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England gone wrong

Don't u find this word funny?

"I'm selling SHORT MAXI DRESS"

A blog uses this phrase. U better change it girl!


  1. maybe she mean maxi for short people^^

  2. erm. you should tell the owner blog to change it. that's truth. don't simply blame others and laughing.

  3. this is SLAP ME WHY DONT U. so what la? its just for fun.duh

  4. I think the phrase "short maxi dress" makes sense. I have 2 kinds of maxi dress. One is a maxi dress that is quite long and slightly touches the floor and another only ends at my ankle.

    I agree with anon 8:43am. It's sad that the author find something so petty funny. You better change your attitude girl!

  5. author here :)

    I'm the one who saw the pic, so I know its funny. No darlings, its a short dress. Doesn't even reach your knee.

    A maxi dress is long dress. And this one only a short one. haih.

    I dunno la u people. Just chill la. Sorry if it sounded harsh or anything. Have a great day :)