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Creepy Blogshop Connoisseur?

If anyone has ever COD-ed with the seller of this certain blogshop, you'd agree with me that she's quite a nutty person. I wouldnt call her a psycho, she's a nice and friendly girl, but quirky and somewhat weird.

I happen to buy a lot from her and hence we had a lot of dealings via COD. To top it off, she stays just 5 minutes away from me.

One day, she asked if I could meet at her place for COD instead of the Shell station we usually meet at because her car was not around. So I thought, why not, it's just 5 minutes away.

When I got to her place, she told me to 'come in'. It was a nice gesture, but unnecessary, really. But I complied anyways because she seems nice despite her quirky ways.

I went in and she showed me around (ive no idea why) and showed me all her new clothing stocks which were not posted onto her blog yet. She asked if I would like to purchase some on the spot, I am even allowed to try on. Obviously I was glad, like wow, I have the privileges of trying and buying firsthand. I picked out a few additional pieces which I liked, and paid her. (I even got super discounts)

Then she showed me a scrapbook of hers.
A burn book to be exact (remember Mean Girls, the movie?) Except that its not pink and have photos of people in it.
It's a whole collection of blogshops' printed logos and some of their photos in it.
At first I thought it was some sort of fashion lookbook but then, I saw some nasty things scribbled below some of them. For example:

Blogshop X
[photos] [photos]
- lousy photos with bad lighting
- ugly shoe collection
- quite a few hot sellers
- shouldn't show face, not pretty at all

Those were some of the things I happened to read, but they were all about different blogshops. That book was like over 200 pages thick, more or less about Twilight's Eclipse thickness.
If you're a seller, you're definitely in there, I promise you. It was like a whole blogshop directory, printed and pasted in one book.

She just flipped through the book as she showed me, telling me that this blogshop needs to improve her services and this needs that and so on. I just made an excuse saying I was late for something and dashed.

That was weird. I mean it's okay to keep tabs on your competitors, but not like a whole burn book about each and every one of them! That's crazy!

Although I'll still shop with her, Im never ever doing COD with her at her house again, no matter what privileges I get. :s


  1. ok..that is creepy..does her house looks like one of those haunted house? hehehe

  2. That is seriously weird. And I wonder how she knows how good/bad service another blogshop provides.

    Strong gut feeling: The seller's a kid, mentally speaking. I mean, hello, burn book + loads of free time?

  3. >"< Sounds scary !!!

  4. haha omg, this is damn scary!! *wonder what she wrote about my blogshop*


  6. i think she watch too much dramas or movies! Haha, i also wonder whether she got write about my blogshop or not. hahaha

  7. that is really really creepy. i hope my blogshop is not in it and she is not stalking any of the blogshop owners. :S

  8. luckily she didn't held you up as a hostage and keep u in her dungeon. and maybe eat you alive. :P

  9. the whole story sounds fake lah, who in the world has so much time and energy to create such a book?!

    i guess most sellers have better things to do than to start such a stupid book.

  10. Author, aren't you afraid you will upset her by revealing this to the whole blogshopping community? :P

    Pretty sure she would know who you are from the detailed description. Unless she has several customers living 5 minutes from her house and invites ALL of them into her house lol!

  11. yeah author..
    i bet ure probably gonna end up in her burn book as well.

    Buyer X
    -posted about me on smwdy
    -must not invite to house any more
    -must not give discount no more

    you dont want that now, do you?

  12. Hi, Author here.

    Yes its for REAL, I myself don't understand how could someone have that much time. Maybe she's doing it fulltime during her coll break? I dont know.

    Im revealing this cos I think its creepy, weird and wrong for someone to do something so childish. And to show some stranger the book too! She should've thought about it when she showed me the book, no way I'd keep quiet about something like this.

    And as for purchasing, I can always harbour my purchases with my friend's since she's quite a loyal customer too.

    FYI, her services are good despite her weirdness. Im sure many have had a good experience with her.

  13. OMG. She's just like edward cullen, stalker :o

  14. are we allowed to know who this bloghsop is??
    i probably would still shop at her store.
    but im just being kepo hahaha x)

  15. mmmm...i wonder if my blogshop is in it...

  16. Mmm IMHO, while the scenario may be weird, and yes, she probably should not have showed it to a buyer, people running businesses generally do keep tab of their competitors - how everyone does it is different though. And while there were bad comments, am inclined to think there were plus points as well? This would then assist her in understanding what clothes to bring in, how to pose, how to price stuff, etc. It's all part and parcel of knowing the industry and your competitors - esp one as stiff as this. Just my 2 cents. :)

  17. I almost peed my pants at this!