo~ what happen to the service lately ek?