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Sure let's COD but its SOLD

A couple of weeks back, i inquired about this tube dress which totally caught my eye. and the price was really cheap so i sent the blogshop owner an email. below is our conversation:

Buyer: hey, im interested in the XX tube dress. where do you do COD?

Seller: I do COD in SS15 and anywhere in subang. pls let me know if you are interested

Buyer: yeap okay, will bank in the money by tmr morning! :)
(few hours later.. refreshes blog website and POOF! ITEM "SOLD"

I immediately sent the owner an email as i really intended to buy it.

Buyer: hi, is the dress still available? because according to the blog its sold already!

Seller: Hi, it just only sold out awhile ago!! sorry :)

Like WTF?? could you have atleast told me? if i didnt refresh the page i would've waited like an idiot. I never visited that blog since.


  1. Maybe she wanted to sell it as first come first serve payment basis. But she SHOULD have told you.

  2. i dont understand... writer opt for COD but made payment via bank in? i tot COD stands for Cash-On-Delivery?

  3. Maybe she was gonna inform you about it but you happen to email her first? Give her some time la. It's not like she's permanently glued to the pic/laptop right?

  4. sometimes, it's because that item was previously reserved by a M.I.A buyer, for example girl A want to buy the same tube dress as you 5 days prior to your order and asked for the bank account of seller etc. Then she said shes gonna make payment but never did.

    Then YOU come into the picture and say you want to buy it. So , seller thought okaylah maybe GIRL A dowan to buy anymore. So she agreed to sell it to YOU.

    Then suddenly GIRL A, emails seller back and said "oh payment made plz post to bla bla bla"

    So technically you can't blame the seller. Please think from her side of the story. NORMALLY BUYERS ARE THE CAUSE AND ROOT OF ALL PROBLEMS

  5. In M'sia it is another case because too many ppl don't honor their words, therefore partial/full payment is required to secure the appointment & item.

  6. haha Anon 2 good point.

    but seller should have informed that she had another person interested who could pay earlier.

  7. hmm.. but the sellar did not inform you that she has reserved for you.. you only assumed she had hold it for you. Plus the sellar might have sold it to another customer already right after you inquired.

  8. babe, im a seller here. i think its because who pay faster they get the item?? sometimes the buyer will LIE to us. they will say that its like 200% confirm to buy the dress. and after waiting, waiting and waiting they never pay us. so why we must reject the customer who want to pay 1st??