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That mere spare change

Sometimes i do not get it.

Usually when there is a sale, people will rush to grab items at a bargained price.

But what is the use of having sales when items are only discounted RM1-RM3? =.=


  1. Totally agree or SALES with same price but free postage.

    Usually when I see such Sale gimmick, I will just close the page. Not worth my time

  2. I don't mind if it's the same price, but free postage. I still get to save RM5 or RM6 :).

    But yeah, I won't bother if they slash RM1-RM3 from the original price and sometimes they even write *steal!!* at the bottom. A steal? No. not really (-_-).

  3. yeah,
    for me,free postage still a kind of sales,eventhough its actually a promotion..

    we can save RM6,
    and it worth +RM10 if u buy 4-5 items..

    slightly save ur money aite?

  4. to ditto,

    agreed! many sellers misuse the word sales. it should be stated promotion instead :( very misleading


    i do not mind the free postage actually :) but sometimes they say free postage if you buy 2 items. if only interested in one le? still same price. might as well no sales :(


  5. can we have a 'like' button for comments? hahaha.
    yheah totally agree on the rm1-3 "sale" prices, but I think if sellers have a free postage thing, they should call it a PROMOTION and not a SALE!

  6. Please bare this in mind that there's a whole lot of cheapskate shoppers out there. Whether it is RM3 or just RM1 they will be happy to purchase the item.

  7. To anon July 2nd.

    Maybe only minoriti. Those blogshops are eager to attract customers, but do it in proper way la.. they wanted to get more people to come, but more customers will leave with angry use right?

    But I looovee the word 'Massive Clearance', or 'Super Clearance' or something. It SHOULD be near cost

  8. My blogshop is a free delivery shop. I give free postage. So whenever i put up a sale, i give only 5%-10% off only. It's a small sale, i know. For a clothing priced at rm49, the 5% discount will cut only RM 2.50. But to think about it, i give discount constantly to my buyers by giving free postage, coz honestly i do not mark up the price higher than anybody else to cover the postage. Thank you to my buyers for understanding that for a 5% discount, you are actually offered RM6 (postage fee) + RM2.50 = RM8.50 price cut. It's even more for a higher price items. They are happy, i am happy. :D
    So yeah, free postage is a sale too. Seller losing RM, buyer gaining. But we got customers, so we somewhat gain too.