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Pants on fire #2

I'm an avid online shopper and i check blog reviews almost everyday to check out the latest updates from blogshops. I do check out SG once in a while and did bought a few items from there too. Also, other than online blogs, i do read people's blogs.

There's this one person who always sells her things in SG and stating it there brand new. But guess what? I saw her wearing the exact same dress in her own personal blog.

So people out there, some SG sellers are just lying. Maybe they have worn it once already and got bored of it, and they just wana make a profit by selling it out stating it as brand new. And the price she's selling is almost the same as the price she bought (maybe rm3 or rm4 difference). DON'T GET CHEATED.

I can't reveal who the person is cause i personally know her. But if you've been checking out SG for some time surely u'll know there's this girl who always sells her clothes in SG.

She doesn't own a blogshop. She just sells in SG.


  1. can't find any resell in SG?

  2. You should have posted Shopping Gazebo. Not everyone reads it and some people may mistake it for Singapore lol.

  3. im so curious which seller is this

  4. yea I thought it was singapore too at

  5. i'm a buyer, but i understand that sometimes sellers bought extra piece of clothes for themselves too. i mean, the sellers must be selling sonething that looking good in their eyes, isn't it? in other way it helps them to promote their products by wearing them. so wat's the big deal? can't they wear the same design of dress that they are selling? don't go around and accuse them of selling the preloved items at the brand new price.

  6. I'm not sure if this is the same from what I read in SG chatbox. Yes or no, it's better to be careful.

    What I read in SG chatbox:

    The girl is selling silver metallic tube dress. Someone posted in chatbox that it's not brand new because the seller wore it on her birthday. The link to seller's Facebook was given and we all saw the photos - wearing the dress, cutting cake, hanging out with friends and etc.

    so in fact it's not brand new, aight?

  7. I agree with one of the anon.
    of course sellers will sell stuffs that look good on them and other people too.
    i'm a seller as well.
    sometimes, i wear the stuffs that i sell because thats the purpose of selling it in the first place...looks goods and u want to make people look good in it too.
    so dont go accusing sellers that they simply wear the selling items and put it back on sold.

  8. To everyone

    Yes, SG stands for Shopping Gazebo. Sorry for being unclear.


    Do you honestly not know what Shopping Gazebo is for? Shopping Gazebo are for online BUYERS who may bought the wrong size or color or sellers just packed the wrong item for them. They got it, didn't like it and sell it back out so that they don't loose so much.

    SHOPPING GAZEBO DOES NOT SELL PRE-LOVED ITEMS and wouldn't know it even if it's pre-loved. It's all depending on how honest the RESELLERS are in SG.

    Mind you Anonymous#5. I said Resellers and not SELLER.

    "... in other way it helps them to promote their products by wearing them..."

    Products?? Are you not clear of what i wrote earlier? I said that girl wore the exact same dress in her own personal blog for some party or function and RESELL it at Shopping Gazebo. Reason for selling? "Impulse buy".

    My point is, if the girl wana sell out her clothes that she have worn before then she should open a pre-loved blogshop. Not sell her worn clothes in SG because buyers would assume that clothes in SG are brand new.

    You don't get it? It's difficult for you to understand? Then i suggest you go read my post again and maybe get someone to read it for you and interpret it for you. Don't go around and ACCUSE me of ACCUSING her of selling the preloved items at the brand new price. Cause you have a problem of understanding what the situation is here (rolling my eyes).

  9. but i don't think its easy to find such sellers to buy two SIMILAR clothes with same colour and all and they wear either one of them, and selling it at SG without us knowing which one is she selling, was it the one worn before or is it the brand new one. in fact they can also put in their blogshops the new items, stating its brand new.

    once a liar, always a liar, right?

    yeah i saw the person wearing metallic tube dress's FB as well. liar liarrrr

  10. erm I think few of the anons here got the wrong idea about this post. what the author means is this girl is not a blog owner. she just merely bought clothes online and then wear it once and sell it off once she is bored with it in shopping gazebo. so if you are not blog owner it is very impossible for you to buy 2 clothes of the same design and same color.

  11. but cannot saw the picture which she resell the item?

  12. hahahah wow your comment/explanation is very insightful and i can almost feel your blood boiling there..but hey there are too many sympathetic buyers out there who happen to possess selective readiing as well. so sometimes no matter how clear you are they still don't understand wan :)

  13. Anonymous#7

    You're funny (as in sarcasm). Sorry i didn't say Shopping Gazebo earlier. I just said SG. But truly practically all of the online bloshops community would know what SG means plus u're a seller yourself. The existence of Shopping Gazebo is purely common sense.

    Read the facts properly and again. Don't go ACCUSING me of "ACCUSING sellers that they simply wear the selling items and put it back on sold". Though you really got your facts wrong, its okay. Don't mind you accusing me but don't embarass youself by giving comments on facts that you interpret wrongly.

  14. Anonymous#12

    Hey there, I know...people have selective readings and they have their rights to say something too.

    But isn't it rude for them to accuse me? I am merely warning buyers out there to be careful when shopping in Shopping Gazebo. And they have to come and accuse me. Of course my blood boil man.

  15. lol, i understand. hate it when people dunno anything then simply accuse other people of accusing another. get ur facts straight la before saying things.

  16. yes i think a few of the anons got the wrong idea about this post (including me, at first). but i do understand now after reading all of the comments here. however, i found it a little bit annoying about your sentence:

    "But truly practically all of the online bloshops community would know what SG means plus u're a seller yourself. The existence of Shopping Gazebo is purely common sense"

    do you think this sentence is appropriate dear writer? do you think everyone who's reading this post understand what SG means, eventhough they are sellers? what if they are new in this industry, and dont understand what SG means? please don't be too proud of yourself just because you are aware of what SG is.

    but yes i do agree that the anons are wrong because they didn't get the fact correct before accusing you of accusing other people liar. well, they should learn from the mistake.


  17. you really really can't reveal the email? *fidgets, burning with curiosity* i can definitely tell you there's a "reseller" who tried to cheat me before. claiming it's a branded good, but showing me a picture from a blogshop. and selling it at a way higher price too. ugh.

  18. hi writer,

    is this the same as the gal who tried to sell the silver metallic tube dress? if yes, the anon above can search for it in SG :P

    tell us... can ah? :P

  19. Dear Anonymous#14

    I said practically all. Not all. There's a difference there, alright? I'm not proud. YOU ARE, in fact. You're trying to show that you're being fair to everyone here? You wana be a judge? Go ahead, but not here. And what's with the 'cheers' at the end of your comment when you think a string of my sentence is a bit annoying? You've already hurt my feelings. No point cheering. Hypocrite.

    There's no such thing as inappropriate here. Inappropriate is revealing one's identity and maybe being too vulgar. What's with everyone badgering me about this issue of typing SG and not Shopping Gazebo. I was just maintaining its anonymity at the first place. If people wana mistake it as Singapore then be it. How would i know maybe typing out Shopping Gazebo is revealing its identity or deemed to be not anonymous enough?

    Don't know what SG is? Great! Means you've never heard of this site before. Means you never met this seller before. Never will have a chance either. Won't get cheated now or in the near future. Good for you. Then this post is none of your business. Mistaken it as Singapore? Funny. SG could be Sungai for all it matters. WHY ASSUME SINGAPORE? Not sure what SG stands for? Ask me la. DUH.

    Don't know why but many posts in this website do type Shopping Gazebo as SG but they never had a problem.

  20. hi :)

    I'm not sure which silver metallic dress you're refering to in SG. If you'd like then give me the link and i'll look it up.

  21. Hello :)

    I searched in SG for the metallic dress issue.. for an hour, practically almost combed the whole of Dress archive but still couldn't find it!

    Can't get the chatbox details too since I read it last week, too old of a history in chatbox to remain in there.

    But I remember SG Admin stated in chatbox that they will investigate, so perhaps the selling post was removed in the end..

  22. noon i just saw that post in chatbox of SG,maybe been removed already :)

  23. to writer

    write la ur name. at least "writer". so we know which is u. u made us confusee o.O and pls don't be too emotional alright dear :)

  24. man, there's too many anon! im corn-fused already :O
    to writer, im on ur side. i read it at SG's chatbox :) it's really unfair to cheat people like that. that girl should have just post her item to the wearables or a shopaholic's den :S

  25. Actually, I dont understand what's the big deal with SG be it singapore or shopping gazebo? Though SMWDY is a site that accepts stories from other places too, but it's known to 99% of the readers here that most stories here are from Malaysia and quite common sense that it's shopping gazebo and if you think that it's our neighbouring country then good for you la coz like author said, you won't be encountering that girl anyway.

    Author, you don't need to answer to those English teacher wannabes la. Save your time for something better.

    BTW, can author (or anyone that knows) drop me an email at for the 'seller' that posted her used items on SG?

  26. She might have bought an extra piece for herself to keep. I am a seller myself and I purchase more to keep certain key pieces for my own. Sometimes, I have to control myself from buying from myself :S