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Confession of a Blogshop Addict

Heeeee! As you can see, I iz teh buyerrrrr. :)

Anybody getting TOO addicted to blogshopping? );


Now the question is, HOW DO I STOP? ):<

I have tried thinking of ways to stop such as;
a) Throwing away measuring tape
Comeback: I need the measuring tape to measure stuff.

b) Throwing away my modem
Comeback: Need to check mail and facebook! X:<

c) Don't open blogspot!

Besides, I only buy preloved stuff (student buyer. ;P). ): But I buy a whole lot at one go!

And just before writing this, I saw cheap RM20 ballet flats worn a few times, RM5 clothes, cute accessories!


Please help me cure my addiction. );


  1. Haha this is a funny post. And I think author meant "drawback" instead of "comeback", hehe.

    I have the same problem, am trying to stop myself from buying things online as I'm planning to go to Singapore at the end of the year and Jakarta in the middle of next year, LOL. Cutting off yourself from the internet is seriously the only way :P

  2. aiyo you so cute man :) hehe you can write to all blogshop owners and ban them from selling anything to you even if you beg them to!

    but then if you tetiba really want something then susahlah :p

  3. sorry but there's no cure for online shopping addiction :D

  4. hey.. am addicted to online shopping too!! ;p but not only online shopping, i minggling around the mall as well and end up buying things that i don't really need at the first place. ;p

    eg: was planning to buy wet tissue and ointments, but end up borong all nice baju at the bazaars..just now, i was planning to buy a LEGO ( i need LEGO when i'm too stress ) but end up buying a fake lashes and kebaya.

    if there's a therapy for shopaholic, i'd like to sign in. ;p

  5. hahaha i just fought with my bf about this. im an avid online shopper too! since 2008. i bought at least 4 new stuff in a month,and there are times i'm expecting for 10 parcels in a week! my bf said i was a big spender but na-a, i do think i am not. i'm so addicted to shopping. be it online or offline. LOL

  6. hey ya ,i also like this kind! really like a super shopaholic buy online and offline...i want stop but can't how? See this nice buy,that famous buy..until zero no money only can stop wa...

  7. hey it's also happen to me eh =( how to stop? anyone? can tell? or teach?
    but what I reli love is when receiving a parcel, and open it. heehee sounds silly but i love that kind of feeling. hahaha

  8. keep your maybank2u acc empty, no money inside so u cant made any payment

  9. ya i am addicted as well. either online or offline. end up spending a lot buying similar stuffs.

    eg. 3 denim HW shorts that look alike and i m buying a new denim HW shorts again.

    the worse thing is, when i start buying a particular type of clothes, eg. cropped top, i will keep on looking for similar designs and styles, end up having many similar pieces which i dont really need T.T

    who can help me to stop this addiction T.T??

  10. hello!
    author here. :)

    3:28PM, heheh, i didnt really know the word for it. xP

    3:53PM, heee! i thought of that! but that would mean less profit for them=NO NICE STUFF TO SEE. )':<

    4:10PM, i even tried googling it before. ;P

    4:16PM, hahah! same. :) only, i'll end up NOT buying the thing i wanted. T_T

    4:22PM, yeahhh! same. ): but im not really a fan of offline(depends, bazaars are ohk. :D)

    4:23PM, whaaaa? xD

    4:42PM, i usually dont buy famous stuff. ); scared that somebody else wear also then so paiseh! xD

    4:54PM, i'm more happier to see what i bought in rl than in picture. ;D

    5:15PM, i use atm. O: T_T plus the bank is like 5 min distance and my ecuse to go is 'need to exercise!'. T_T

    5:25PM, O: tell yourself buy different design. 8D after your friend looks at you one day, pink cropped cardi, then tmr yellow cropped cardi, then people think you dye your clothes! xD

  11. Lol, I love the idea by sara! Emptying ur maybank2u account..hahaha. Or cimb clicks. No money cannot pay, then don't need to buy lah ;)

  12. Hehe, sara's idea might work.

    My problem is shoe addiction! I have bought 37 shoes in the span of... one year. Too addicted. I don't think I even buy shoes offline anymore 'cause the designs are less interesting lol.

  13. Haha
    I suffer from the same addiction :o
    However I was not as addicted as I was a few months ago..
    I guess I'm somewhat cured? (for now..)

    The trick is to open your wardrobe/closet each evening, try on everything that you bought online and seriously think where you'll wear it too and how often.

    when you come up with nothing, you'll know it's time to stop and get rid of all that junk first either by reselling or giving them away,
    this will take you a while maybe a month or so?
    then once your closet is cleared up, you'll be addicted to shopping again and your closet will be REfilled:
    repeat the process all over again :)

    Warning: This cycle may repeat itself over and over with no ending

    just my 2 cents :D

  14. Work in a boutique during hols, and make you're involved in stuff like unpacking, steaming/ironing the clothes, and arranging them back on the hangers XD

    Sure, the drawback is that initially you might want to buy the whole store (at least there's staff discount though!) but after a while, looking at clothes everyday for more than 8 hours becomes too much that you won't even want to go online to look at blogshops let alone shop for clothes :P

  15. adopt a new kind of hobby, or stay busy with studies, help your mum or something...

    then when you keep yourself busy, you wont have time to shop for more. =)

    i used to be an addicted shopaholic, but since i love to do research as well, i kept searching online for the cheapest deal (on the same item), and on weekends i would go to places like sungai wang/times square, and compare the prices there.
    later when i am familiar with the market price & cost price (you can estimate them through the sales site of blogshops XD ), i kind of stopped myself from buying so much..

    i still do shop once in awhile,but not addicted to it =D

    so yeah, try keeping yourself busy and let the urge pass (its like raging hormones lol)

    good luck! =D

  16. agree with irene totally

  17. Agree with anon 9.22pm.

    I was a online shopping junkie too. Buying gives me the feel of liberation, sometimes I receive 4 parcels a day and its all sent to my office, so my admin keeps track of my purchase. Its a addiction but over the time when you see too much of the same will fade.

    Now when I see something I like, i try recalling I had a similar piece but duno which closet I junked it..and for every dinner must buy a maxi dress. There are more than 10 hanging there untouched and I have to sell them off.

    My worse addiction is I have to buy from my fav blogshops every week when they update. Now there are still some at the seller's hse because I ask them to send to me once it reaches 5 pcs.

    Hahaha try looking at ur wardrobe and sort out your stuffs; you'll way more than the clothes you need for a few months without washing them. When you sorted them out, u'll realise we merely buy coz we have an urge..we ain't gonna wear them all. Don't buy because "its cheap" - this addiction is sick "because its cheap" bagful of Bangkok clothes are still in my closet untouched.

    Sigh...go find a hobby or do some comparism like Irene says. Its a phase..after 2 years of insane online shopping..hopefully now its coming to an end..buying less now coz I figure out if I limit my online bank account to RM2-300 a month, I could have paid the down payment for half an apartment d.

  18. I agree completely with ditto!
    I have the same feeling as well,
    its not all the feeling of really wanting to buy the clothes
    but the feeling you get when you receive the parcels ^^
    It's a bad bad habit and I've just realised I've bought RM 100 worth of junk so I guess it's time to stop and clear that up first before shopping again...

  19. OMG I totally feel you. I made my first online purchase in 2006 (started out in forums & LJ purchasing pre-loved goodies, online boutiques were a rarity back then!)

    I have an obsessive addiction problem! I need to channel my addiction somewhere. Once I start doing something I like I will be suuuuper obsessed over it! I've stopped buying so much recently because I have been channeling my addiction into other things (like online games, which isn't all that healthy either LOL)!

  20. if you cannot change it, just accept it. lol...

  21. YAH i'm just like you. but i only allow myself to buy pre-loved stuff. then i can comfort myself saying it's much cheaper, it's eco-friendly shopping, i'm doing other girls a favour, etc etc.

    but yeah, need to cut the addiction tooo :(

  22. author here(again! :P)

    i thought of selling them off again before! but i have no idea how to use poslaju/posdaftar/poseskpress. T_T

    and anon1:13PM, i too only allow myself to buy preloved items! :D or new stuff but they're selling it for cheap. :X like eg, i got a bracelet that was selling at bonita for rm10(or price rm20) and maybelline watershine lipgloss essence thingy for another rm10(ori price rm30) and altogether rm20 INCLUDING POSTAGE. (Y) and now, i'm below broke. ):

  23. no need to get rid of the addiction, let it be, it's beyond cure..

    seller here.. >=p

  24. too..when i sell off the cloth and i kept purchase new one cloth again...

  25. hey, don't we all? that's why i sell preloved stuff because there are no more room for my new purchases! LOL

  26. oh mannnn, you girls make me feel so much better, i'm not alone in this crazy hunt-for-cheap-bargain activity like every single free hour i have!!!

    i feel its not only the money we spent online, but the hours and hours browsing through blogspots and forums, and constantly checking the blogrolls in shopping reviewer's blog to see which shop has updated! UGHHHhh!!!

  27. hey you know, in a newspaper a couple weeks' back, they said shopping addiction is a psychological problem. SERIOUSLY.

    Some of it are due to bipolar--they have this sudden urge to buy and they buy lots, then after they purchase they feel regret and more depressed.

    and do you feel excited, really excited during the choosing, buying, and receieving part; and after having the dress in your hands you just lose interest altogether?

    i googled it up and I found a self assesment quiz- try it! i dare you!

    If you are addicted, no matter what it need to get them off your system.

    me? well, I move a lot, so I don't have a proper address to send items to. so i've stopped receiving items by main for like five years now. :)

  28. i have some tips though:).

    1) unsubscribe your blogshop subscriptions, trust me, this plays a big role!

    2) try to keep yourself busy with a hobby (eg: exercising, reading, keeping your room clean, etc)rather than facing the computer.

    3) transfer your money to another bank account that you seldom touch, so your MB account will always be at its minimum spend.

    4) invest your money in something more worthwhile like saving it up to get a new car, an apartment, etc, or invest in shares, rather than being a mindless fashionista.

    5) when you're too tempted to get something and failed to control it, just compile the list in an email, calculate the total, save it a draft for one week. After that, you will not have the urge to get it anymore:).

    6) Get rid of all the new stocks you have in ur room first before attempting to get any new ones. Buy only when necessary.

    When you realised you are sick of the trend, the quality of online clothing, and its hiked up prices, you will no longer be an online shopaholic:). It's just a phase, and it will go away by doing something more worthwhile:).