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Waiting for the promised updates

I've come across many blogshops, famous or non-famous ones posting up the exact date and time of their next updates but tend to postponed their updates to a different time or date. We respect and support you for always putting up nice clothes and all and we are showing the feedback here.

I know sometimes there are things that came up and you were not able to post your new arrivals on the promised date and time. But at least consider buyers who waited and trying to rush back home from somewhere just to see your blog updates. They just couldn't miss all the lovely pieces that you're selling. I mean you're surely disappointing your customers right?

You are in the business line. There are certain ethics and regulations that needs to be followed. You are responsible if you can't do something on time. For example, if suddenly your internet doesn't work, go to the cyber cafe or something. If you're not feeling well, get somebody to help you out.

Slap seller definitely!


  1. Whoa... if you're telling me you climb mountains and swim oceans just for the updates promised at 9pm then you really need to get a life darling. Give the sellers a break will you? If they're late, I'm sure its not deliberate. HAIYOR

  2. SLAP WRITER X100000

    What the...

    "For example, if suddenly your internet doesn't work, go to the cyber cafe or something. If you're not feeling well, get somebody to help you out."

    Are you kidding me,seriously? TELL ME YOU ARE. because i'm utterly speechless

  3. yeah FTW get a life doood. you could subscribe to ur favourite blog then when he/she updates the blogshop u'll get the notification IMMEDIATELY. no need to rush back home or go to the cybercafe ok LMFAO XD.

  4. I'm with the writer. Lets say if your blogshops are the ones who went completely sold out within minutes, we as a buyer should keep on track with your updates from time to time. And it sucks when you guys can't make it on time.

    I'm a seller too and I just don't tell them when are the updates. It's better that way. What's the purpose of the blogshop reviewers. Blergh.

  5. missing an update wont kill you.. chill lah babe.. eventually they'll be sold on other blogshops too..

  6. i'm with the writer too.. get a life?? what if we already have our so called 'life' and just wanna give sometime to check out your updates and it is not being full filled... it's not that we waited the whole day. besides, you have already told us when.

    subscribe? maybe your blogshop send updates immediately after you have updated but most blogshops that i've subscribed only send me updates the day after. and these are the famous ones im telling you!

  7. Tell me what should sellers do if there IS NO INTERNET CAFE or if NO ONE knows how to post their updates?

    Some sellers are the sole owners which mean they model, take pics, reply emails, postings etc all by themselves! So if there somehow is an accident where they can't do it on time, you are saying that they have no business ethics?

    Writer, just because you don't tell doesn't mean those who tell and did not make it are wrong ok.

    Sellers apologise to me when they r late in updates. Whats the big deal?

  8. to buyer..


    the seller has to even steal a laptop just to make sure u get your promised updates, is it??
    some of these online sellers are students who wanted to make extra pocket money..

    they might have some other more important things to do, than running back home to make sure they updated their blog as promised so that u dont go throw tantrums..

  9. What a baby... Has it occurred to you that when YOU dont get your updates, NO ONE does too, so chill. 1 dress less in your wardrobe wont kill you

  10. To the buyer who wrote this idiotic post:
    The world doesnt revolve around you.
    The sun doesnt come up when you want it to.
    Blogshops are not tied to any regulations whatsoever so who the hell are you to tell them what they can or cannot do.
    You should just stop buying online if you're such a baby about it.
    You sound like a selfish brat.
    You should seriously get a life, idiot.

  11. i understand the writer's excitement to see the latest update of her favourite blogshop(s). perhaps what she means is she hopes the blogshops to be true to their words, or at least be serious wif what has been promised, because we neva know some of their customers really go d extra miles just to see their updates. anyway, to the writer, u can always check the update using ur handphone rite (assuming ur using blackberry or sumthing around the region).

  12. I'm sort of with the buyer.. I mean, if you can't post up by the time YOU PROMISED, then just don't promise anytime at all. Because unlike most of us, some people do practise punctuality.. And promises are promises.. Its a business you are running. ;)

  13. "For example, if suddenly your internet doesn't work, go to the cyber cafe or something. If you're not feeling well, get somebody to help you out."

    This might be a little too much, if the seller had an emergency or fell sick, a late update could be associated with an apology, but it is just not right to practise announcing the time of update and then not achieving it every time.

  14. slap the buyers trillion times.

  15. dear writer..
    sometimes shit happen you know..
    you cannot force it until the part "not feeling well get somebody to help you out".
    that just plain ridiculous..

  16. Sellers just set up your auto updates la if you promised to update by a certain time

  17. slap sellers a zillion times. telling us exact time of updates! on top of that, putting sweet words urging us to look at your updates. Eg: Item not restockable! Extremely exclusive and blah blah blah..............

  18. im half and half

    i agree that punctuality is important, especially if u r in this kind of business and customer's expectations is mainly impostant.

    but do look at seller's side too. you cant blame sellers if she/he updates at different time as promised. maybe something happened to them/ their family/friends. maybe their house/shop black-out. have u ever thought about it? and true, the world doesn't revolve around you. maybe if the seller did postponed MANY MANY times, then u can blame her/him. but truthfully, don't be so selfish. just because u r a buyer, doesnt mean other people dont have a life too. just subscribe the blogshop, end of story.

  19. sellers didnt force ur thumb to push on that button !!! its YOUR OWN CHOICE that u wanna b all stalker-ish & constantly check for their updates.
    be a lil considerate lah.
    the world doesnt revolve around you!
    so WHAT if you miss an update.
    clothes can b bought again you know.
    thrs more to things in life then A BUNCH OF CLOTH!
    no point whinning over minute things.

  20. Funny how some of you say things as if you have no responsibility in things you promised whatsoever. This is not about whether the buyer should stalk you or not. If you are not sure you can make it on the time your promised, JUST DO NOT PROMISE A TIME!!

  21. Exactly!

    If you are saying that we should subscribe to the blogshop so that we will receive the updates immediately after it's being posted, why should you mention a specific time and date? I dont think the 'subscribe to the blogshop' has got anything to do with this matter. Besides, I have subscribed to many amny blogshops and the notifications are only received usually the next day. Whats the point then?

    And then I'm sure the writer is not stalking or not having a life. She's just looking forward to your updates or being a loyal customer. She's just sharing her frustration.

    The part that she said 'For example, if suddenly your internet doesn't work, go to the cyber cafe or something. If you're not feeling well, get somebody to help you out', its just an example ladies! Not that she's asking you to do exactly as what is mentioned. She's just saying that sellers should try their best to keep their promises. Ish!


  22. i think the buyer just put her words in a way that made u guys think that she's a bit of a stalker.

    there r quite a few best selling blogshops that promise on updates with exact time and date. and most of us experience viewing the updates late and by then, most of the items are all reserved or sold out.

    this buyer must've like some blogshops so much because of the nice stuff they r always showing, she felt like she din wanna miss out on their updates..thus remembering the date n time, trying their best to be the first to view.. =)

    sellers should be happy that they've got loyal customers/viewers like that..i'm a seller too, n yes, i've got a life..sometimes we really can't make it on time, so it's best to prepare the update the day before and set an auto when it's time, the auto update is on and u're still moving on..buyers get to view ur amazing new stuff, n when u're done with ur stuff, the orders are already waiting..