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Oh the DRAMA!

I don't know if I should post this story up but I think I should because I will not be revealing anyone and any assumptions can be made but I will not verify anything just to allow the people involved to stay anonymous here. This story was told to me by one of the blogshop owners mentioned below.

So, as some of you may know, Blogshop A and Blogshop B have quite recently (this year) joint forces to run Blogshop C. They weren't friends to begin with, but they made friends when their stall happens to be next to one another in a bazaar. They met again at a 2nd bazaar and later on decided to join forces to create Blogshop C. Mostly I think because they could benefit from one another as A had good connections with suppliers with hot-selling, hard to find items and B has popularity. Which would make Blogshop C a definite success when you have everything combined into one.

Sounds like a business-dream-come-true right?

Seeing as A has the connections, she will handle the money and shipping. As for B, she will handle the emails and CODs.
Little did B know that A's family had financial issues and have been leaning slightly on her blogshop's profits previously. And with Blogshop C now, they begin to lean more on A for financial support. A, obviously did not tell B. She would take a little from Blogshop C without B knowing and would replace it when she has the cash. Sometimes she would even 'swallow' some of the extra cash from shipping.

On B's side, she had been going out with a guy (we'll call him Z) who, coincidentally is someone whom A really likes, and goes to the same classes as her. B is from a different college and so she does not know how much A likes Z, because at the end of the day, Z likes B more than A.

Everything has been going on for about 3 months without either party knowing cos like I said, they were not exactly friends, just business friends. So it's not like they have a same group of friends whatsoever.

Until one day at Blogshop C's first ever bazaar, A & B decided to open 3 booths. One for Blogshops A, B, and C. So that's two people running three blogshop booths. Talk about madness.

So, B decided to get Z to come help them. I was also there to help out. When Z arrived, A got a shock. Even more shocked to find B going out with him. A misunderstanding followed which led to A thinking that B started Blogshop C just to get to Z through A, when in fact, B knew Z way before meeting A. Complicated stuff. I didnt know much about B cos I am A's friend, and I knew how much she liked Z. So I talked to B about it and B got mad and started accusing me for trying to help A steal Z from her. (she apparently has some issues when it comes to boyfriend stealing, cos she totally overreacted)

B started screaming at A, and they started accusing one another of this and that, some things that were not even related to blogshops. Seemed like a business deal gone sour. Thank goodness the stall was somewhere at the side of the building, away from public attention and other blogshop booths, that would've been embarassing.

During their screaming matches, A started going like in-your-face, I stole about 50% of our profits and you didnt even notice. And B got mad and started asking for her money back and giving low blows that she has done this and that with Z.

It was all very highschool. I had to drag A away and Z had to drag B away. We closed up the bazaar booths and thet was the very sad and abrupt end of Blogshop C. The closing down post on the blogshop made it sound like they were busy on hiatus when in actual fact, they have split everything and are never talking again.

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry at their situation.
Eventhough you may not know which blogshop A B or C is, at least you know that shit like that, it happens. :s


  1. OMG, now I'm just dying to know which three blogshops are those >.<

  2. ya me as well...

  3. I am curious to know who is blogshop C...

  4. i wonder how Z looks like. kekeke. :D

  5. anon 8:25pm, hahahahahahahaha good one!

  6. yeaaa any clues?? so curious to know! haha

  7. LOL...but author should not post a story like this because it is more on personal issue for A and need to explain details about fight between A and B...

  8. Lols! It's about blogshopping what. Anything regarding blogshopping could be spilt no? Take it light heartedly.

    Author:an interesting story tht smwdy lack of for a very long time.

  9. i can't complain about A and B's personal stuff, but one's thing for sure--A has swindled from C blog.

    that is enough to convince me that if she starts making a new blog again, I won't be buying.

  10. Z must be one good looking guy! :p