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One girl came to my stall at a bazaar and picked out a new arrival top. I have price tags for all my clothes but its normal for them to ask the price anyway.

Buyer : How much?
Me : Its RM49 but I can go RM45
Buyer : Owh... can you go lower please?
Me : That is the best price :)
Buyer : Please la... just a bit lower
Me : Erhm... how much are you thinking?
Buyer : RM40 can?
Me : That's a bit low
Buyer : How bout RM43? Please please please
Me : (Thinking its only RM2) Ok then, RM43 for you :)
Buyer : REALLY??? YAY!! Thanks so much!!

I was about to reach for a plastic bag when she then put the top back on the rack and WALKED OFF!

I stood there wondering what went wrong... 


  1. lol. i feel sorry for the seller but this is hilarious. the girl probably had a bet with her friends on who can get the best bargain or something.

  2. If in Thailand, after bargaining you don't take the item, they will yell at you loudly and embarrassed you...and ask you to go back to your country

  3. oh yeah that's so true. even in turkey. after bargaining and not buying, they would yell loudly and sometimes even chase you, as in walk beside you and hassle until you buy. woh!

  4. Normally tour guide will warn the tourists not to bargain if they are not really interested to buy. After bargain, then must buy... I think many places are like that, Bali, China... China, they will scold you crazily!! Make everyone in the market blacklisted you!
    This girl must be never travel around... So no experience in "post-bargain effect"!

  5. But honestly right... if the seller did start yelling at the buyer for doing what she did, will everyone say the seller is rude then blacklist her?

  6. probably us sellers should do the same thing too. embarass them and hassle them until they buy. ask them to go back to school and learn ethics. FORCE FORCE! ya lorrr we offered the best price, and you trying so hard to bargain some more then you just walk away like that, you think funny ah?

  7. If she don't want to buy at least tell the seller lar...The seller will not bite her wat.. just walked away seems really no manner..sigh