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Bicycle Belts

For the last time, it is CINCHER! CINCHER CINCHER CINCHER! I get so sick and tired of blog shops labeling their cinchers as clinchers!

A simple search on google would tell you that a clincher is:

clinch·er Noun /ˈklinCHər/
1. A fact, argument, or event that settles a matter conclusively

2. A bicycle or automobile tire that has flange beads that fit into the wheel rim

Not only do you not know what you're selling, you're misleading the rest of the online community with your so-called clincher. The last time I checked, people don't wear bicycle tires around their waists.

Sometimes I really wonder who on earth started the whole clincher madness and why no one bothered to google before they post.


  1. Well done!

    Here's my theory why it's "widely" known as clinchers.

    To clinch means to fasten or secure by flattening nails or bolts/ hold in a tight grasp...


    it is assumed that an appropriate name is clincher.

  2. errr u guys are shoppin online, not havin some vocab lessons rite.. as long as ppl und, y bother so much? better use of ur time on somewhr else =)

  3. tq 4 pointing this out!

  4. yea, we are out to shop, why bother about the way we spell it or call it?

    i bet most of the buyers don't even bother to look at the name of the item that blogshops are selling as pictures speaks it all.

    it's good to point it out, but don't have to be so critical right..

    the author sounds really angry.

  5. Erm.. I'm on the author's side. This is great info to know, from the day I started online shopping, I've always thought that clincher is the right word to use, and never bothered to check it up..

    Its always good to learn new info (or correct wrong ones). Anon 2, whats a better use of time than learning and correcting your mistakes? =)

    Thanks author for the great info.

  6. actually it is important. what if someone actually wants to buy a CLINCHER and searches for it but gets pages and pages of CINCHERS. wouldn't that be annoying ?

    also, what if a buyer really thinks it's called a clincher, and goes to a clothes shop and asks for one and d shop person looks at her/him weird ? wouldn't that be embarrassing ?

    and for the buyer, what if one day they expand to overseas and tells people she's selling clinchers. wouldn't that be embarrassing as well ?

  7. Great info! I, too thought that it was "clincher" since everybody was naming them that way. Good english is the way to go. For those who think that it's not important to correctly name their items, I feel embarassed for them. hehe.

  8. oooohhhh... now i know. thanks author for pointing this out..

  9. HAHAHHA zomg.

    I first knew it was supposed to be called a waist cincher (yay my powderful england lol. comes from something like "to cinch your waist", which is like to make your waist smaller using a corset or something), but because everyone else (plus spellcheck) calls it clincher, I thought I was wrong.

    Yay to being right :D

  10. ahhh thank you for pointing this out. Now we all know of the right term! =)

  11. And it's properly pronunced as "sincher", not "kincher" or "klincher". Find it funny when someone comes up to me and says "Hey how much is that klincher?"

    but what the heck lah, the spelling error has been around for so long already if we start changing it now they'll in turn start yelling that we're wrong. hahaha!

  12. not to forget SMOKED instead of smocked and PANT instead of PANTS. Not to be rude, but it really gets tiring when you see that nobody is doing anything about it, like it doesn't need that much to be bothered about. sigh. thanks so much for pointing this out. :)

  13. Isn't cincher is somewhat the thing like the corset like the english ladies wear under their gowns to make them look like antsy-slim (or maybe like the ones our grannies wear under the kebaya dulu-dulu)? U know, thick in width, to secure from below belly button until just below the rib cage. I'd still think clincher's an appropriate word for the slim belt we use to fastened around our waist. Coz, u know, like the first commentor has put forward, the meaning of clinch. But of course, it's not in the dictionary. Shall i propose an added meaning to the oxford dictio?