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Calling Sharp Eyes

Hey girls out there , need your help, is this a neat cut purposely cut by the buyer ? or do you think this one was damaged during pos laju delivery?

Check the photo here.. Thanks lots!!!


  1. from my personal view, looks like it's being cut by a blade or something sharp.cause the edge of the strings look neat. too neat to be assumed as damaged during delivery. just my personal view tho.

  2. Agree.. the circled hint there looks very neat.. as if someone has poked a scissors.

  3. emm? this post was posted in NOS's blog earlier on oso.. it should be a cut by the buyer lor...

  4. Anon August 6, 2010 8:33 PM, the seller just wants more opinions.

    The cut looks too neat to have been an accident. The first thought that came to my mind was that she didn't like the hat and was afraid you wouldn't let her return it, so she cut it and asked for a refund. If she truly likes it, she would have asked for a new hat, not a refund.

    Keep us updated. Good luck :).

  5. i have a few of these hats. let me tell you this - they are very durable and do not tear easily.

    a rip that big cannot be caused by a mere "poslaju accident".

    i say definitely self inflicted.

  6. I hope you settled it with the buyer. I honestly do not know how to deal with situations like this.