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Grrr... You stepped on my tail

Over the last few days, heaps of comments came in for the post "It's my Mommy's birthday copycat" and while I usually approve all comments in the past, this was one instance where i rejected heaps too. It's sad to say, a lot of the comments came from people who barely understood the meaning of plagiarism and some were even supporting the acts of plagiarism.

I do not condone such acts.

For those who wrote in not knowing what plagiarism means, please read here : DEFINITIONS OF PLAGIARISM

I am in no means trying to insult anyone's vocabulary here but unfortunately, I was insulted by all the comments I received. Nevermind the ones who lost the plot entirely but there were readers who thinks plagiarism is right, some said it was cool and smart to steal some one else's work. One even said, to steal other people's work is not lazy, it is the key to success. And more of such immature comments are still piling in!

I am beyond appalled. For once in these 7 months of running SMWDY, I screamed "WHAT THE *bleep* ARE THESE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?!" My blood boiled.

To those out there who has yet to see your comments being approved and published, it is highly likely I am talking about you. Yes, those comments have been rejected. I will not allow your comments promoting plagiarism to be immortalized in my website.

But with that said, some earlier comments were approved unfortunately. I wont take those down though. Those will serve as the reason for this post I am writing.

While this blog was started to poke fun at oddities of the online shopping community, it has evolved to helping and hopefully educating this community to grow.  Hence the banner changed from "the place to bitch slap without them knowing it" to "weeding out the bad as gently as we can". Your not so witty comments about plagiarism are "a 2 steps back to caveman land".

Yes, I strongly believe in anonymity but I do make exceptions. Look top right corner. It has not been an 'unethical' thing for me to reveal the culprit's name in the past and it is still not now.

Dear Anis,
I know you have been leaving comments anonymously. If you want to defend yourself in this matter or feel you have been wrongly accused, it is strongly advisable that you write to me directly.

I do not take this as a monetary fraud incident. I do not care who is making what sort of profit. It is how the context of the author's website being copied word for word by the buyer and used without consent that frustrates. I take this as an intellectual robbery. Plagiarism. How many times do I have to repeat that word? In my books, plagiarism is a punishable crime.

And the author was fooled into believing her act of goodwill was all for a filial daughter wanting to buy a present for her mom. An abusive act of manipulation. What is wrong with being transparent of your true intentions?

I sincerely hope everyone can now understand the situation... at least from my point of view. BUT dear Author, do correct me if I'm wrong!


Is this post offensive to you? Have I gone overly stiffy? I just thought if everyone could have a say in the last 7 months, this is where my 2 cents shall be deposited. To that person who commented "Plagiarism is the key to success", congratulations!!! You have successfully won SMWDY's most coveted title "THE SCUM THEY SCRAPE OFF SCUM"

Rawk on!

I am not immortal and neither do I want to be treated like one so you may slap me if you like but spare me all the "criminals are my heroes" comments please. okthxbai!


  1. Kudos SMWDY! I'm against plagiarism too!

    To those who said that Plagiarism is a key of success, you;re bullshit. I wonder how would you react if one day, ppl plagiarized your hard work! There are no such thing as short cut to success! OMG,how old are these ppl?? They might be a mother/father,sister or even a leader at their respective place. Are they gonna tell their children, staffs n people around them that it is fine to plagiarize? Oh come on!

    p/s SMWDY: hari ini aku pun marah!

  2. Holy banana, I LOVE THIS POST!! Love how you clarify/solve matters here. SMYDY rocks!

  3. i love this post. i read thru the comments for the It's my Mommy's birthday copycat post and some of them really made my blood boil. i'm glad that you feel the same way. i can't believe there are actually people who condone such behaviour. it's absolutely appalling.

    buyers have the right to resell, but not through deceit and trickery. involving mother's name summore!

    love what you're doing here

    -peace out-

  4. Hello! :)

    There should be a 'Support SMWDY' button in this post. :P

    I pity her mum btw. :X To be used in the name of act. ):<

  5. LUV IT!!!

    U go SMYDY!!!thumbs up

  6. what sad story is this!u SMYDY your fucking self have no stand,ive been following this blog since past 4-5 days n it is noted that the name of an individual being slap will be keep as a secret like in your own shitty word saying =

    If anyone wants to know the identity of the said seller or buyer, please leave your email add in the comment box and wait for the private message from the author.
    ** Any entries with names in them will automatically be deleted. Same applies for comments. Anonymity is my priority..

    you are just so sad girl!!...maybe its about time to burn your computer and start to bake cake. or dont be a reviewer for god sake.
    sorry for the harsh news,but u make our blood boil like fuck!

    ps= ROCK SHIT

  7. I dont comprehend a damn word you're saying...

    Who's a reviewer? What have I reviewed to be called a reviewer? Do you know what you're talking about dipstick?

    How's your English? Clearly you dont understand it much... Write to me and I'll gladly speak to you in your mother tongue :D

    I cater to people who thinks before they speak. You're obviously one of those reader I dont really care if you come back or not. Like, seriously...

  8. SMDY,

    Anon September 4, 2010 4:44 PM is just one of the people your post was intended for.

    Plain loose in the head!

  9. Anon September 4, 2010 4:44 PM - Eh BODOH! If do not know what to say, better don't say anything at all! Didn't you understand what SMWDY is trying to do? Clearly not! Don't know how to read kah? Don't think so either!
    "Yes, I strongly believe in anonymity but I do make exceptions. Look top right corner. It has not been an 'unethical' thing for me to reveal the culprit's name in the past and it is still not now". This means, if you can understand my explanation la that is, SMWDY has the right without explaining to anyone of SMWDY's action to make exceptions. Luckily name was mentioned this time round, if not I would still be buying things from SL thinking it was a good bargain. Perhaps,you are a quite well off to do person and wouldn't mind paying extra for the same item. If you can afford it, along the way, why not you go and get your brain scanned and your foul mouth Clorox-ed?

  10. To Anon September 4, 2010 4:44 PM,

    You don't belong here, you don't belong in any decent place.. and no one would want to patronize you.

    F word spitting out from our mouths are pretty common nowadays but when one writes it out in Comments section, it just shows how vile and crude you are.

    Learn your manners properly before commenting in public.

  11. ladies..
    i was wondering,if what SL did is plagiarism..
    "what you called "a person who copied every detail and claimed she the only one selling it or made it"??
    Just curios.It doesn't matter the ideas from Malaysia or oversea..

  12. Some of the definitions of plagiarism:

    1) a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work

    2) the copying of another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission

    3) The act of copying any portion of another's work and representing it as your own, regardless of whether or not the work is copyrighted or in the public domain

    4) take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech

    Plagiarism is still not viewed very seriously in Malaysia, but it's a very big thing at the foreign uni I'm studying at. In writing assignments, if you take an idea or quote from another source without crediting your sources, that's plagiarism. Even if you paraphrase a sentence lifted from another source without giving credit, it's considered plagiarism as well.

    So, copying every detail or mostly word for word without giving credit to the original author is plagiarism.

  13. Yeah plagiarism is big deal in overseas. I failed my subject once because I didn't quote a single thing and my essay looked as if it was written by a legendary philosopher. fml.

  14. yes, thank you! i was wondering when someone was going to react against the bullsh*t comments i was reading in that post. "plagiarism is the key to success"...makes me wonder if people supporting this are right in the head or not. >:(

  15. I think Anon September 4, 2010 4:44 PM could be the person affected by this post :P If not, I don't see why or how some random person would be so up in arms defending the seller's anonymity.

    And way to go SMWDY!! My years in uni has also taught me well to condemn plagiarism :)

    I hope the person who said that plagiarism is the key to success will have her/his hard work plagiarized. Then we'll see how successful s/he gets and where s/he stands in this issue after that.

  16. Maybe these people who think plagiarism is the key to success got confused with imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    It just sounds so..plausible.

    Nonetheless, plagiarism is sh!t. Those who find success in it hasn't seen life in a different perspective yet. Wait till they do, oh the grass won't be as green as they first thought.


  17. SMYDY...making me careful while doing online!outta my list..shoppe lista..yupp..check! nice la people..duit haram dosa tau~~huhuhu~~rock on SMYDY!