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Shit Stirrer

It's so annoying when people complain about prices, but even more so when they complain just for the sake of complaining.

There was one time this facebook shop was selling original crocs accesories (jibbitz i think they're called ?) for RM3.50, got free 1 some more if buy quite cheap right ? Then this one girl commented, complained that it was expensive and that she can buy at the roadside for RM1, so the buyer said that those are fake, the ones she's selling is original.

The girl then said that it's all the same, so this other person commented and said that the original lasted longer and had better quality.

The complainer said, no, all the same. So this other girl said "Then buy la the RM1 one and you know what the complainer says ? "Takpelah". She doesn't even want that thing and yet she's complaining about it! Like what the!!


  1. How about those who complain about sellers raising prices? Annoying much? Hello of course sellers will hike up their prices compared to what they get from their supplier right, if not how the heck are they going to make a profit?

    If you complain to your friends/public about a shop that raises the price by 10000000% fine la, but hey, few ringgit only also you want to complain ah?

    I hope these kind of people will stick to pasar malams and planting/ making their everyday stuff. IMPOSSIBLE to make them happy one. (Especially those who complain of "high" prices or when the price is right, cheap quality)

    Haven't they heard of the saying you get what you paid for?

  2. true that! if it's too expensive, don't complain, just don't buy. but then..the complainer in this story is just complaining without even actually wanting to buy the stuff..that's just........deserves a slap. although thr's no slap complainer button so i'll slap buyer..we consider buyer as complainer la

  3. An ethical rule of thumb is that a price should NOT be 150% higher than cost. If it's any higher, than you are just 'cekik darah'.I know some does rake in more than 200% of the actual price, and that is saddening..

    this is the rule of thumb in Islamic method of business. Muslim sellers out there, please take note. it's in your Form 5 textbooks, in case you forgot.

    and non-Muslim ones, well...although those rules does not apply to you, be sensible. don't be a Jew. :P

    p.s. I'm slapping the buyer. Rm3.50 isn't that much.

  4. adoi..haruskh sebut religion kt sini??

  5. wow we've got a Holy Angelic Moly. and so your god thought you to insult Jews?

    how dare she insult Jews?
    They're a great religion no matter what YOU say.

  7. oh no she didnt

  8. mmg poyo la dia tu. insulting other religion to make her own religion look good. that's the most lowly and unreligious thing that one could do. please, don't embarrass yourself and your religion. u do not have the rights to say other religions like tht.

    AND BTW, how would u know rm3.5 is not more than 150% profit? if according to you, one that didn't place more than 150% profit is not 'sinful' then give the seller benefit of doubt will ya? don't slap yourself in the face POYO.

    you're the most insensible person out there. shame on you. don't come here preaching like some holy person when u can't even get your act straight.

  9. Tidak baik untuk keluarkan isu perkauman.
    Tinggal di Malaysia pun sudah cukup aman berbanding negara lain lagi teruk. Semua peniaga sama je. mesti mahu profit. Adoiii.

  10. i think she was just cracking a jew joke la -___- cos, you know, jews are known to be quite...frugal.

    y'all are seriously exacerbating the problem :P but it wasn't very smart to post a joke like that in a community that can't handle talking about other religions/races, and where jew jokes aren't commonly cracked x)

    chill, guys ^_^

  11. Ya lah, it's just a common joke la. Maybe you guys should read stuff from abroad a lot. It's the universal general knowledge. Duuuuuhhhh!

  12. I don't know why there are such tight-assed people around. The Poyo Me was obviously joking. Please people, take a chill pill! It's alright to let loose once in a while. Relax those tight asses sometimes ;p

  13. well, its supposed to be a joke. something like, nazis maybe? but yeah like what anon 11:56pm said, it wasn't very smart to post such joke in a community which isn't very open-minded. i mean come on, after you've read the joke, is it a must that you have to insult other people's religions too? or were you guys just joking? very funny -.-"

  14. i dun know y..but obviously the muslim & non muslim part is pandai izzit??

  15. hahahaa...~ well where were we? oh yeah..the mengada2 buyer... ;p

  16. people."don't be a jew" is a phrase often use in talkshows,financial mags.why so serious?

    but then agree with anon AUGUST 2, 2010 3:34 PM.isn't a very smart move for the commentator to use that term in this type of community.

  17. This is the 21st century la. "This type of community" is hindering our country from moving forward

  18. I think a lot of people are forgetting that although racial/religious jokes are cracked everywhere, and yes, usually it's taken with a great pinch of salt, telling these sort of jokes over the Internet, typed out, just doesn't show to the reader whether you're cracking a joke, or insulting someone.

    It's like, (e.g.)

    Stupid la you
    Stupid la you

    Can anyone guess which was typed to mean something friendly (e.g. friend and friend) or to mean something nasty (e.g. bully to victim).

    Good rule of thumb: Always re-read what you typed in a monotonous voice before hitting Submit. Then you'll realize whether what you've typed does sound like what you're trying to express.

    (Oh and yea, just in case, I'm trying to express this like a Communications class lecturer hahahah)