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So brand conscious!

This is my second time COD with this blogshop. Yesterday, I suppose to meet the seller at OU. When I was there, i texted the seller to ler her know that I already arrived.

She replied me and told me that her bf will pass the stuff for her. And her bf will reach there in another 10 mins.

Then I said okay. I told her that I'm wearing blue dress with black handbag. So it is easier for her bf to find me.

She replied me back, ' My bf is wearing TOPMAN Tshirt in black'.

Ouh ok, should i tell my dress' brand as well? LOL!


  1. Maybe the shirt has the word "TOPMAN" printed; to make identification easier?

    Chill la..

  2. topshop/topman doesnt really have they brand name written on most of their products. that's brand conscious alrite!
    and it's just topman.. wonder how it would be like if he wore a gucci or a prada..

  3. wooo... u should've ask the bf to take off his shirt n check the label to make sure it's topman.
    u know, just to be sure :P

  4. Author here;

    ditto : no, it is just a plain black Topman tshirt like anon 7:46 AM said. Yes, I'm chill lah thats why im sharing it here, just for LOL.

    wanda : hahaha why i never thought about doing that! LOL

  5. share it to LOL or share it to see whether ppl is slapping the buyer or seller?

    wanda: so will u ask the bf to take it of if it's u? LOL

  6. amely ng : lol. if he is worth my time anddd if he is cute... why not!! :P

  7. Guys have been wearing a certain kind of Topman shirt recently and it's quite popular. Maybe she just means to look out for a black one one.

  8. agree with Anon August 12, 2010 3:58 PM , everyone's been getting that mono coloured topman shirt, its statement in itself.