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Oh wise ones needed #9

This is more of a question really, because I can't seem to find the answers by Googling it. Heheh.

If a seller says that the items are not of pre-order nature, does it automatically mean that the items are ready stock? I thought it does, so please correct me if I am wrong because I'd really like to know so I can avoid the items which are "not pre-order but not ready stock either" in the future.

My case is that I don't usually buy the items if I know they have to be pre-ordered. So I have asked the seller first and she said "No, it is not a pre-order". So then I continued to purchase the items which was on Thursday last week. Since I thought they were ready stock, I estimated I should be receiving the items within this week. But then again, that was under the impression that the stocks were on hand.

So I did give her a message on Monday, asking whether she has posted out my items. She replied that I should be receiving them within NEXT week. When I mentioned that I thought it was quite longer than I expected, she replied that it was because the items are not ready stock. Hence my question earlier.

Can anyone help me? :D


  1. i think the seller should tell u clearer that,she had to restock the item from her supplier(presumably local),sometimes seller need sometime to restock from their supplier,depending on both parties,sometimes only few days,some 1 week or 2...
    pre-order as we all know, are those they have to order it from overseas, usually takes around 3-4week(some oven much longer) in yr case,it's not pre-order in their term i guess...
    just sharing what i think it is...

  2. From what I understand, here's my meaning to the terms.

    Readystock: Items are with Seller

    Preorder: Items are with Seller's Supplier, to be bought only after ppl order/pay for them. Location of Supplier doesn't matter. Could be that Seller will purchase ordered items straight away, or after collecting more orders from other Buyers (Read 'Spree' below)

    Spree: The process of collecting the orders, hence additional waiting period (Waiting period 1: Collection of orders. Waiting period 2: For Supplier to send to Seller).

    With this, I disagree with Anon (July 27, 2010 2:57 PM), as IMO as long as the item was paid for while the item is NOT in the hands of the Seller, it's pre-order.

    *Definition of terms generated from my many many dealings with both international and local buyers/sellers, both readystock and pre-order