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The attack of Blur Queen #2

I'm running a preorder blogshop so it means that i have to collect a certain number of orders before i can place orders for the items. in January, i came across a customer which was erm... you'll see.

(10 Jan) buyer: hi, im interested in item A, item B and item C. if i pay tmr, when can i get my items?

(10 Jan) seller: hey there, total is RM1xx. Pls bank into acc xxx and email me the transcription receipt. items will be preordered and expected to arrive 2 weeks from closing date. Closing date is 18 January as it is our last batch before the CNY.

(12 Jan) buyer: May i know what material is item D made of?

(12 Jan) seller: Its cotton dear...

(14 Jan) buyer: I think i like items E and F too. so means im taking 6 items right?

(14 Jan) seller: Yea thats right. if u would like to order i suggest u order soon before the 18th. your total including poslaju will be RMxxx. do inform me once paid with ur details. thanks

(16 Jan) buyer: So if i pay tmr, can i get my items the next day?

(16 Jan) seller: no you cant babe. items will only arrive first week of February.

(18 jan) preorders closed

(25 Jan) buyer: so when can i make an order?

I seriously dunno this girl is just pulling my leg or what.

(25 Jan) seller: sorry babe, batch closed already. our next batch is 25 February.

no reply from her...

(22 February) buyer: Can i order now? I pay later u send items out tmr k?

*didnt reply buyer anymore*


  1. aiyoo..dont slap the buyer laah..maybe she REALLY is poor of her..hahaha..just LOL guling2 kat lantai..hahahahaa..orang macam ni pun ada ke?? =D

  2. oh dear poor girl. she really doesn't know what pre-order is!!!

  3. She is so naive! Don't know it's good for her or not?!

  4. lol i think she really don't understand the meaning of pre order.. she prolly thought you meant you are taking the stocks in two weeks after the closing date, and you will only start selling from then. haha!