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Updates #9 ~ Who are you to tell me a bout effiency? - AUTHOR

I'm not going to explain any further as this is just blown way out of proportion, and honestly, is a waste of time.
The reason why i posted the story, was cos of ranting.
I wanted to share the story to others who were interested in knowing the seller and this is what happens.

Girls, some times, when it's got nothing to do with you, please stay out of it la.
It was a rant, and now see what happened.
So, whatever it is, im going to reply know.
This is the last mail im sending in response to this.

I'll let the pics do the talking.
I'm done explaining/clarifying/arguing.
And the ebay one.
I mailed her and waited for a long long time.
It took her a few days, and i researched and found better sources.
What would you do?
If she replied me earlier, whether or not, it went to spam mail or wtv, i wouldn't even consider buying from other ppl.
When you found somewhere cheaper, what would YOU do?
Answer that question honestly.

Also, seller wrote this.
Buyer thinks that I want to save on the FOC Registered Post which was offered to her for Nail Polish + ‘Blush’. Both items arrive on the same day and to be shipped to the same address hence to be sent out in 1 package. If that is not called efficient, then what is?

Firstly, it was suppose to reach due with my lipsticks which arrived a long time ago.
Your supplier messed up, i thought of giving you a chance.
I waited patiently and i even said i dont need a tracking number cos i trusted her enough.
Then, okay cool. waiting, waiting.
Another mail shows up, telling me that it might not have been in the latest package.
How do you expect me to feel?
The next mail, suddenly saying, it's going to arrive with the nail polish, which i ordered much later.
I've no complains bout the nail polish's delivery time, that is fine.
I'm having a problem with the blusher.
Seller, please ask yourself, when did you promise the blusher for me.
And how long have you delayed.
The reason why i ordered was cos i wanted it really badly, cos i loved it.
When you said it didn arrive the first time, and offered free registered post, i accepted cos i really loved The blush, and would wait.
Then, you tell me that it might not be in the next package again.
How do you think i would feel?
I dont feel cheated by you, dont worry.
I just felt, irritated waiting for so long.
I know you offered me refunds and stuff.
But, as i said, i wanted the blush more than the refund.
And the long and much awaited blush just kept being delayed over and over again, and it irritated me to post this here.

I'm done with this.


  1. Booooooo buyer! you are one arrogant bitch. if u love it,then wait! if ure not willing to wait then shop at offline store for ready stock! only totalrm65 and u so annoying bising2 like it was 650. ok seller,im at yr side! this kind of buyer is just blerghh~

  2. Author is such a brat!! You've lost this you whiny little girl... go cry to mummy

  3. dear miss buyer, all you are screaming about is HOW WOULD I FEEL HOW WOULD I FEEL???

    put yourself in the seller's shoes (WHEN YOU'RE A BLOODY SELLER YOURSELF!!)

    her supplier screwed up and she DID inform you of all the delays. can she bloody help it ah? here she is trying to explain to your concrete brain and all you care is I LOVE IT I WANT IT HOW DO I FEEL???

    How would you feel as a seller dealing with a difficult customer like yourself when she herself is caught right in the middle with a supplier far far away. Her hands are tied and your mouth is having a diarrhea.

    really childish and selfish buyer

  4. buyer you are so rude, not to mention unprofessional. the way you write and the way you reply, its like you're talking to your neighbor or something. sumore can come here and try to ruin the reputation of another seller. please don't give up your day job and forget about being a seller yourself, you don't know the first thing about customer service and you should really learn a thing or two from this seller.

    i am a seller myself and judging from the communications between you two, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to the seller. really, kudos to you, seller! i don't think i could've handled this any better than you already did.

    to the author/buyer, the commentors above pretty much said the rest of the stuff i think about this post.

  5. Buyer, if you want to justify, at least come up with a better justification la. You write in with such crap, do you think it will actually work? Every reader here already knows that it's not the seller's fault. It is you who are creating a ruckus out of a small matter. And LOL that you think the amount you are buying is a lot. Total of RM60 plus? Please la, either your own sales is very very very super little, or your mind is seriously warped. You are doing yourself a favour by not replying to this matter anymore in the future.
    What a nightmarish buyer. I pray and pray that you won't buy from me.

  6. So it's the Seller's supplier that made the mistake. So why take it out on the Seller? Especially since she has already offered to refund the payment to you.

    And come on la, you think delays don't happen ah? US and Malaysia very near meh? Have you ever thought that maybe Nyx themselves didn't have the blush, so delayed the shipment to her supplier, who had to delay the shipment to the Seller so your item reaches you late?

    Tsk. RM100++ only also cakap until so big d.

    And on the eBay thing. WAH. Reply within 24 hours is LATE? You better have no plans at all in dealing with international customers, or well, even local customers. Global companies also will say they will reply within 3 working days only la, so now 24 hours not enough? Think realistically la please. You think the world revolves around you is it? We all wait and refresh our inbox just to see your reply every 5 minutes ker?

    And yea, I am very sure the "when it's got nothing to do with you, please stay out of it la" was directed to me since I was the one who told the Seller about your post. I am going to state one word in WHY I did it. DEFAMATION. Try to defame others with no proof, ha kena la skarang. Siapa makan cili terasa pedasnya. Pedas kao kao la kan skarang?

    Oh, and the "i wanted the blush more than the refund." comment? Guess what. Your blush arrived to the Seller's hands the exact day you accepted her offer for the refund.


  7. HAHA. i guess i know who's this buyer. i know her in real life too. she's no different in real life than in what she has portrayed herself here. she deserves all these :D

    KANTOI 99.

  8. CB stands for cream blusher...

    SH stands for you, author, buyer.

    epic fail kow kow. argument tada main point, tada effect. you just made everyone hate you. i suggest seller gives everyone ur e-mail and let us know which SH is this.

    i really hate when buyer's argument of chasing for the item is such an idiotic excuse= "The reason why i ordered was cos i wanted it really badly, cos i loved it."

    what, love no need wait ah? if you love it so much go look at the picture everyday while waiting lah. dun let your 'love' becomes rage and put it on your seller when we all know its not even her fault.

    baru 65bucks n you are talking like it 6500bucks. how old are u? 6? 65 bucks is your whole life savings isit? then kesian u lah.

    what a SH.

  9. If 'it's nothing to do with you, please stay out of it la', why post it on SMWDY??? Lol. Just keep it to yourself la, or rant to your gfs. Sheesh.

  10. @Anon (July 24, 2010 5:13 PM ): ROFL I SOOOO know what is SH! HAHAHHA

    There's one more point I want to state. You wrote "as this is just blown way out of proportion". Eh, guess who made Mt Everest out of an anthill in the first place?

    /me bitchy mode on.
    ^For those *ahem*old*ahem* folks like me who used IRC before ROFL!

  11. 'i wanted the blush more than the refund.'

    ROFL ROFL HAHHAHAHAHA Author you memang lawak lah

  12. "The reason why i posted the story, was cos of ranting."

    Buyer ranting (with facts) and giving malicious & misleading information is different ok? It amounts to DEFAMATION. Seller is just trying to clear the malicious accusations you have caused.

    "Girls, some times, when it's got nothing to do with you, please stay out of it la"
    I think you meant gals if you don't wan to side me, just shut up. You're barking because ppl refuse to buy your side. Readers here have brains to think ok? Plus SMWDY is not owned by you. If you wanna rant without ppl's comment, do it on your blog and disable all the comments.


    I think your repo would be better if you didn't made such stupid follow up update on your already maliciously twisted debut post.

  13. who is the buyer? can gimme hints? i roughly know two blogshop owner by that name... is it the owner of a rather old blogshop or a newly launched one? anyone? :)

  14. please tell me who is the buyer!!!

  15. eh buyer, im a buyer myself too. be glad that the seller is informing u about the delays. my items have already been delayed for a month and yet seller didn't bother to respond much until i called her up. this is online buying. if u expect no delays or whatsoever, then fly over to US and buy yourself. it's VERY COMMON to have delays buying from such US merchants, be it from the website itself or the 'supplier' side. if u want ppl to respect you, please respect ppl ok?

    if i were u obviously i won't come back here to post la because you're such an embarrassment to yourself. can't even figure it out right about things u ordered from whom! *FISH BETUL*

  16. Whoever wants the email add of this buyer please email

    It's one of those temporary email accounts, so don't bother replying the email la, as I don't know how long the mail would stay in the inbox. Please let me know when to check that email by commenting here.

    Btw, I have good reason to believe that the Buyer's email has changed, as we (the Seller and myself) have done some searches and queries within our circles and came up with two emails under that same person. However, those two emails seem to not be in use d publicly.

  17. I, as a buyer as well as seller strongly disagree with this really immature girl (buyer) She has to understand that the seller is not mrs superman nor she can do teleports so pop a chill pill hun. Im not trying to be rude. If I am, I apologize. I've read all thre posts about this and I can CLEARLY see that the buyer herself putar belit cerita. If you are a seller, than act like one and be like one. Dont go all naggy faggy. <--- is that even a word. LOL sorry. anyways as I was saying, buyer, please pretty please grow up. Thank you and have a nice day.

  18. somehow i feel kesian with the buyer la

  19. Boooo buyer.... u r just like a maad dog bugging around... your feel your fell...! people already feel sorry to u and offer u refund or wat so ever and u still saying ppl r unprofessional... sigh

  20. mailed ya Fish!


    Super Slap the Buyer!

  21. @Super Slapper: Meh the mailinator thing doesn't seem to work :/ I didn't get any mail that didn't seem like spam (I'm sure you didn't write "Pharmacy" as the err.. tajuk right?)