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The unlucky Bag

I saw an ad for a brand new Designer bag selling at RM10000 in 1 of the online sales blog (usual retail almost RM12000).  So I sms the seller & ask few simple questions and agreed to buy from her and that I am paying cash upfront to her. We arranged to meet the next day, must be near her working place (so I have to take time-off), to close the deal.

That very morning, she sms me and said that she has to postpone our meeting as she has something on.  And that she will call me when it’s the RIGHT time to meet!

I smelled something fishy and went thru few sites that I suspect she may have put up her bag for sale. True enough, I saw her ads up on ebay with exact pictures of the bags and that someone has bidded RM10800 for the bag that very morning. So that’s why she cancelled our meeting as she has found a buyer who can pay higher!

So anyways, I take it that its just not meant to be and vowed to blacklist her!

But the funny thing was, AFTER 1 month later, she has the cheek to sms me & said that she can meet me to pass the bag!!!  What the chicken man!!! 

Of course I ignored her sms!!  And within days later, I saw she put up the ads for the same bag in few sites and till now, god knows if its sold or not! But up to now, she still sms me on a while & ask if I am instill interested, she can meet me at my convenience! What a suay bag for her…


  1. RM10000?! Seriously? And you're going to pay that much for a bag?

  2. Like the author, I do purchase 5 digit bags as well. We're online shoppers too and it'll be great to induct us into this websphere society just like any other online shoppers regardless of our choice of ostentatious goods :)

  3. Although it wasn't very nice of the seller, I was just thinking, RM800 does make a huge difference! And I always thought that ebay bidders were not allowed to back out of their bids. Perhaps that seller had another account that tried to outbid her customer, and the customer gave up. In that case, her loss! Haha.

  4. omg! i know this is sooooo weird but i have a branded bag going for 1500rm. lol. let me know if ur interested. :) its spankin' new! :D

  5. i think i'm going to smack the buyer.. RM10000 can help to pay part of a car! Is a bag for Rm10000 worth it? What is the justification?

  6. hmmm... I have a car, i have a house too. I buy RM10000 bags once a year when I get my bonus from the excruciating but well paid job i hold.

    Not wrong to reward myself if I can afford it right?

    *i'm not the author. I'm anon2

  7. haha.. lesson learnt: Dont be greedy!

  8. Author, a Chanel or Bottega Veneta? Lols. I would go for one. Haha. Call me materialistic or shallow, but yeah, I would like to have them (uhm..most of us would i guess if we're given a chance to own one and it's within our means). But it will fade out of me by the time I think of my travelling plans ;p

  9. wow author you guys must be rich man...

  10. Author here -

    May - Its a Chanel!

    Anon2 - Tks for sharing same passion!

    I do not write here to justify how I can spend my hard earn money after slogging blood sweat & tears for over 20+ years and so happens, bags are my indulgence!

    This blog is an outlet for us to vent and share our frustrations on buyers and sellers right, is it not??

    And being an avid online shopper, I have more to share with you!

  11. wow..first time i saw the price of the bag i had to count the zeros twice!!thot it was 1k at first glance.10k is a lot man!but if u can afford it, why not?

  12. haha yeah it's a tough life for the working ladies, why not indulge in some real luxurious bag?