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Backouts of the XY Chromosomes

Am wondering if am i the only one who encounters this weird guy.

He places orders quite frequently everytime i have new arrivals, claiming that he wanna buy it for his girlfriend, and will ask questions regarding color / material of the items he ordered.

But he'll disappear after i provide him all the info to his questions and payment details. then he'll be back again placing orders and asking questions when i have new updates.

And his starting line is always ... "hi there, i am interested in buying this, this and this for my girlfriend ^_^"

I googled his email, and he's actually a real guy. (not some made up email or watsoever) cus i found his pages and blogs and stuff.

Have any of you sellers encountered him? Is he like some serial back-out "boyfriend" that just likes to browse around girly blogshops and place orders and disappears?



  1. this is another creepy story. what world are we living in????

  2. I think I know who you're talking about and I've encountered the same guy before.
    So far for me, still okay though sometimes he does ask for payment extensions but in the end he always pays up.

  3. yes!! is he the same guy? uhuhu

  4. his name starts with 'b' ?

  5. O...I just get a order from a guy today also said want buy for gf,what his name? Don't know is it same person?

  6. wow... now i would like to have a bf like this buying stuff for me hahahahaha

  7. omg.. i think i have the same guy! his name starts with b too~ have googled him and found out he is a real guy. he likes to sms and talk about what happened in his day etc etc and his emails have many questions and is almost always lenghty.

  8. Maybe he's hoping to hook up with one of the many sellers he emails XD

  9. LOL! 90% it's the same guy. He went MIA on me as well. Pfft... i thought only girls do this.

  10. I think i've encountered this guy!
    he asked about material and what colours are nicer for his tanned girlfriend and asked for 4 pieces to be reserved and then went MIA.

  11. hey anon aug13,6:05PM.. I got the same guy who asked the exact same questions as well!!! he did MIA for a lil while too, but came back after some time. guess I was a lil lucky as he bought what he ordered at last.. :S

  12. errr i encountered one guy like this,always claims its for his gf but later goes MIA.Lol. but his name starts with an M...:/

  13. a seller here. i got the a guy like that too! name starts with 'M'. he wanted a dress, wanted blue cause it was 'more unique' and asked me to check for restocks cause it was already reserved before he could confirm with me. and i did reserve one piece for him with supplier, and he never replied.

    does he really have a girlfriend? hmmmmmmm.

  14. Aha! It's the same man I've encountered! M with his tanned gf ftw!