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Who are you to tell me about efficiency?

I'm a seller myself.
I previously bought some cosmetics from this site on lowyat, and she has another shop on blogger.
She seems like a nice girl, replying mails all politely and all.
But, being polite, doesn't mean you can delay delivery and give all sorts of excuses right?
It doesn't make a difference delaying delivery, or delaying delivery with a smile.
The thing about this seller is, i ordered a bunch of stuff from her, more than a month ago.
Okay i get it, pre-orders blah blah needs time to arrive.
Okay, im cool with that.
She sent out the items to me, and i counted them.
I mailed her about it, and she said,

"Oh. Sorry. My supplier did not send it out to me. I will send it out on monday, free registered post."

Sounds sweet of her right? Okay cool.
I'll take it, and give her a break.

Today (one week later from the monday she promised, it's tuesday actually), i mailed her with annoyance in my tone.

"I thought you said it was going to arrive on monday LAST WEEK? it's tuesday THIS WEEK. you didn't even bother to mail me about the delay as well."

Hey, no matter how polite she replies, this is a lil too much. i waited for almost 2 months for my item??

She replied, "Oh. I have too many mails to reply. I'm sorry."

I was like, ???? WTF. Can't handle it, don't sell.
The fact that you have so many buyers, GOOD FOR YOU but make sure you can handle all of them and not just the ones that are paying you.

She then said, she will post that blusher which i was suppose to receive a long long time ago, with a nail polish my friend asked me to buy from her as well 2-3 weeks back.

That was going too much.

I requested for a refund and she dare tell me, "I'm just being efiicient to send two things out together."

Hey babe, of all people, you want to tell me about efficiency?
If you were that efficient, you wouldn't have delayed the postage of my item for 2 months and not even informing me and the best part, telling me you're efficient.

P/S i even wanted to be a reseller of her items.
i will slap myself for that.
Not that her stuff are THAT cheap neither. Just thought she was friendly.
That's friendly with a motive right there.


  1. Delays do occur.. I've had stuff take more than 3 months to reach me because of crappy service from the Retailer, so the delay might truly be caused by the Retailer, not her?

    But, the delay on sending the stuff that was supposed to be already in Malaysia shouldn't happen, not without notice at least IMO. "I have too many mails to reply" is NOT a good reason. Including my personal mail, work mail, blogshop(s) mails, I reply at least 400+ mail a DAY, and I can still do so within 12 hours (and they are the kinda emails that needs one to think somore k).

    Sending your item together with your friend's wasn't a good idea too, since hello, it's YOUR item, and not your friend's.

    Could you email me the shop's name? Will want to stay away. I HATE those who delay or go back on their word. Tell me straight you want to save money also better.

    My email add is

  2. I can accept delays, but what I cant accept is those sellers that did not inform us the buyers about the status of the item or like the seller here with 'Oh, I just have too many emails to reply'.This is just too much.

  3. Agreed, hate the kind of sellers who don't bother to update you on the delays of arrival of items. Common courtesy la, UGH.

  4. omg. if there's a delay should at least inform.
    please email me the blog.
    thank you. definitely need to stay away from this one!

  5. email me the blog too,, thanks.

  6. I'm wondering, how come both buyers and sellers got almost same number of slaps?

  7. i agree with anon JULY 20, 2010 11:17 PM. maybe its the seller who slap the buyer?

  8. anon July 20, 2010 11:17 PM, i think they got a bit confused of which to slap.

  9. I've contacted the seller, and this is what she told me (and said she has proof, but I didn't ask for it)

    1) Seller explained to Buyer before right at the start before the deal that seller gets
    shipments from US every week, so will take about 1.5 weeks for item to reach Buyer

    2) Seller told buyer that item didn't come, hence will be resent FROM THE US on Monday, together with the "friend's" nail polish (since the nail polish was supposed to be sent out at that time)

    3) Seller told Buyer through SMS about sending her items out first, and Buyer said OK

    4) Her "Friend's" nail polish was supposed to be sent to Buyer as well, so Seller didn't know it was for a friend

    5) The free post WAS offered, which means all items in that package (blush and polish) would be sent out for free (which means Buyer pays for postage only once)

    6) Seller offered refund, not Buyer request for refund

    Seller didn't clarify "Oh. I have too many mails to reply. I'm sorry." comment, but brought up points about Buyer being a FFK buyer from eBay as well (Clicked to Bid, but sent msg to cancel AFTER Seller sent her the msg, then Buyer accused Seller of not replying)

    I asked the seller to email SMWDY with the proof and all that, and she said she would.

    Personally, I have dealt with the Seller many many many times now (>RM600 worth of purchases already) and I've always gotten great service, from speed to my fickle minded-ness to holding my parcels for more than a month etc) so you can say I am biased to believe the Seller instead of the Buyer (hence I didn't request the proof). I know not everyone has my same experiences, so I hope the Seller would email SMWDY soon, coz if not honestly, getting your reputation ripped up with what isn't true isn't worth it.

    P/S: Phew I didn't realize I typed so much lol.
    (And gonna leave a name with this, since there's so many Anons d)

  10. i'm the buyer here.
    i need to clear things up and in reply to Fish's comment.

    MY RESPONSE: PLEASE ask her, how long has that been. and dont tell me, it's 1.5 weeks. it's well near 2 months.

    MY RESPONSE: i spent 15 mins trying to find her text on my phone. im damn frustrated i deleted it. ill attach the mail at the bottom of this comment.

    MY RESPONSE: YES, i totally agree with that. sending my items out FIRST. remember that. and in the end, what happened? happily join it with the nail polish isnt it? :)

    MY RESPONSE: HAHA, she told you customer, didnt she? my customer is my church friend buying through me. so, should i call her my friend/customer? im not even earning from her. i told her specifically, i was considering getting it in bulk from her to resell, ask her that. and after this, no thankyou.

    MY RESPONSE: i dont get what you're saying. she was offering my free postage for MY blusher, which was late. okay, everyone gets that. i paid additional postage for the nail polish. and now, she's saying to send out WITH the nail polish. like you said, postage only once. BUT I EDI PAID FOR IT. NOT TO BE SENT OUT WITH MY BLUSHER. that's my friend's money! why would i want to tap on her postage for? then the free postage is not there any more, is it?

    MY RESPONSE: when did i ever say i got a problem with her offering a refund, or me requesting for a refund?

    MY RESPONSE: i've attached the snippet below. and for the eBay seller. she very well knows she did not reply me. i waited for days and days for her mail, and she did not reply me. i found a more efficient seller, and also selling cheaper. and now, i need to slaughter myself for that? and i didn't just ignore her mails. i mailed the ebay seller, FYI, saying that she didn reply my mails, so, ill take a pass on the stuff. and she said, it's alright, and thanks for letting her know. i did not just disappear like how other buyers do.

    "I truly apologize for not informing you as, I have tens to twenties of emails coming in for enquiries and orders on a daily basis and i may have overlooked this but I did not forget about your order at all." <-- see what i mean by her being nice, in her way of putting it?

    "If the items are arriving me at almost the same time, wouldn't it be OK if i send it together?" <--so, practically, even if the blusher arrived one week before, she will wait to send it together, since it's OK. so, what's up with the free postage offer? not valid, right?

    The last email about the rouge cream blush (dated 27.06.10 - Sunday), i did mention that if my seller sends this out on the week of 28th June, it will arrive somewhere on the week of 5th July (around thurs/fri). Apparently for my seller's side, she again did not include it in the package and i did email her again on this to send out this item.

    "Only July 12th when i have yet paid for another purchase from her, i did remind her again to include this in that package when she promised that she will. That package wasn't sent out until 14th July which again she has promised but i did not get a 100% confirmation on the sent out date as she was waiting for 1 more item to arrive (so she wouldn't need to pull back the item to be shipped at a later date). It should be in the package which will arive this friday (hopefully), if not, latest by Mon/Tue next week." <-- tell me you wont get frustrated as a buyer when you see this. your miscommunication or problem with your supplier, is not to be beared by the buyers. im a seller myself, and your supplier being inefficient, why continue purchase?

    as i said, she was really nice to me. didnt you read what i wrote?
    and the title says, being EFFICIENT. I DIDN SAY SHE WAS RUDE.

  11. My replies to the Buyer's comments on my comment (ROFL)

    3) Erm, I think what she meant was that she would send your arrived items first, then send your undelivered blush later.

    4) No, she didn't say customer. I put the inverted commas myself as the Seller told me that the recipient's name and address was the same, so hence "friend" when it's mailed direct to you. The point in this case I believe is not who the item is for, but where it is shipped to.

    5) I think if you didn't accept the refund, she would have probably given you back the postage you've paid for the nail polish?

    6) I didn't say you say you had a problem with it. I simply pointed out that the Seller offered the refund first, not you requesting for a refund first.

    Response to Claim by FISH:
    First, it's not my claim. All I did in my entire post was to type out what the Seller told me. The only bit that is my opinion was the last paragraph where I clearly stated 'Personally'.

    I am not going to but in to this matter any longer, as I do not want to get so involved in this as I do not know 100% what went on. I did the previous post just to even out the playing field, as in all conflicts, both sides of the story should be told before a decision is made.

    P/S: I did read what you wrote. Please read mine properly. Never did I even IMPLY that you said she was rude.

  12. u go Fish!i think u said everything right and someone is just getting confused while reading.haha ;)