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"Its My Mommy's Birthday" Copycat

Editor's note : Here's one case where the cover must be blown over. I have no problems with buyers becoming resellers but when lies and deceits are involved, I just give them what they deserve. Be honest with your intentions and as my daddy would always say "DONT INVOLVE YOUR MOTHER!"

So here goes... *the story has checked out*


Dear Slap Me Why Don't You,

I need a real BIG favour to expose the deceit of this particular blogger whom I believe has be conning her clients and other online blogshop owners for that matter. I am confident that I am not the only victim. Hold on to your seat and here goes. is an EPIC!

I was first contacted by this lady on 5th July 2010 as shown in the following email,

wana ask bout the items listed below

i wana know the bestest price u can offer for these items

1) AUTHENTIC GUCCI all the way brought to you directly from MILAN
2) AUTHENTIC BALLY all the way brought to you directly from SWITZERLAND


As always, I responded to the inquiries as I normally do and gave her my quotation. Here was answer,

"Here are the bestest price that I could offer you.
1. Gucci Tote is at RM1580 inclusive of Poslaju / COD

2. Bally Bucket is at RM800 inclusive of Poslaju / COD"

She replied by asking for BOTH bags to be released to her at RM2k. I should have suspected something amiss here but then, I am after all born and taught by a lovely mother to being respectful of others, hence, I politely told her that I could not meet her price and even apologise for it.

Then she inquired GUCCI tote and BURBERRY Heart Tote and without reservation I quoted her the price and as expected she haggled for a lower price because her excuse was,

"sorry for asking u alot.
as i am not working, still studying...
only hubby working =)
i have really tite budget.
so, purchasing 1k handbag requires time for me

thnx again"

Then she at last settled for TOD's, which I successfully delivered it. Least to say, it was a difficult process too. She said she was studying at IIUM Gombak and commute only on Mondays and Wednesdays from her house in Sepang to Gombak for classes and insisted me for a COD at the Curve during her lunch break. It is made clear in my website that COD is only done on weekends at the Curve or 1Utama, so I has no choice but to use Poslaju instead. Again, she was very persistent asking me to dispatch the time during a scheduled time so that she would receive the item on time. I complied because rule #1 in business, customers are always right.

She was happy with my service and immediately made another purchase, in this case it was a BALLY Bucket and repeatedly she was in a hurry to get the bag, which was dispatched yesterday 30th August 2010, in order for it to arrive on tomorrow, Wednesday 1st September 2010 after the Merdeka Day holiday, as the BALLY according to her was a  birthday gift to her mother.

This is where and when the plot thickens.  When I got back home yesterday, 30th August 2010 after posting the BALLY Bucket via Poslaju, I went back to checking my emails and started my daily ritual Google activities. Call it destiny, sixth sense, or what ever it was, I bumped into some images of products which uncannily looked like mine. These images brought me to a Malaysian online blogshop by the name of shoPPe LISTa.

I am almost always a calm and collected person who always rationalise with things positively but what I have stumbled with my discovery unleashed my anger. I approached this owner of shoPPe LISTa with a stern warning to delete all postings which was plagiarised from my website. I did not even care for credits. They were:

1. GUCCI Hobo 
2. BURBERRY Heart Tote 

I reckon because I told her that I would report her blog to the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Companies Commission of Malaysia) for doing illegal online trading and also to other blog Reviewers of her actions, she immediately took the two postings out and answered my email,

oh, sorry..
will surely change"

Don't take me wrong, I am not at all a revengeful person but the manner of her reply was such a mockery to my intelligence that I am obligated to do something.  With the influence of CSI, NCIS, BONES, WHITE COLLAR and alike, I began with my investigation. I immediately wrote to them pretending that  I was interested on something and this was the reply,
"hi dear,
one last piece left (in black)
two already been reserved

nik anis bt nik mohd zainuddin

kindly inform me once u've made ur payment.
if payment made today,
i'll send ur package tmrrow


GUESS what!? It is none other that the TOD's and BALLY Bucket buyer! 

No wonder she insisted on me taking out the postings of items she has bought, to eliminate competition. Customarily, all postings of sold out items will be taken out from my website but pending to this case, I have decided to activate them all back again but this time at the discounted prices, which I offered to Nik Anis bt Nik Mohd Zainuddin. Original posted prices of the purchased items by Anis are as follows:

1. TOD's - RM1750 reduced to RM1550 for her
2. BALLY Bucket - RM900 reduced to RM800 for her

I only managed to get a glimpse of BALLY Bucket being sold to some Kakak but it was taken out at the same time of the GUCCI Hobo and BURBERRY Heart Tote, even without me instructing so. I wish I know the BALLY Bucket buyer, so I could tell her that she has been conned. I bet you the price would be an increase by RM300 or even more because the retail price of BALLY Bucket is about RM2.8k. The insane amount of profit she would be making and the audacity of her to say it was for her mom's birthday to get the bargain price from me. How low can a person be to use MOM as a business strategy shamelessly?No wonder she insisted on the urgency of getting this particular because she has secured her deal with this Kakak on the other end. I have no idea what fate belies the TOD's because I don't seem to see it under the list of bags on shoPPe LISTa.

ALL the following postings that she has currently on shoPPe LISTa marked as Sold Out/Sold were once asked by her but because I have sold these items myself, she indicated them as Sold Out/Sold too. I didn't highlight to her that these images were mine too, thus, they still exist as part of her old postings.


Should we recall the crime that she has committed by far since 5th July 2010:
1. Haggled for ridiculous prices with a pre-meditated intentions.
2. Using that sympathy vote, i.e. "it's my mom's birthday" to get that cheaper price.
3. Plagiarised photos and descriptions from my website and using shoPPe LISTa as a bait, not to mention offering marked up prices.
4. She still made a profit of between RM100 - RM350 or more, even after buying from me because we are an honest online business based on trust and offers reasonable prices below current Malaysian RRP. One would still make profit buying from me and then selling them off again. I know it is the prerogative of my buyers to do whatever they want with their purchased items but it is also my right to highlight to customers of such dishonesty.
6. The manner of Anis' apology. Non sincere, non committal and nonchalant.
7. If you could think of more, please add...pleasseeee.

Name of blogshop : shoPPe LISTa
Url :
Owner name: Nik Anis bt Nik Mohd Zainuddin

So you see SMWDY, you have got to warn people about this blogger. It is the most ethical thing to do, don't you think so?


  1. This Nik Anis bt Nik Mohd Zainuddin bought an item from me few times but didn't know she is like this attitude person..lucky my item is cheap nothing to offer..

  2. Wooooow. I didn't know that. I even have shoppe lista under my Google Reader, but thankfully have never bought anything from her.

    Thanks for highlighting this to us! Will never buy from a cheater. Hopefully this story will spread around!

  3. OMG. thank god. i almost going to buy her stuff. realy looking for a wallet atm. now scared already to buy online. she shud be banned la! tak malu betul :(

  4. OMG. I never expect online sellers can be so unscrupulous.

  5. so the seller of this post is basically jealous of Anis la? common, what is there to shout about? Anis can do what she wants with "her property".

  6. she can do whatever she wants with the things she buys BUT she mustnt use back the pics from the person she bought from. Tell you the truth there are plentiful of people doing that. ;) But no I dont, I sell cheap fashion bags haha.

  7. I knew it already.
    Her items is more expensive than other blogshops, that is why I didn't buy from her. Unethical seller la this Anis. Perlu ke tarik simpati orang using your MOM'S BIRTHDAY?. Honest seller wont use this kind of sympathy epic and then mark up the price higher. Yeah, her customer all sudah kena tipu already.

  8. is bukan kena tipu lah anon August 31, 2010 11:00 PM .

    I think she ada hak to jual balik, and since she has her own customer base, she has all the means to untung however much she wants. It is her customers yang kena pandai-pandai buat research to compare priceskan? Just like you, you sudah tau she sell higher, so you tak beli. Maybe the rest finds her bags cheaper than the rest they can find online?

  9. agree with anon September 1, 2010 1:24 AM.

    this is not what we call seller conning ppl.
    the seller has the right to buy, sell or resell. and she has the right to mark up the price as much as she wants as long as the keuntungan is not doubled or tripled if I'm not mistaken.

    her mistake is only the part where she took the author's photo and put it in her blog without permission.

    correct me if i'm wrong.
    it's up to the customers to make research about which blog selling the same bag with cheaper price. that's all. if LIsta sells higher, then don't buy. buy from some other blogshop then. If she sells cheaper, you yourself consider whether to buy or not. easy right? :)

    just my 2 cents. :)

  10. I think this is about business ethnics and professionalism. Customers at the receiving end won't feel it's wrong unless it involves pricing. What SL did is unethical, she used other seller's photos, lied to the seller on the intention to get the bag in order to get cheaper price and sell it as "brand new" to other people. Though she did not state where it came from, but the underlying means and methods are totally not professional.

    Consumers need to know the origin of the products and understand the pros and cons of it. After watching several documentaries on piracy and imitations, I stopped buying them. I guess this applies the same - what sellers did to gain business and profits will affect me as a consumer, I don't support unethical sellers.

  11. then what about resellers who buy from coach outlets and resells them online? are they considered unethical as well? What about famous existing shops that sells original bags around town? They also take their stocks from somewhere. All online blogs basically do that, they buy from a supplier or a wholesaler to resell on their blogs.

    You might not know how many hands have been transferred from the factory to the wholesalers or retail outlets then to blogshops. But you still buy them online. I dont see what is wrong here, seriously.

    This all goes back to being a smart consumer. You choose the best price around town blogshops. You make your research. At the end of the day, dont blame on particular sellers you've bought from cos their prices are too high. It is just too bad that you yourself didnt had the luck stumbling on a cheaper blogshop. It is just about pricing thats all.

  12. I wonder who's the author. Some ppl sell at a lower rate because they got the item cheaper and some have no choice but to sell it at a higher rate is just so normal, it is definitely not conning or anything. Is everywhere you can find a blogshop is selling more expensive than another and i'm sure not all your item is cheaper than others. Too bad SMWDY is not a place we can name of, otherwise, i think i know which blog you are from.

  13. umm.. why lately smwdy is showing all the names? not getting use to it dont feel the same anymore, not as "gentle" as it was huh?

  14. eh! using grandmother's story is so cheapskate la! "roll eyes"

  15. I agree with anon at SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 2:09 AM

    this is how to gain profit in the real world I guess, you buy and resell to get profit

    to be really honest I don't blame the seller at all,
    the customers should research on their own to find items at their lowest prices so it's their choice,

    but I know what the author is talking about, having worked alot on the posts but having them copied and pasted exactly the same on someone else's blog just sucks,

    just hang in there author but you really can't blame her for finding an opportunity like that to earn some money

    just my 2 cents :)

  16. What makes you all think that SL copied seller's pictures? No those pictures dont belong to the seller neither, they all copied fr internet, try search image for these brands names and tons are waiting for you to copy. A "watermark" of your blogshop doesn't make the pictures yours you know seller?

    So to me is simple, seller got jealous of others who made better than her.

  17. I think like author said, she (author) has the right to reveal what Shoppe Lista is doing. The author is not a supplier, she's not bound by trust, unspoken rules, and whatnot to protect the identity of the people she supplies to, nor was she even informed that Shoppe Lista intended to resell the bags in her own commercial blogshop.

    The other thing is that the author is, I think, not as angry at the fact that Shoppe Lista is reselling the bags but at the way Shoppe Lista's owner preyed on the author's sympathy to get the bags at a lower price. The author did after all state that she knows she has no control over what happens to the items she sells off.

    It must have really been a shock though to think that you've done something good for someone, only to find out you were conned into selling your goods at a cheaper price.

    Thus, if Shoppe Lista has the right to resell the bags, surely the author too has the right to reveal what is actually going on.

  18. wowww SL is sooo cunninnggg but yeh, she's smart in this way until she got exposed. if i were in the author's shoes, damn, OBVIOUSLY I FEEL LIKE KENA CONNED la! more like my emotions though but damn, teruk la wei! for those who are defending SL, gee how would you feel if that particular penipu uses "i am so poor..pls kasian me..i wanna buy stuff for my parents..they're really important to me..please" and then u find out that the cheater is already USING YOUR PICTURES and earning double than what u're making. you wanna support her ah? great, then continue buy her terrorized-out-of-sympathy-but-expensive stuff lah!

  19. Anon September 1, 2010 11:31 PM

    Thank you for putting it so succinctly. If SL has the right to sell it at whatever price she deems right, the author also has the right to reveal what SL's doing to other potential customers.

  20. pity the seller for being mad at SL for making a goal, whereas she did not.

    stealing pictures is definitely unethical, unless pictures were credited to the actual blogshop.
    but non the less, SL is a seller, n so does the anon seller. most probably, they were all internet pictures. that is why your pictures were not credited.why do u have to create a big fuss condemning others?

    SL is just doing business, n most probably, dealing with u was on the basis of business.
    i personally favor SL's service, as she if fast, and efficient. she even offer good deals when it comes to return customers. im a reseller, selling some of SL's products. she let me use her long as on both sides, things went well.she specifically wont mind, if i copied her internet picture (with white backgrounds). so, should i be banned??

    some people are just jealous of others for being so successful.
    doing good business must always be with a clean heart ya, anon seller. most probably, if it wasnt for SL, your items would still be stacking in your room.

  21. anon September 2, 2010 5:30 AM

    u hear a simple story from one side, but youre already judging n accusing others.

    if they are selling it expensively, no one would buy then, right? no one is forcing u to buy.there's always choices, and various other blogshops to shop at. just make your right move, n go shop where u want.

    i have my own list of blogshops where i compare prices before confirming my purchase. you should do the same. and always opt for COD if you dont trust online blogshops/sellers.

    who knows, one day you'll be grabbing yourself a bargain from SL, OR when people come-to-conclusion-about-you-and-decided-to-ban-you, hows that sound??

    that shouldnt be the reason for asking herself(SL) a bargain, but anon seller can always say "no", and stick to the price as stated. i bet, this is some story to make it more interesting.

  22. Gals ar, the author is selling expensive than others also.
    Why wanna chop off people's rice bowl this way? by doing this yes may be to warn buyers that you are selling cheaper but then again some item of yours are selling more expensive than others right? You are stepping on others just to jack up yourself?
    For me, SL may not be a good choice to buy from because of the price but that is all, buyers care for "pricing" only, but not until they get to know the personality of a seller. Hence, you may be selling cheaper but i wont buy from you neither because i don't like your "cunning way" to point out SL this way.

  23. I suspect the author was here and posted as anonymous for quite a number of times already, praising herself and all. A lot of anons here have the same writing style :/

  24. to anon September 2, 2010 8:28 PM

    The issue the author is trying to raise here is not the fact that SL resold her stuff at a more expensive price. It's her METHOD of obtaining the bags from author in the first place.

    I mean, I know SL is trying to minimise her cost as much as possible and maximising her profit at the same time but she used such an obviously mercenary way of going about it. If you're honestly doing business, can't SL just professionally approach the author and be straight from the start (which was what assume you did, anon)? But NO, she just had to LIE and use underhanded tricks and THEN PLAGIARISE the pictures and posts belonging to the author.

    Sorry, anon, but that's NOT doing business. That's double dealing and it's not cool.

    Yes, I agree that SL has the rights to do whatever she wants with the bags she purchased. But the means doesn't justify the ends and had she just bought the bags from author without resorting to LIES in order to get discounts and then resell them, there wouldn't have been much fuss over it.

    Conclusion: As a buyer, I wouldn't want to conduct business with SL for the simple fact that she is a CHEAT, a LIAR and a RUDE, UNREPENTANT BRAT.

  25. totally agree with september 3 12:10 am

  26. September 2, 2010 8:46 PM

    wei budak, what what accusing people there?? I'm not here to accuse or whatnot but since the author had already exposed SL's unethical way of manipulating a seller's sympathy in order to get what she wanted and if you're saying it could be some story to make it interesting, well SL could have "come clean" here and would have defended her own arse!! you think everyone like you who will always say NO to buyers that ask for discounts ah? so do u think it is the author's fault for reducing the amount?? think about it, it's not about the profit she is making but is HOW SHE RIPPED SOMEONE'S TRUST AND MANIPULATED THE SELLER'S SYMPATHY to benefit her own pot of greediness. dunno how many people already she conned using mommy and daddy.

  27. Anon September 2, 2010 9:21 PM - How would you know that author is selling at a higher price? Because there is no indication at all who the author is in this post? The only possible way that you know who author is if you are SL herself.
    Anon September 2, 2010 11:35 PM - Is this your way to get into a posting because your comment is pointless, the same as the fact that SL may be you or others who are on SL's side.
    I am merely a critical observer thinking of the fact that what Anon September 3, 2010 12:10 AM has said has some truth in it. It is the manner of how the items were bought, photos were plagiarized, twisted information were made and how deals cunningly sealed. Author did not mention at any given of time not to make a purchase from SL. Instead, author is giving warning to readers (both future sellers and buyers) of such business tactics. It is up to buyers and sellers to decide to continue doing what one thinks is right.

  28. Anon September 2, 2010 8:28 PM - Laughing at how the description of "clean heart". LOL, direct translation...very funny indeed. Of course SL can give good bargains because the way she had bargained the price from author la wei..imagine asking 2 branded bags for only RM2k..haisyoh! even one branded bag can cost more than RM2k at times. This indicates hidden agenda and is this what you call it as, "clean heart" too? LOL

    If you read again, author did not even wish to be credited la. It is the manner of how SL used author as a bait. Author do all the hard work searching for good bargains and then very easily being used by SL.

    And since you said you are a reseller, then of course you will agree with SL because 'Birds of a feather flock together' right? And hence you share the same business ethic :)

    Grey September 1, 2010 1:19 PM - If future buyers do not want to buy from sellers who bring items from overseas, then go buy your own air tickets and get yourself lor.

  29. glad SL didnt interfere this childish act of anon seller.
    be professional u guys,
    just move on...things will eventually go better for u. theres always ups and downs, which does not include damaging other people's life

  30. agree with SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 2:54 PM
    there are so many blogs selling the same thing and its just too bad that SL got caught. so author just move on cos there are many more out there who sell more expensive. as a buyer i thank you for warning us about SL but jaga jaga also coz some day it might be your blog that ppl will talk about :S

  31. I definitely agree with Anon September 3 12:10 am.
    I bet everyone who agrees with how SL doing business never learn business ethics.
    Do bear in mind that this post is mainly about how SL obtained the bags from the author in the first place.
    Please get your fact right before accusing people here and there.

    And for those who like-to-accuse-anonymous-as-author, I am obviously not the author or author's friend. I'm just an ordinary buyer who wants to throw opinions. =.=

  32. Anon SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 4:06 AM - how could i be SL? SL is selling more expensive than author right? and now i'm saying the author sells expensive than others too. i know not because i'm SL but i believe the name of GUCCI Hobo la BALLY Bucket la definitely look familiar to me and i believe this is the blog that i saved under my frequent blog list! i remember the product names and i came across with others who sells cheaper than author. so any more questions? *roll eyes*

  33. Anon September 4, 2010 1:04 AM - How certain are you that the blog whom you said has been in your frequently blog list is the author's because for all one knows here that perhaps SL is not the only one who is a plagiarist. Other bloggers, which I see is not impossible since many is approving its act, could be one of another plagiarist. And, it is not the pricing or whatnot is in question here, it is how SL has PLAGIARISED. Not undermining your memory skill but you said it, "i remember the product names and i came across with others who sells cheaper than author"... i.e. observe the word OTHERS, hence, how could you be certain that OTHERS do not use the same word as "GUCCI Hobo la BALLY Bucket la". If these are the given names for such products, then I think it is likely to be used by many. Whether or not the story of buying for mommy checks out, why plagiarise? If you think author is selling more expensive than others, would you still want to make a purchase? Were you tricked or forced to buy? I don't think so right? But surely you like the author's blog because it is after all your "frequent blog list".

  34. why argue between one comment to another. every one has their own views.
    SL and the anon seller should have confronted one another, rather than settling it this way. this wouldn't go any better for the anon seller.
    its ramadhan people... less fight and argument, and more good deeds. forgiving is better. not to say that i allow and agree with SL, but shame on you people. making something not that big, into something bigger than ever. dear anon seller, move on. there are plenty of other potential buyers you can sell your items to, just approach them, and look forward. people have their flaws. maybe, today is her day..your day come eventually.

  35. if anis wants to use seller's pictures, she should credit to her. its common sense. how old is anis? something simple pun cant think ah??? the seller can sue anis!!! go sue her!!! please. fight for plagiarism. stooopid

  36. must u embarrass her that bad by stating her FULL name? its soooo 'ethical' of you..boohoo..

    P/s : just state her blogshop name sudah la