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Auto Deduct is not cool

Sometimes it gets sooooooooooo annoying when buyers auto deduct their banking fees from the amount you charge them.


Buyer A bought item B from my blog. Total inclusive of postage is RM48. Since i only used maybank and she uses public bank, there is a bank fee of RM2 right? So she replied she paid with transaction number XXXXXXXXX.

Few days later upon receiving payment, i check and it was RM2 short. I asked her whether its from her or not coz i have another customer, Buyer B who's total is RM46 and uses CIMB online banking instead. And Buyer A said 'yes'

Then i told Buyer A that her total was RM48 and not RM46. And there she goes telling me, 'Oh, i am going to be charged RM2 for interbank transfer, so i do not want to pay RM50 for a dress. Give me RM2 discount la can?'

Pfft... i did give her the discount coz it is too troublesome to ask her to pay another RM2. But i never bothered dealing with her anymore after that. Slap her!


  1. Hi author,

    Totally agree with you! Some buyers nowadays have this kind of habit. if every buyers does that, then how are we going to do business? If you want to get discount, why don't ask earlier and not auto deduct by yourself? arghhh!

  2. auto deduct RM2 is consider "Good" already! I have one buyer auto deduct RM5 which she claimed that the ATM machine is not accept RM5 notes! Yes I knew it! But could you please bank in extra RM5 and I refund to you via online banking afterward? Or could you please inform me earlier that you're going to do cash deposit at ATM machine?!