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Dont be sexist

I know that there are not many male blogshop owners out there, but I am one of them who sells both male & female clothes.

There was a particular incident which really left me speechless.

I met up with this girl for COD.
She's the type of customer who will open the wrappings and check the clothing on the spot (like those aunties at megasales) and I don't really have a problem with it.
That's because the item had been checked by me, and Im 100% sure of it's quality & that there are no defects.

Buyer: Hmmm.. why are there so many loose threads?

Me: Errr where?

Buyer: Hmm.. *didn't answer my question* The buttons are wood?

Me: Yeap, wooden buttons are pretty in these days.

Buyer: Won't the wood rot away after a few washes?

Me: Err, don't think so. In 5 years maybe, but definitely longer lasting.

Buyer: The color if wash will fade ah?

Me: The quality of the jersey cotton is really good so there are lower chances of discoloration. Depending on the type of washing liquid you use as well.

Buyer: Okay.. But if the color still come out after I wash properly can refund?

Me: If the color runs out after the first wash, then I will refund you in full.

Buyer: Oh, what if after few times wash.

Me: Sorry, we don't do refunds for color fading as this item is not manufactured by us.

Buyer: How come? Other sellers will refund for sure. You're cheating my money.

Me: No, I don't know any sellers who would do that. You don't see people returning clothes to shops after 5-6 washes.

Buyer: Sure got one! You're a guy, how would you know?

I was so darn pissed at this point. Like WTF? Im a guy so what? Doesn't mean I dont know what is the proper protocol for selling online, and NO ONE refunds their customers due to discoloration (unless it's after a first wash).
I told her to get her facts straight before telling me what a guy can or cannot do. We're not idiots!

I want the opinions from the female sellers, since that buyer doubts my judgement on that matter.
Would you or would you not have refunded her? Or what would you have said to her?


  1. I'm a female seller and I would have done exactly the same thing as you did,
    no seller out there would refund after 5-6 washes, that's just too much!


  2. Won't the wood rot away after a few washes?

    HAhHAhHAhHAhAHA!!! What a moron!

  3. ask her to buy the top from the shop. and return to the shop after few washes.
    dat is one damn moron bimbo.

  4. this buyer that you met came out from an outdated world ist?

    I am seller myself & I would have done the same thing like you did. If every buyer that I meet wants a full refund after 5-6 washes, I can close shop already. how are we la going to make money like this? pfft!

  5. I HATE BUYERS LIKE THAT. SO kiamsiap but still want to shop. GOSH, so kiamsiap go save money!

    If i buy something, i just buy it. I won't even take a second look to scanning the whole piece of clothing!

    Seriously, i think she just wants to con your money. I had a buyer trying to do that to me before. I completely ignored her.

  6. LOL. seriously how thick skinned can these people get?! and i wonder where are they learning to request all these extravagant demands that in the consumer's right handbook? kids these days.

    anyway if i were you i'd have left with my item on the spot after the "you're cheating my money" bit.

  7. gosh the buyer is certified nuts. no buyer in their right mind will ask for a refund if colour washes out after 5 to 6 washes!! means i buy the clothes, wear 5/6 times and then say i want a refund afterwards.

    to the writer of this post, hats up to you for keeping your cool. i would have blasted her on the spot, customer or no customer.

  8. even if the colour fades after the first wash i wouldnt offer a refund. How would we know if the colour will fade? even some items i bought from high end brands fade after the first wash. Will they offer refund? No!

    dumb S bimbo

  9. noway NO REFUNDS!! shes just trying to take every single advantage of you being the fact that you're a guy, thought u would be nicer to girls

  10. i think she's just trying to trick you in getting discounts. trust me i know these kind of people. they'll look for every flaws and irrelevant excuses to brainwash you. trust me its a bit of psychology. stupid, i know

  11. What difference does it make if you are a guy or a girl? Who says which sex is better in the topic of "washing clothes"? It is a general knowledge. The seller must have a very lowww IQ. Why is she so keen on quality when she is not spending much on the item? She wants quality? Tell her to shop at high end brands then ;)