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If you can read, its not complicated

This girl ordered a top from me and few days later she messaged me that she has banked in using cash deposit into my account.

When i'm about to send the parcel, i checked my account and realized the money was not in. So i messaged her, asking whether she had really banked in or whether she used interbank transfer which require a few days to clear.

She totally ignored my message and i received NO reply from her, which implied that she simply wanted to CHEAT me thinking that i won't check my account balance before sending the parcel.

I gave her a few weeks' time to reply me, but she didn't. Then recently i decided to warn her that i will publish her name and email on my site if i don't get an explanation. 

This is the reply i got:
"hey i think i am the one supposed to get upset about this. i did bank in and i didnt get mine, i dont know maybe its my fault if i bank in money in sum1 else acc or i dont know la. but i'm sure that i'll never buy form on9 boutique anymore. so complicated n the material also not good. sorry but u have to admit it too, anyway thanks for ur concern"

Complicated to read numbers and name to bank in?! I think anyone who has the ability to READ numbers and alphabets know how to operate the cash deposit machine ya? and Admit what? Admit that my clothes are bad quality even BEFORE she receive the item?

Just wanna share it here to warn all sellers to check your account balance before sending your parcel :)


  1. i'm a buyer and there was a time that i almost banked into the wrong account. thank God i checked properly before confirming the bank in.

    But frankly if i banked into the wrong account i would take responsibility lor.. my fault wert.. why wanna blame seller..

    But same way also sellers should take responsibility for their fault too.. encountered one who didn't want to take responsibility after sending the wrong item.. ish..

  2. to writer :may i know the email of this buyer pls?

    mail me -

  3. omg this is so funny i actually did laugh out loud! what did u reply her? u shud tell her she definitely should not buy online ever again since she is obviously illiterate :)

  4. ask her to show the prove, online banking provides receipt
    cash deposit do provides receipt

    it's not hard to prove at all!

    this girl is a total cheater

  5. Curse the girl. DIE DIE DIE!!

  6. I think you should definitely post up her details on because this is definitely a cheating case. If she really did pay, she would have made up a fuss already if you didn't post out instead of replying you like tht (unless la her money falls from the sky).

    Mail me her email/number at

    Don't wanna encounter such buyer!

  7. Yup, I also encountered this kind of buyer too.. she said.. "dear,... I already bank in via cash deposit machine yesterday night.. by the way can you post the balance together with the parcel, thanks! :) " then when i check my account.. nope.. nada.. zilch.. i sms her ask her to provide the receipt so that i can check with the bank..etc etc... call her few times.. e-mail her.. but no reply after that..wahh...! pandai huh.... what if i don't check my account...summore get free clothes and money too.. wah!

  8. Oooh dear. In the past 1 week, i got 2 same incident. I got lots of buyers, sometimes with same amount. But for some reason, I did not get 2 different amount that I'm supposed to get, and when I asked they said they did bank in. I'm not sure whom, but I just post everything to everyone. It's my fault for not checking when they said they did banked in etc..

    And yesterday, I checked my account. I got this RMXX without knowing from who. I did post it in my blogshop asking who banked in, so far no reply. ahaa.


  9. ima cheater, slap me.March 24, 2010 at 2:38 AM

    hahaha i used to do this!
    years ago when online shopping was new.
    dun have to pay lor, get free clothes summore. :P
    but i've stop lar. now no more.

  10. Dear writer, I lol when I read this, Maybe she's just another spy from other blogsopt to check out on your item! LOL!

    Cheer on dear, dun give up! ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

  11. same incident happened to me before also!
    the girl said she banked in but then when i check there isnt any transaction at all. and she disappeared when i just want to reconfirm whether she make the payment or not. =.=