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QC Fail

I bought a cardigan from a blogshop above RM50. wtf damn expensive. ishh. But, i'm the type of person who's willing to spend my money on clothes but this time, i feel super cheated. The quality of the material of that cardigan is damn lousy. The cardigan has 8 ribbons on it. I handwashed it, dried with a dryer, and guess what happened after i took it out from the dryer?


T.T What is this! So damn angry, I swear I will not buy from that shop again. Don't sellers ensure the quality of their stuffs. ishhh. Angry.


  1. sorry to burst your bubble, but you put delicate clothing in a dryer??

    Eh, even Topshop clothing for RM100+ cannot be used in the dryer lah! Stated clearly on its label.

    Also, you don't expect the seller to wash and test out the durability of the clothing before selling it you right? Mostly, they just get their stuff from the suppliers and straight to you.

  2. agree with booboo,Believe me 99% of the sellers dont wash their are they suppose to know??? and ofcourse they ensure their quality..but not by WASHING IT! =___=" by washing it'll ruined it!
    I think I know which blog that you're referring to...that blog has been around for almost 3 years,proves that the blog has quality right,if not they wont be around till now. ...Plus what do you expect topshop quality is it? RM50 for a cardi with 8 ribbons is consider ok in my opinion...people sell plain super thin cardigan for around that price..heck I even spot a cardi in f21 and dorothy perkins once that has the same material as the thin cardis..but they sell it for over a hundred...

    Ribbon came off,as if you can't sew it back? =__="

    Im sure the ribbon was only glued on right?...what do u expect? it's cheap garment from china,thailand,hong kong mahh... u want real quality go shop in the malls! =___="

    slap seller 1000x

  3. @wth?:
    What real quality? Even the clothes in the malls are manufactured in china, thai,and bangladesh!

  4. wth? slap seller or buyer wor? hahaha!

  5. why'd you put the cardi in a dryer? i'm pretty sure there must be some label somewhere stating that it should be handwashed and hung to dry or something to that effect.

    seriously you can never tell with the quality nowadays. it's all made in china/thailand - even the high end fashion labels.

  6. You're insane. why so bodoh go put in dryer and then complain when everything comes off and you blame the seller but not yourself?

    hate hate ppl like you. if you're so against online shopping go spend money on real products offline then


  7. Your fault!! Somemore want to complain!

    People never look at themselve first before they complain! Sigh...

  8. Ummm babes, i do online shopping pretty often and sometimes i do come across certain pieces which are not really good quality and some which are really worth the money. And mind you these came from the same blogshops i frequent. I won't blame the seller really, cos i believe she sources from different suppliers or maybe even the same supplier but different designs may have differing quality. She can't control the quality especially in your case the cardigan didn't turn out well after washing as she wouldn't have known i believe. You can probably let her know and see if she can do anything about it, but i really feel that she's not oblige to in your case unless the item was already with defect the moment you receive it.

  9. wow. i don't know if its me or what but i think all these comments are of the blogshop owner's friends. i believe that the buyer has the rights to voice out their complains here. that is what this website is for. =.=

  10. Totally agreed with the above. F21 quality is nearly the same as the blogshops people. Its made from CHINA.

    Have people forgotten how to shop in malls? Cotton On cardis are less than RM50, I should know - Worked there (and heads up ladies, try to never buy anything at full price there. It ALWAYS goes on sale randomly).

    Aiyoh, girls, shop smart and always look for alternatives. And when you decide to make the purchase (as in the buyer/manager of shop didn't put a gun to your head), don't come back and whine whine whine. Its not becoming of a lady.

  11. Retard, we're not blogshop owner's friends ok. How would i know whose blogshop is that.

    so free? She ate your money already still want come here?

  12. Hey anonymous "march 18,2010 8:48PM

    I believe that all of these comments must have come from blog owners who had experienced the same thing... ..Because I as a blogshop owner had experienced something like this before...but it was at the old blog..what's called again? ahhh FT right if im nt mistaken?...

    It's bad enough that she complained bout the price..then the quality...then complained after put in a dryer... =__=" and on top of that..for the cherry on top of the cake..even want to advise the seller to check,is she a marketing lecturer or something?
    I mean..if she think twas too expensive at the first place,why buy it anyways? lol! right? her reasons are just lame excuses made up just to emphasize the story....might as well go to f.o.s for a cheaper

  13. TO MARCH 18 2010 12.58PM

    wtf. i think u're the one stupid. if not u expect how the buyer to dry the clothes? BODOH. i think u're from kampung thats why u dun own a dryer machine isit? HAHAHAHAH. nenenepupu

    i am BELINDA!!!


  14. there's something called NATURAL SUNLIGHT retard.

    oh so, clothes with labels stating DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, you go put in the dryer also la? wah. geng.

    even some material cannot even dry under mere sunlight, you have to dry it under SHADE.

  15. how u noe there is a label retard? (:

    btw, i am just passerby and i think u're too much by calling others retard.

  16. to anon march 20 12:53am, the anon before you was talking to belinda who was swearing away. not the author i believe. and she said, "so, clothes with labels..." meaning "so, for those clothes with labels...". read clearly la before you tell people off... IMHO. no offence.