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I cant do 'NOW'

I'd like to know what some buyers are thinking when they demand that we post their items out immediately upon receipt of payment, just because "they can't wait to receive it!"

It gets very, very frustrating, because as a seller, my life does not revolve around getting ready to post your item when you want me to (and believe me, A LOT of buyers demand this) especially when I have work to do, and yet still find the time to go to the post office every single day to post out the day's orders. So I can only post it after I finish work, but at least I do it within the same day of receipt of payment.

Please, to the buyers out there, have a little consideration for your sellers, we're doing the best we can, but due to our every day lives, find it difficult to adhere to all your wants and demands.


  1. I got one customer b4, she banked in at ard 9pm+ then email me again at 1am ask me whether I post the item adi or not -_-

  2. Writer above, LOL!!! XD

  3. anon 1, damn epic la your buyer.

  4. omg agree with author! in fact i've written specific days for me to post out items since i'm quite busy. i'm still a student and i have a part time job. plus my online shop, three things at a time, its indeed hard and my time management sucks so i have specific days for posting items. but still! some tidak faham bahasa buyers demanded for me to send the item right after they made payment! whatttt?! pleaseeee, be considerate and show some mercy man! we have our own lives too! arghhh.

  5. Ugh, tell me about it! I don't have a blogshop, but I do sell my pre-loved stuff at Trades. I had a buyer that said she was going to bank in on Sunday, but she didn't. She texted me on Monday morning and wanted me to post the item that same day (she still hadn't paid at that time) because she really, really needed it. I had to go somewhere that morning and I was already late, but I decided to stop at the post office to send the item. As I got into my car, she texted me saying that she had banked in the money and wanted me to put the balance in the parcel (I had already wrapped the item!!). I ran back up to my condo to get the masking tape and scissors and ripped open the package to put the money inside and re-wrapped it. After I posted the item (I was already an hour late), I gave her the tracking number and she didn't even say thank you. Some people are so inconsiderate! They think we have all the time in the world to wait for them to bank in the money and go to the post office. Eh, excuse me, we have lives too.

  6. If you want to earn money, you need to tolerate these. what to do? it might show that people have high interest in ur products. aint really a bad thing rite?

  7. Anon (July 6, 2010 10:07am)

    If you want the item badly, u have to wait also, rite? :)

  8. having an interest and urging the seller at inappropriate time is two different things. i mean, i'm an avid online-shopper as well but i know the sellers do not spend all their time in front of the computer and getting ready to post out items as soon as the customers paid. come on, they have their own life too.

  9. i'm so sick of you sellers la. seriously come on. If you guys wanna be sellers then yes you do have to make the time to post out the item. it's the service you're providing us, part of what we're paying for. i mean suck it up! always complaining that you are busy with other things in your life too like studies and all well tough luck you chose to be a seller right? if you cant handle it then just do us all a favour and quit whining or QUIT.

    if you're not committed enough, don't do it. no one's forcing you to. and it's not like you're doing it for free. no, it's not a favour or a charity that you're doing for us. it's a fair trade simple as that. you DO get money out of it, otherwise why'd you wanna do it in the first place? and if it's not worth the effort, or you're gonna whine about how you're not desperate about money and you don't need our money (i know you dont) then just quit. alright?

    you'll be happier, too. less stress right?

  10. Anon JULY 6, 2010 3:26 PM, you don't get it. Of course the sellers have to make time to post out the items, but what the author is saying that some buyers are inconsiderate in that they expect their items to be sent out IMMEDIATELY. If you're a seller, would you love to get a buyer like the one Anon 1 got? No, I didn't think so. It's easy to say all that because you're not a seller and you don't know what it's like to be one.

  11. To anon July 6, 2010 3:26 PM ... : two words. Shut Up.

    Author: I am a buyer but I understand how you feel. It's just the same as sellers keep e-mailing asking us to bank in or transfer the money every two seconds. it's the same concept.

    We have our own lives too and it doesn't really evolve around the internet and computer. I know sellers have their commitment in their business but asking the seller to send things in at midnights or Sundays (both ways which the Post is not open yet) is simply too ridiculous.

    if you buyers (or shall I say we, buyers)'s lives evolve around the internet and blogshopping then sad to be you coz you have no life at all.

    patience is virtue, patience is gold. I can be the most impatient person in the world yet, I can wait for my items to come in usually TWO days of Poslaju. (once I have to wait for almost 5 days but I am still waiting without complaining).

    so, if you wanna buy online, pre-order or not, you just have to be patience. if can't, then go to physical shop loh. cash and grab.

  12. i agree . go cash and grab.
    what for shop online since you can pay for it?

  13. **if you buyers (or shall I say we, buyers)'s lives evolve around the internet and blogshopping then sad to be you coz you have no life at all.**

    I couldn't agree more :). I'm a buyer and I understand that these sellers are students or working people and they're are busy just like everyone else, so I don't mind waiting. All those inconsiderate buyers must think that sellers just sit in front of their computers all day long, waiting for orders to come in and for people to bank in money. Come on people! they're humans too.

  14. Lol! What are you gals slapping the seller for?

    Anon, July 6, 2010 3:26 PM: Read properly before you rant. The author says she post out the items she sells on the SAME day as receipt of payment. Just that she doesn't do it immediately after the buyer pays, but instead does the posting after work.

    What's there to complain about that? Pretty good service if you ask me, posting out everyday.

  15. Anon July 6, 2010 3:26 PM

    U r so full of urself. U think u paid the sellers several millions is it? Everything also has to wait. Even if you to go post office also u have to wait la.

    Agree with anon July 6, 2010 6:48 PM. If you cant wait go pay more at the malls and grab it la!

  16. Anon July 6, 2010 3:26 PM here

    i don't give a rat's ass what you guys think :D

    all my sellers happen to post it out on that day itself, either before work or during lunch break and i don't even have to ask them to send it out immediately. now that's commitment. and im sorry you guys had to deal with such whiny sellers. i dont mind either and i AM patient but if all my sellers can then why can't the rest? stop whining. if you cant handle it then no one's forcing you to continue.

    JULY 7, 2010 1:07 AM, i already acknowledged that it was a fair trade. and i already clearly said if the seller doesnt think the money's worth it then Quit la. not worth the pain for her right what amount of money she's making?


  17. Author here.

    Anon July 6, 2010 3:26 PM

    I'm really sorry, but I can't help but feel that what you're saying is in a way contradicting yourself. You say that all your sellers post out their items on the same day (which I do as well), yet you're sick of all the sellers complaining? I thought your sellers don't complain and they're all really good and efficient and stuff?

    Yes, I post all my things after work, but that's mostly because most of the payments I receive come in the afternoon, so sending it out in the evening benefits both myself and my buyers.

    My problem is with the buyers who expect me to LEAVE WORK the moment they bank in to go to the post office to post the item, that's a little inconsiderate, don't you think? If you're not a buyer like that and you're patient and all, then good for you, all your sellers must be really happy to have you as their buyer.

    The other sellers here are NOT SAYING they can't handle with customer demands, what they're saying is that they have a fixed schedule of when they do their posting (which is most probably on their site anyway) which works around their daily schedule. If buyers can accept that, then there aren't any complaints. It's when buyers demand that sellers go out of their way to post something at a certain time of the day when maybe sellers can't coz they're in class or something, which then becomes inconsiderate.

    No one here mentioned that the money is not worth it also. And if everyone in the world had your mentality of quitting when the going gets rough, then imagine how many losers there are out there.

    SMYDY is a platform for us to RANT frustrations, so we don't take it out on our buyers. Honestly, if you're as good a buyer as you say you are, patient and not demanding, then I'd be ecstatically happy to have you as my buyer. But on the flipside, sine you've shown your true colours that you're demanding all sellers be the same as yours, you're "sick of all the sellers" and you're saying "cannot handle, QUIT LA!", I really wish your sellers good luck, the moment they slip up and post your items late.

  18. **No one here mentioned that the money is not worth it also. And if everyone in the world had your mentality of quitting when the going gets rough, then imagine how many losers there are out there. **

    Kudos Author!!!! Anon July 6, 2010 3:26 PM is just a lifeless loser!!


  20. come on laaah. nak barang cepat, pg shopping kat shopping mall lah! boleh try lagi.
    btw im not a seller,but a buyer.

  21. LOL I never knew there were so many psychotic buyers out there who don't know how to read English! :D LOLOLOL all the ppl slapping the seller obviously dunno what she's really talking about!

  22. i assume in your T&c did write something like "Item will be post out once the payment receive. or "we be sending out the item next day after the payment."??
    If you did..thats why the buyer is pushing you..
    beside you're saying " and yet still find the time to go to the post office every single day to post out the day's orders. So I can only post it after I finish work, but at least I do it within the same day of receipt of payment. "This is wrong..even thou you said AT LEAST I DO IT IN THE SAME DAY.
    Last collection will be @ 2.30 pm..after working hour is consider the next day the parcel will be check by pos laju the next day and will received the day after.(if buyer n seller from same location)So is consider late 1 day as your T&C (if your T&C stated as what i mention earlier).
    they (buyer) understand you got life..we all do.But as a seller and you're dealing with their money even thou is only RM10 or even more than that,it still money.And when you choose to be an online seller whether you doing it for fun or this is your main or side have to make sure to follow your T&C that you created in order to make buyer follow it as well.
    agreed when you said some buyer is ridiculously anony JULY 6, 2010 3:26 PM for example..We seller ..we not stress up just because buyer like you rushed us to post your item.Author just ranting here.Just like you got shit in your life need some one to talk don't just comment about how we desperate for your money or not..You rushed us to post out your item look like you more desperate than we do.And to ADEN..You should stop with your "SLAP SELLERS" thing before we all seller slap you and make your head turn 360 degrees!!

  23. some buyers are really annoying. i am seller as well and working full time. everyday got lots of order from customer and i take and inform all customer bank in b4 12 am for me to post the next day.. coz i dun accept orders after 12 because i have to pack the goods from 12 till 5 am every single day..!! nobody will understand wat sellers gone thru... some of my buyers pay like 10-11 am the next day and expect me to send on the same day.. u think wat we as sellers no need to sleep? no need to rest!!! we also human we already did give u service and advice u to pay b4 12am b4 post the next day

  24. Author here again. Anon July 7, 2010 11:46 PM, you made a good point. I actually tell my buyers when I reply their order form email that there's a one day delay, and that's probably what's prompting them to tell me to post it immediately.

    But as mentioned, I think 70% of my buyers bank in between 3-6pm, maybe after their classes or something, but then that's still after the day's collection time. Some of them bank in at 5.30pm, ask me to leave work to post it immediately so they can receive it the next day, which is just not possible especially when they're from East Malaysia (I'm from WM). I try to explain this to them, but they just don't get it :(

  25. I'm sorry but after reading all your comments, I fail to see how it is possible for sellers who work full time to post out their items after work unless they bring the packed items with them to work in the first place. can someone please enlighten me how this works? say if a buyer puts in her order on Tuesday night and only makes payment Weds afternoon say around 3pm, do u still post out her item after work on the same day? but that would mean u would have either brought the item with u to work that day expecting her to keep her promise and really pay on the same day? if not, do u rush home after work, pack the item and then drive back out to the post office and send the item off? there only a handful of poslaju centers that open til 8 so unless u stay next to one of them, i don't see how u will have time to do that? Normal post office's cut off time for PosLaju usually is 4pm. so i think its best u re-write ur tnc to educate ur customers so they don't have unrealistic expectations on the arrival of their goods. as a seller i commit to deliver my best service, but i need allowance for unavoidable circumstances. perhaps u can state in ur tnc that orders are only mailed on the following working day if payment is received by midnight.

    as for Anon July 6, 2010 3:26 PM, i think blanket statements like what u made sound pretty stupid to us sellers lor. so what all ur sellers treat u that way? all my buyers are damn patient wan so if u buy from me why cant u shut the fuck up and be patient like the rest of them?

  26. Author here. Anon July 8, 2010 3:30 PM, my work involves running a shop (not related with my blogshop)with several partners, and all my stock is with me at the shop since there's ample storage space. I can pack up whenever payment comes in, why is that not possible? It's just very unethical for me to leave work when demanded to, because after all, running that shop and keeping it open during opening hours, I get a fixed salary for doing so. I never once said I was doing a 9-5 office job. I'm not talking on behalf of all sellers, of course, but this is how it works for me.

    Actually, I didn't write when parcels will be posted in my TnC, I usually tell my buyers upon replying their order form email that I will post their parcels at what time, and there will be a one day delay etc. Coz I know some buyers don't read TnCs, so I tell them directly via email once they place the order.

  27. Hi Author, thanks for your explanation, it makes more sense now, and yes you have indeed answered my question :)

    Another question: Why do you care what buyers are thinking if you have obviously done your very best? it is evident that you have strived to provide the best possible service by mailing out items on the same day you receive your payments, which is more than what most sellers are able to do.

    In fact, I doubt there are many sellers out there who are as priviledged as you in a sense that you are able to mail orders out on the same day without having to rush around like a madwoman (which I think I'd probably end up doing if I had to hold a 9-5 job AND run a blogshop in order to provide the level of service that you do).

    Also, I don't understand why you need to tell them what time you are posting the parcels when this will only serve to confuse the buyer since all the buyer needs to know is when she will receive her goods. Why don't you try replying tentatively when they will receive their items AFTER you have sent the goods out? That way the buyer can't mengada and ask u to do it sooner and all that nonsense?

    If you did not write in your TNC that you most definitely will be mailing their items out on the same day payment is received, then why do they need to know what time you do your mailings? This will also give you leeway in case something comes up and you can't make it to the post office etc.

    Your life doesn't revolve around sending parcels whenever you are told to. Buyers will ask for this and that, first haggling, then after payment must send immediately, etc. I get those too. I will just tell them in a nice way that my next trip to the post office is tomorrow.

    This is of course another way of saying 'I ain't gonna drive 20 mins to the goddamn post office just to send one parcel cos you can't wait to get your hands on the item'. Buyers don't need to know how you do it so long they get their goods fast, so don't go and feed them so much info that they feel they have the right to tell you how to do it better for their benefit.

  28. Anon July 9, 2010 6:AM. Author here again! Usually the demand doesn't bother me too much, but sometimes I get really unreasonable buyers who are very inconsiderate and rude, and well, I just wanted to rant about it here to get it off my chest. It's those buyers who I try to explain I can't post it immediately and realistically there will be a one day delay in getting the item, then all sorts of rude demands and hassling will follow. Sigh :(
    it's not often that I get them, I have so many really lovely buyers, but there are some that really drive me up the wall!

    You're right. My buyers are probably getting way too much information, but I guess once bitten, twice shy, I tend to pour out all the details of postage schedules etc after once too often receiving replies of "so what time are you posting out my item?" and "which post office so you go to" and "how far away is the shop from the post office" kind of questions. LOL. But I guess these days, most buyers won't ask that kind of thing, so genuinely, I thank you for your suggestion, I'll try it out. Just saying when they will get it, after I've posted it and stuff. Hopefully it'll reduce the number of psychotic demands! Thanks again, you've been helpful and insightful :)

  29. -after once too often receiving replies of "so what time are you posting out my item?" and "which post office so you go to" and "how far away is the shop from the post office"-

    Wow, how annoying! I didn't know people like these existed. Anyway, you sound like a very efficient seller :). Keep up the good work!

  30. I'll try my best to deliver the item on the same day, if I received and noted their payment by 2pm. Or else, I post on the next day. I know that transportation fee involves but still, I'm doing my best to feed the buyers' needs!

    But 1 thing is that, few buyers of mine complained for slow shipping (they chose to be delivered using registered post) and I cant do anything for that since they wanna save cost. Postmen are lazy and postponing the delivery actually. Especially when I tracked and like the parcel has already arrived the branch for few days and postmen dont deliver the parcel. Futhermore, all postage rates have been revised in July, hopefully the increment in the postage will make the postmen to perform better. >.<

  31. Miss Young 'n Lovely, way to drive traffic to your little-known blogshop :)

  32. Anonymous, I dont think they would know that I have one? Coz my main one not the blog =)

    Btw, owner of this blog, I love u so much! Never knew the existence of this blog until I googled something (dont remember what I googled last nite)and saw it! It's nice to have read the buyers and sellers experiences! Keep it up, my dear! ^^

  33. I guess some buyers just don't care to read the terms & conditions. I'm a seller too, already written in the t&c that all items will be posted out within next 3 days after payment received, but buyers still ask when I'm going to post their items... haha, what to do? As a seller, I've to reply them with the same answer again and again whether I like it or not. That's what they call 'service', I guess... :)

  34. wow.
    Look like hustler vendor is back!

  35. some people are just asking questions la...ur the seller...just make sure u communicate with ur customer...i'm sure they'll understand...they desrve ur services coz they are the ones paying...

    weird to get the money but keep whining everytime...just quit already!! there's alot of good sellers out there who's always willing to satisfied their customer...

  36. dude..
    there's this one scarf seller very efficent.

    you bank-in today, in two days POP! a parcel lands on my door.

    a customer ever since :)

    maybe she has a house near the post office, idk;

    but if you can't do fast one like her try courier. they even pick up your stuffs from your house. no need to worry.