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Some people just dont get inquiries...

Dear SMWDY, Its kinda' routine for me to do monthly update with my closets cuz like any other girls out there, I just love shopping but due to hot weather nowadays, I prefer to do it online. And so, few weeks ago I met dis one online blogshop, selling hot dresses which offer lower price compare to other blogshops.

Well, I did bought from her before and as the transaction before ran smoothly and the parcel arrived perfectly on time, there is no where in my mind that dis blogshop gonna trick me. :( like any other buyers, I did leave comment on one of the picture (*just leave your comment and i'll get back to you a.s.a.p* method), as far as i got my self fall in love with the lovely design of one of her dress, Im asking her to give me measurement details of that particular dress. and later she replie! d my comment, together with complete measurement that i asked for.

Well, unfortunate me, the dress only suitable for S size and from the measurement dat she gave me, I perfectly know that dress wont fit my body nicely. So, I ended up my comment saying that the dress is nice but sure as hell wont fit my body. No reply from the blog's owner and I guess our transaction just now comes to an end already.

Last week, I was so surprised to received Poslaju parcel and surprise to the max when I opened the parcel and guess what, the lovely dress that I've found from the blogshop a week before were in it. I was like, ehh, since when plak I confirmed to buy dis dress with the blogshop owner? The dress wasn't my size and our last conversation clearly told her dat i am not gonna buy the dress. Plus, I dont even pay or transfer any payment for dat dress. And so, with confusion filled my head, I browse her blogshop just to get her phone number. as I try to call her, the lines is surely not busy at all but she didnt pick up. So I try to text her, hoping that she read and reply my message.

I've wait about 2-3 hours for her replied. and her replied really shocked me to death. Below was conversation between me and the blogshop owner.

Her :Oh Sori Miss H (me) i dont pick up ur phone call, ive been busy handling new stocks. Well, the parcel u receive is what u had ordered from me last week. You did leave comment on one of my dress and I consider that as confirmed order as u asking for measurement details. So, please bank in the payment of RM50 to my account, xxx xxx xxx within 3 days. Do inform me when you already make the payment. Tq

Me : But I never confirmed with you to buy that dress. Of course Im interested with dat dress at first place, but after knowing the measurement details, Im perfectly sure the size wont fit my body. and I clearly state dat in my last comment on the picture.

Her : Dont you read the T&C? Only for serious buyer. and I consider you as serious buyer the moment you ask for measurement details. so dear, just bank in the payment okay? as the dress is already with you. and mind you, item sold are not returnable or refundable. tq

And that was her last replied. ever since that, I was unable to contact her phone number. I guess she already change it.

Up until now I dont know whether I should just pay for the dress eventhough I know it wont fit me at all!. But keeping the dress with me at the same time makes me feel guilty towards the blogshop owner. sedangkan I never confirmed to buy that dress. Am I the one who did mistakes here just because im asking for measurement details?? :( SMWDY, plz help me!


  1. i feel like the seller is indirectly force u to buy...

  2. LMAO. seller mcm ini pon ade ke?
    lugi woooo..
    hmm.. this is not as simple as i thought..
    1stly, to return the item, u have to pay for the shipping charges which is if you ask the seller to pay back the money, i doubt she would do that. than u rugi..
    2ndly, to keep it would make u feel guilty about it.

    so here is my suggestion. just keep the dress until she asked for it. and ask her to bank in the shipping charges.

    unless you dont mind paying rm4.5 for the pos ekspress ;)

  3. have u tried tat? fit u? if it fits u, n u like it then pay for it lo, but if not, then dont even give a single cent for it, u r not wrong, wat does it means by serious buyer? serious buyer means asking for measurement n must pay?? this seller sounded like a newbie in online business world..

  4. i totally think you are not at the wrong side

    like, you're just asking for details of the item, not reserve it

    i totally agree with anon 2, keep it but inform her that you won't pay. if she wants it back tell her to bank-in the money for the postage cost

    unless you don't really mind, and would rather return it asap rather than feeling guilty, just bear the cost postage by yourself

  5. don't pay. ask for her address and return the dress back to her. just pay the RM4.50 for pos express. better than paying rm50. ridiculous seller.

  6. Yeeheeeeee! Take it as you won a contest for getting the correct answer!
    What kind of a seller is this? Its her lost...

  7. keep it. if she demand to pay, say to her that u NEVER ORDER it. if she ask u to return, ask her to bear the postage FIRST. dats it.

  8. this is somehow funny at the same time..
    which seller would send the clothes to u without u paying 1st? this is just pure insane..
    and yes, when we the buyers ask Qs regarding the item don't assume we want to buy already..
    Enquiries mean enquiries, don't send me ur acc num pls..
    Author, do u have the seller's address?
    if u do just post it back to her..hehe

  9. just keep the dress and DO NOT pay. what kind of business is she running? using guilt to force people to purchase. what nonsense is this. besides, why should you feel guilty?

  10. Yeah ask for her address and post the dress back. If she doesnt want to give her address, then just keep the dress hahaa :p

  11. Does it state anywhere in her T&C that she counts inquiries as an order form, therefore if you inquire then your purchase is "confirmed"? If not, then she's got no leg to stand on. She's being ridiculously forceful.

    If she still insists on payment after several days, I would just send it back to her via PosEkspres, at least the money goes to PosEkspres people instead of her. What nerves.

  12. Hi author,

    Would you mind sharing the blogshop name? I tend to ask for measurements too and if I ever encounter this blogshop then either I will be forced to buy or kena blacklisted by asking such questions.

  13. even if it is stated in the T&C about she considers inquiries as an order form, she shouldn't have sent that dress because u didn't pay her yet. so obviously she is taking advantage on u since u said that u shopped with her before. so pls, don't send it back unless she's willing to bear the postage fee.

  14. ok when i first read it, i feel scared if i meet this kind of seller.

    but then HEY, is this a REAL story?I mean, where did the seller got yr address,details n everything if u just leave a comment?

  15. Now i wonder: if i inquired about any of the seller's item, i might just get it for "free" too lol! :P

  16. Haha... I like the way the seller did!

    There are many charity organizations send the raya cards/christmas cards to houses, and expect the receipients will like it and make payment after receiving it. As if it is telling us:" Be generous!"

  17. May I know which blog is this?

  18. I am thinking...

    Maybe the seller has checked her bank account, and misunderstand that you have paid her because some other buyers has banked in the same amount??

    Lol!! this is the only thing i can think of.. the seller was blur during that time i guess!!

    So when she realizes that she was wrong, she din wan to bear the cost of the postage, so... she force the buyer to PAY for the product! is this possible?? LOL

  19. i had a similar exprience in real life. I was walking in Gulatis and i complimented this thai silk that it would look good on me.

    i turned around, the next thin i knw--the staf was cutting it! then they ask me to pay!

    guess the price--SERATUS LIMA PULUH RINGGIT.

    gila staff, that fella. but i was this young, scared little teenager, so I ran to my mom for help. luckily she fished out her emergency lifesaver-credit card and helped me out. i can never imagine what happened if mom wasn't there.

    anyway, in your case, don't be like me and pay. at least mine can be worn and it looks good till today. yours does not fit at all, furthermore you did decline by clearly saying "no way in hell it will fit me." (any moron could understand that's a NO!)

    printscreen that comment, send her as proof,tell her you wont pay. wait till she tires out and ask you to return it back.

  20. wah, this kind of blogshop also got! i've never came across a blogshop with terms as harsh as this! mail me the shop's name author, so that this will not happen to me!

  21. Wah. like this also can? Just ignore her la since she sendiri send it to u and claiming that u confirmed to buy? what la aiyo just ignore. what else can she do?

  22. I say don't return the dress to her until and unless she's willing to bear the postage cost.

    You shouldn't have to feel guilty at all since all the fault was on her part, sending the dress to you despite you saying that you don't want it. You are COMPLETELY innocent and shouldn't have to experience ANY lost at all (via postage cost) because of a fault on her part.

  23. She use Pos Laju to send the parcel for you right. Should have her name, address and contact on the Pos Laju slip. Just post back the dress for her will be the best way. At least you will feel better and no guilty. Is her fault and she seems forcing you to pay for the dress. The postage fees just take it as doing "charity" for her lor.. :p

  24. if u r not a seryes can she have ur address?u shudnt gave ur details to her..unless u r regular~~then studpid seller also la..!!hahah..normally they wait for the payment 1st..!JUST KEEP THE DARN DREESSS!!screww her..!huhu

  25. if you were just inquiring then why did you give her your address in the first place?

  26. she's bought from the blogshop before. the seller has her address.