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The Un-smart Backout

This girl ordered four items from me. It comes up to a more than RM200 sale, something I rarely have in my shop.

She was fervent in replying messages, asking for impossible discounts (something which I never understand cos my site states that prices are non nego), and even insisting me to COD at times that I say I can't. I kept fulfilling her wishes cos I was eyeing the bigger picture.

When I tried confirming the COD the day before, she didn't reply. Fine.

She replied a week later saying she went back to her hometown and will want to COD in the next few days.

Tried to confirm with her the day before again, no reply.
Messaged her on that day, no reply.

The knee slapper is this. She planned to COD in my uni cos she so happened to study in the same place.

She owns a blogshop. And she wrote a post condemning people who back out.

And I have her details. Right down to which road she's staying at.

If you wanna backout then don't do it at the very last minute when the seller has so much of your details cos it's.. just.. incoherent. Plus it pisses a lot of blogshop owners off. At least be considerate in telling them that you're not interested anymore so they can let it go to the next buyer before THAT girl loses her interest.


  1. hmmm sounds fishy. there is this blog owner that has a habit of block booking a few pcs of clothing then MIA. she does it to sabotage other blogs so you end up with dead stock.
    same girl?

  2. @Anon1: if it's true, then that girl is 1 freaky person!
    Can email me her blogshop's name pls?

    @author: maybe she even gave u the wrong add and fake info if she has decided from the start to go MIA on u :/

  3. wow nice! gimme the shop name! =D thanks!

  4. Wow !!
    Do let me noe the blogshop.

  5. I met someone like that too! This customer owns a blogshop too.
    Instead of I quote her a price, she told me how much she is going to pay me! She demanded for discount on top of discounted price!! Of course I disagree (nicely!), she MIA! What? You expect me to email to beg you: "Please lar please, please buy lar..?!"
    Memang celaka! Kurang asam! No furture!

  6. author, pls send me the shop name, thanks:

  7. mind to mail me? thanks =)

  8. mind to mail me too? Thanks!

  9. Please mail me :) catherhea[at]live[dot]com

  10. may i have the link too?

  11. I would love to know which blogshop this buyer owns too.. thank you!

  12. @Anon1: pls email me the blogshop too, thanks..

  13. please mail me the blogshop name, thank you

  14. mail me pls. thanks..