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Psstt... you. Yes, you.

To all those backout buyers who are reading this,

Just don't send your order if you're not ready or not going to pay.


  1. may I know ur blogshop address? n_n

  2. Tough titties. Deal with it, it's bound to happen sometime or other.

  3. You'll tend to meet buyers who are like that, as a seller you gotta give good customer service than to slap them in their face. I'm a seller too.
    If you don't like them backing out, change your terms and condition.

    If they back out on an item they ask you to restock, ask them to pay full payment before restocking for them.

    If they back out and and your next customer in line lost interest, and you're upset about it, you're probably obsessed about your blog. Go study. Go get a real job.