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I'm angry with YOU!

For you (who own a blogshop)

1) please do not steal my email ID from Shopping Gazebo when i post something for re-sell and keep on posting me updates or even invite me to view new stuff to ur blog

2) existing blogshop whom i have purchased before that shares my email ID to your close friends who also own blogshops ( konon sharing is caring la)and then send me frggin updates

I DONT CARE WHATEVER YOU SELL. its just annoying receiving emails from you.


  1. I so feel your pain!

    I've kena-ed that before as a buyer (still get the occasional one) and as a seller, I also get that!

    One bazaar organizer keeps on sending emails about it to blogshops, WITHOUT using the BCC function, and because of that there's this blogger who keeps on "asking" me to follow her blog.

    Now, if it was worth my time I would have probably followed the blog on my personal account, but it was CRAP IMO.

  2. i just received a spam by a reseller in few hours ago. using cc some more. feel like wanna give her a big kick on the head.
    and she stated this at the bottom of d email

    "Kindly ignore this msg if i'm spamming it."