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Madame Blahzey

Quite long ago I ordered a whole set of storybooks from this blogshop in Singapore. I live in Singapore too, by the way. Since she was offering a discount with more books purchased, I decided to get the whole set in the series. Problem was, she only offered meetup for both payment and collection. No postage, no internet banking. AND she insisted on a location to her convenience!

Since I was really obsessed with that writer then, I decided "Why not? Singapore isn't THAT big". Turns out, her meetup location was on the other end of the island!! On that day itself, I spent 2hours on the public transport going to a place of her convenience.

I did contact her to let her know I was on my way when I left my home and when I was on the way and when I was reaching and she did reply. However, when I finally reached the destination and tried contacting her - thru SMS and phone calls - she did not respond! Waited for her for about an hour and decided to leave after that, since she was totally uncontactable. Worse was, the place we were supposed to meet at was boring and unfamiliar to me!

When I got home, I talked to her on MSN and asked why didn't she turn up and she actually told me "my phone spoil, so i didnt turn up".


I traveled 2 hours to HER convenience and she just decided not turn up because of a spoilt phone when the place was probably only 5 minutes from her home?

Oh, there wasn't a sorry or an offer to meet again at a location convenient to mine or anything. She actually told me we can meet again on another day to HER convenience. Totally ignored her after that. The same thing might happen again.

Also, I told my friends about her blogshop - since it was quite famous - cause we all lived near each other. By the way, the entire set of books I intended to buy from her costs about SGD$150 if I didn't remember wrongly. Lucky payment was not required beforehand! Too bad she lost me as a customer! And also maybe a few of my friends....

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