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Free is chargable?

There was this blogshop out there that I ordered something from.
I asked her how much should I be paying.
And she told me the total amount (item + postal fees)

I showed my friend what I was going to buy and she told me there was a free postage promotion going on.

I went and checked out the blogshop again.
and yup I found it.
there is this quite-hard-to-find post clearly stating free postage. (for any items)

Nice way of trying to take advantage of an "ignorant" buyer.

(trust me, it wasn't a mistake, she knew what she was doing)


  1. That's very bad. Send me the name of the blogshop,dear? :)

  2. sorry, i won't be revealing the blogshop. :)

    please understand.
    thanks. :)

  3. well buyer, did you inform the seller then?

  4. ya, why dont you confront her? May be only certain items are entitled for free postage promo?

    Once my blog was reviewed in yourshoppingkaki, if buyers provide the given password from the blog, will be entitled for discount. For those who did not provide any password, then no discount.

    Am I taking advantage on these "ignorant" buyers? *confused*

  5. agreed...u should rather asked the seller yourself rather than komplen sana komplen sini...

  6. she has the right to complain.

    free promotion. even your friend knows about it.

    maybe the seller forgot about the promo. gotta remind her though.

  7. She has right to complain. But I think the comments here meant that the buyer should not let this kind of thing happen at all.

    Buyer give in, and then only complain! It is not fair to the seller.

  8. I'm a seller operating a one man show blogshop and these things do slip my mind sometimes when handling say, twenty transactions (meaning email conversations) at one go. Gentle nudges are really welcome in my opinion, even after the transaction has taken place!

    If this happened to any of my customers I would apologize and refund them immediately. No harm!