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Fake Cosmetics

I get quite pissed off at blogshops who sell "MAC" or "Bobbi Brown" brushes.

As a seller you would definitely know that those items are fakes not only by their price (hello, 32190730219471 brushes for

Hello la, if you want to sell fakes please at least inform your buyers that they are FAKES.

Brushes fine la, worse come to worse the buyer waste money on scrub-toilet-bowl brushes, but what if the makeup you sell causes your buyer to get cancer or some skin disease or DIE?

May that poor dead person haunt your dreams forever.


  1. cancer from using fake brushes? seriously? scary hell!

  2. erm why buy online? it's not like these things aren't available in stores. go to the stores and look and feel the real thing yourself. feel the novelty of it. let the SAs fawn over you.

  3. Some ppl just like fake stuff. All fake. They cannot afford to buy real one, so they buy the fake one to fill in their pride. :)
    There must be a demand, then only there is supply.

  4. I think buyer is refering to fake mask, fake comestics, fake OPI nail polish... She/ he just coded brush as one of the example. :)
    I agree with buyer, these sellers who selling all this kind of fake comestics/ facial products, is very "chi-tor"! Bad luck for many generation!

  5. aiyo, why so pissed off? let them be. it's their business, and their money laa..

    i think most people will already know they are fakes only by looking at the price.

    eh. you think all those expensive cosmetics won't do u any harm rather than the cheap fake ones ke? all cosmetics got chemicals la..

    p/s: not a fan of fakes.