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Stinky Partner

OMG. I got cheated by my “friend” and ex-partner. We managed a blog selling perfumes and all this drama started from there. She handles the email, orders and postage. I deal with the supplier. But the thing is, customers are to make payments to my bank account since then it’ll be easier for me to directly transfer the money to the supplier.

I thought everything was going well until my cousin found a blog where my name is posted, apparently I’m a “penyangak”. It seems that she ordered perfumes and she never received the items. Of course I was shocked, since all this while, I checked the email for the perfume blog, there wasn’t a single email from anyone saying they haven’t received anything. I guess she must have deleted them before I had the chance to see them.

So anyway, I confronted her and after a hell of a fight, she admitted that she actually did take a few perfumes from 5 different orders. But get this, some of them she just didn’t post it out because she was too lazy to go to the post office. Ugh, I could just slap her there. If she was so lazy, I can send it out myself!

I found tons of vials on her table, but most of them untouched, just left there, all nicely wrapped. It is really weird, she doesn’t really want it since it’s unopened and unused, but I think she’s plain lazy. It’s not like she cheats customers of their money, since everything is ordered after customers pay, but she just don’t send it out. I already retrieved the vials and a few miniatures, and now I’m on the course to sending it out to the respective owners.

The thing I’m really really angry about this is the fact that it is MY name that is tarnished. Since customers are to pay to my account, of course they would think it’s me cheating them, not this selfish lazy bitch. I’m so tempted to reveal her name here, because her action got my name posted out on people’s blog.

Editor's note : To those who may have bought some perfume lately and have yet to receive them, please do refer back to the blogshop. I will get the blog owner to put up an announcement.


  1. Haiyo, your partner is such a bitch la...because of people like her, online businesses are going down the drain! Do me a favour and dig her eyeballs out..

  2. Agree with anon 1, its people like her that ruin online biz. I think she dont feel so pushed to post out items or keep customers happy because she's hidden behind u. Since customers only know ur name [from the bank account], they'd think they are only dealing with u, in fact there's another person behind that blog and she's the one causing trouble. I'm really sorry for u author! I'd slap her if i were u.

  3. that is one of the reason i dun work with partner, dun wanna argue with people neither wanna spoil the relationship.. so i run online business all by myself, only get some help from my mum, then give her some pocket money.. =p atleast the decision making is from me ONLY, so i wil b the only one bear the consequences or responsibility..

  4. Hi SMWDY, isnt it time to update the blog already? :/