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Is that you?

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I came across a buyer a few days ago.
She mailed me saying she needed to collect the bag asap as it's a present for someone.
I replied her 1 day later saying she can collect it by Monday as soon as she pays me.
She didn't reply until next week(1-2 days before the collection date) saying it's too late, she'll cancel it.
My t&c stated "No last minute back outs or else blacklisted".
So is it unfair for me to b/s her?
I don't think so.


  1. Assuming you are the seller from the said post. No, it is not wrong to blacklist buyers you feel have offended you in any form or manner. Whatever tickles your fanny girlfriend.


    to post up someone else's private information IE: phone number online is downright low and WRONG.

    Hey, how would you like it if your name is posted here without your consent and is fully intended to smear your reputation?

    Doesnt feel so award winning right?

  2. She's not the only one. Many ppl are doing that to. I don't think it's wrong. She should totally read the t&c before doing that.

  3. She's not the only one doing that(as in b/s-ing ppl along with their info), many sellers do that too. But I don't think it's her fault. The buyer should read her t&c before ordering from her in the first place.

  4. yeah the buyer should read the T&C but the seller SHOULD NOT post up people's private info on the blog. It's just plain stupid & you'll look like a b*tch with all those harsh words, cursing on the buyer. Proves that you really are rude.

  5. blacklisting is of course up to the seller. but publishing personal details is very unethical.

  6. Vivien(blogshop owner): I don't care if you guys think I'm rude or something. But that person wasted A LOT of my smses even though it's alrdy stated there "MAIL ME FOR ENQUIRIES". I replied her sms as she told me she's a first time blogshopper but in th end she backout. -.-

  7. hey i think i just saw the buyer's version at NOS!! and it's a totally diff version here!! haha!

  8. Come on, people. Vivien's being really immature about this.

    If she can't deliver what the customer wants (by the day the customer wants it, in this case), the customer has every right to choose not to buy from her. It's not like they've agreed to a set date and the buyer backs out.

  9. i know this seller!!!!!! so rude and no brain la she tok liddat!

  10. Vivien(blogshop owner): You know me? Prove it. What's your name?

    They back out last minute. And I did set a date w her aunt. She wasted shit loads of my smses. I think I've th right to do this.

  11. Seriously readers please visit Vivien's blog (can be found in NOS), her "highly educated speeches and languages" especially her blacklist conversation with the potential buyer..

    Its always fair to see both sides of the stories before commenting.

  12. to vivien:

    u really acted in an immature way. not every customer has to buy ur products. and maybe because of ur attitudes, they decided to cancel their orders.

    u seem like u think u r right at all time. and if u claimed that u dont want to waste ur smses, why give ur number at the first place. not everyone who msg u definitely have to buy from u right?

    please la. go back to school and learn what tolerance and polite are.

  13. vivien, how old are you? 10? ;p

  14. anon 1.12am

    she is just 16. thats why.

  15. Vivien(blogshop owner): Smses are for fast deals only. I alrdy stated there mail me for enquiries. She even called me lah.

    And, th buyer used a lot of vulgarities too. Not just me.

  16. darling vivien, I think it would help if you were more polite and did not swear as much as you did,
    I've been to your blog, the layout's awesome I must say but your posts with all the f's and posting up other buyer's personal information
    (names, phone number and emails) is kind of a turn off,
    it's practically scaring others away..

    just my 2 cents..

  17. Vivien(blogshop owner): Many other bs owners post pple's particulars too. I alrdy told her she'll be blacklisted but she didn't say anything. So, there she is.

  18. @ blogshop owner: so what people do you also do?
    so people sell clothes you also? people blacklist ppl u also blacklist people?

    You need to study for few more years. No, not because you're not educated- learn better vocabulary, change your attitude, be more polite, where's your manner?

    Customer has EVERY right to enquire.
    They might have not read T&C, put it big enough.

    cut down on your foul languages can't you?
    well, we'll see how this affect your business.
    Customers/ buyers like us are not BLIND.

  19. vivien, whetever you are study in the future, please let it NOT be business or anything to do with business. what you wrote on your blacklist page is appalling, you are one of those horror blogshops that we should all tell our kids to stay the hell away from. you are right, you won't die if people don't buy from you. but you should definitely stop selling online, you give other legit sellers a bad name. seriously.

    @ anon August 27, 2010 1:26 AM , what is so awesome about her blogshop's layout? she doesn't even take her own pics for the products she sells! no wonder she got such a no-fuck attitude! this girl just happens to know supplier dumb enough to sell stocks to an idiotic foulmouthed brain-not-fully-formed 16 yr old child and all she did was post up stock photos from korea supplied by supplier.

    gonna paste some contents quoted directly from her blog, uguys be the judge:

    Her: Hi Vivien, the heygirl one piece under the korean sprees that cost $20, if bank transfer to you, will you postage the item over or meet up?
    Me: Meet up. (:
    Her: Do you charge if meet up go tampines?
    Me: Yes. Unless I am alrdy gng there. Please read th t&c section for th price.
    Her: Postage is available?
    Me: Nope. 'Cus many items go missing through postage.
    Her: When are you to tampines mrt?
    Me: I dunno. It also depends on when th items will arrive. Free meetups if you purchase more than 5items.
    Her: When will the stock arrive?
    Me: I dunno. Can you please read everything stated before asking me questions? Thanks.
    Her: Can meet up on wednesday?
    Me: No. Can you read whats written on my blog PROPERLY first then message me?
    Her: -NIL-
    Me: So you still want to order?
    Her: I have sent an email to you alr. Please inform me the date to take the stock.
    Me: You need to add another 1.50$ for handling fee and 2$ if meet up at Tampines 'cus now transport fare is calculated by distance. Btw, must make payment before I send in your order. If you're paying via meetup, it must be to my convenience.
    Her: So wads the total cost if i buy the dress at 20$
    Her: Nvm. In that case, please cancel my order. Thanks.
    Me: Hello. You will be blacklisted 'cus you obviously didn't read th t&c and anything else that you're supposed to. Then wasted my sms answering your stupid questions. Then you didn't buy anything. Sucker. Don't ever come back to my blogshop. Don't even shop if you've no money to pay for meetups and what not. Idiot. Wasted my sms. You weren't even supposed to text me for enquiries, you're supposed to email. Do you even know how to read?

    First of all, she obviously didn't read th t&c and everything stated in that post she wanted to buy things from.
    Secondly, she wasted my frigging smses when she was supposed to email me.
    Thirdly, she kept asking retarded questions.
    Forth of all, she sent me an order form then cancelled her order.
    And fifth, she emailed me "Hi Vivien, I have linked you at my blogshop! Do link me back!

  20. seller, it's so unethical of you to publish your customer's phone number. And it's so unprofessional of you to use foul languages. It clearly shows that you can't even handle this small matter. Please la, go widen your vocabulary before starting up a business.

  21. What a rude, arrogant bitch of a seller. So what if she's 16? I don't see other 16 year olds behaving like this. I'm not psychic but I predict her business will go down the drain if her SG customers come across this issue.
    Serves her right!

  22. awww.. shes still a little kid, in her teens summore. baru nk kenal dunia. and have problems wid anger management. and obviously dun haf any patience at all.

    darling, u can just text her POLITELY, telling ur CUSTOMER realy NICELY that any enquiries shld be done by email.

    And yeah, most of the customers didnt read t&c. but theyre YOUR potential customers, and yes, customers ALWAYS right.

    and sure u wont die if people dont buy things from u nemore, but why do u haf a blogshop then? spoilt rich kid who haf lotsa time in her hand?

    please change ur attitude dear. people saying bad stuffs to u is not good. and learn how to be patient. patience is surely good for ur business. alright?

  23. Vivien(blogshop owner): I did sms her nicely. I said "sorry, i don't take orders throught sms. do mail me an order form."

    Haha, take photos myself? ALl my instocks photo ARE TAKEN BY MYSELF. How do you expect me to take photos for items that are in korea. Are you dumb or just plain stupid or both?

  24. To the child named Vivien :
    You've lost the battle... best keep your trap shut, go to your corner and ponder on the lessons that you are to learn.

    How can you still be in any way think you're right when not one but TWO nations think you're wrong?

    Sounds like an only child or youngest child syndrome. I want I want! Me! Me! MEEE! *sigh*

    But you being you, you will definitely come back with something even sillier to retort.



  26. Vivien to Mrs Lee Kwan Yew: Actually, I'm th older one. You must be delusional.

    You don't sound like you're any more mature than I am.

  27. Child... THE is spelled with an E. Not th. Who taught you to spell?

  28. Vivien(blogshop owner): I like short forms, you care so much for?

  29. vivien vivien, you are super poyo.
    go watch MTV sweet 16 better than you coming here and talk crap. shuh shuuhh ;P

  30. Vivien(blogshop owner): Please uh, you pple have nothing better to do than believe that person's crap? Srsly, get a life pple, and stop bothering mine. Grow up luh.

  31. I'm 16 and currently running a msia based blogshop. My eyes went O_O when I saw this.
    How can you treat your customers like that? Eventhough they're not buying anything from you, they're still potential buyers in the future. You're just destroying your reputation.
    For the instock photos you snap, honestly, picture qualities are like shit. and without modeled pictures. Cant even afford a mannequin and a normal digital camera? Put in more effort and learn how to run a blogshop. Lastly, mind your words. Swearing like there is no tomorrow. Such a disgrace to us teens. Eeeshhhh.

  32. She likes short forms because that is the only capacity her half brain can function... hahahaa!!!!

  33. o.O oh my goodness... this vivien doesnt even know miss lee kuan yew was mocking her! LOL!! how thick is that??

  34. to vivien:

    if u asked us to stop bothering u, please stop urself from talking crap here.trying to twist the facts here.

    the fact is: you are really rude and have no manner at all.

    u really sound *dumb* and *plain stupid*.

  35. "Please uh, you pple have nothing better to do than believe that person's crap? Srsly, get a life pple, and stop bothering mine. Grow up luh."

    We're humans who can take whoever's side we want. So shut your trap. Besides, you want us to stop bothering us AFTER you posted it up on SMWDY? HAHAH, you gotta be joking. Besides, you being older than me, is such a shame. Pergi tanjung rambutan la.

  36. to anon at AUGUST 27, 2010 8:13 PM
    wooooooo you tell her! xD


  38. Not so friendly seller..oppssy..correction


  39. Can i know her blogshop url? email me

  40. Stop bashing her can? She alr removed tat person's no.

  41. I just checked her posts under the blacklist label and she even posted a screenshot of an apology email from the author of unnecessary punishment!
    I mean seriously?
    She already apologized and you had to show that email to the whole world?!
    I think that email was really personal and her sincere effort to patch things up and yet you, vivien, had to go and post it up!
    Talk about a slap in the face!

  42. I agree wif anon 3:52. In de first place, u all were bashing her cuz she posted dat person's phone no. Now she removed alr, u all bashed her for vulgarities. How u all noe dat blcklistee didnt scold her any vulgarities too? Im sure both parties r at fault but is it fair dat u all only scolded vivien?

  43. @ anon August 28, 2010 4:12 PM, u must be vivien/vivien's friend/coward buyer who's aunt got blacklisted. bottomline is, vivien, you are an UNFIT seller. with this kind of attitude, you should not be selling online in the first place.

    seriously people, if you dissect her blog and the way she communicate, you can find everything she did is just WRONG as a seller. who would talk to their potential customers the way she did? everything that she did so far, shows that she has less than half a brain functioning there.

    as a seller myself, i don't agree with the blacklist in the first place. why publish ppl's real name and personal details for other shoppers to see? if it is not humiliation i can't imagine why else. why in the world would people continue to shop at somewhere that would end up humiliating them?

  44. I so strongly super agree with Anon August 28, 2010 6:44 PM.

    what Vivien is doing (running the blogshop, bitchmouth, revealing details about ppl) is just plain DUMB.

    Her bad words make her face look fugly.

  45. Maybe Vivien is lack of attention and wants more people to know about her? Can't blame her, she's just a kid. AWWWH PATHETIC :(

  46. i'm anon august 28 4:!2 pm n im not related 2 vivien in anyway. im just tinking wat u guys doin is unfair 2 her. tat's all. imagine u're super angry wif someone then u blogged about her etc, den ppl r bashing u for tat. wont u be angry?

  47. Erhmm... if Vivien doesnt come back every time to defend herself like a brat, everyone would probably stop bashing her.

    She's being bashed for being an obnoxious kid.

  48. but is it wrong for someone 2 defend herself?
    if you're being bashed, won't u defend urself 2?

  49. I would... but not like an obnoxious brat. That is just plain annoying.

    Be logical. Be sensible. Be calm. Be HUMBLE.

    She did not meet any of the above.

    She whined and whined and whined... self absorbed little brat.

    Case one : "Haha, take photos myself? ALl my instocks photo ARE TAKEN BY MYSELF. How do you expect me to take photos for items that are in korea. Are you dumb or just plain stupid or both?"

    The correct way to gain RESPECT : "I do take the pictures myself. May not be the best but I will improve in future."

    Case two : "And, th buyer used a lot of vulgarities too. Not just me."

    The correct way to gain RESPECT : "My apologies for the vulgarities used. Buyer responded with vulgarities and I used them as well in a fit of anger."

    Dont you think she asked for every bit of bashing from here? I think so...

  50. she juz didn't meet you "critiria". so? juz cuz of dat u all hav to gang up on her? dont like her den juz leave her alone la. and im sure she will 2. in de first place is u all keep critisizing her leh. so she hav every right 2 retaliate. y should she reply u all nicely? look at all de comments. juz wat i tink.

  51. and you're next in line to be trashed... sweet 16 too? kids need to be set straight la! tsk tsk tsk

    good night children. its WAYYY passed your bedtimes.


  52. nothing to say? u guys shld feel guilty. saying vivien's immature yadayada, but you yourselves are there ganging up on her... seriously?

  53. ok fyi, i own a blogshop and for most blogshop owners, backout buyers mean that they said they will pay or meet up, set a time and date to meet up, than don't show up or went MIA am I rite?

    In ur case, it is just mere seeking for more information.She's was probably not online therefore she couldn't read the t & c on ur blog or whatsoever u posted up.That's not the right way to talk to customers man gal.You seriously need to grow up.

    There are even more serious Backout cases than ur stupid case man.

    In the future, like some of them had already mention, better don't look for jobs related to serving customers because u would Effin FAIL!

  54. Dear anon who is helping vivien:

    I guess none of us are ganging up on her here, but we all here talk based on facts & what we think are right & wrong. Obviously Vivien is not suitable to be a seller in the online community, based on her responses to everything happened here. People here Constantly sabo her, I guess its because of the way she is handling this matter. Take other blogshops that also appeared in SMWDY for instance. If they find that they are at fault, they do apologise & some even offer refunds, etc, even after their blogs are being exposed.

    And what she did is also REALLY wrong. From the blacklisted cases I read, both the buyers DID NOT BACKOUT. She didn't really understand the SERIOUS backout cases that some online sellers are facing, like buyers not appearing for COD, sellers orders stuff for them but buyer doesn't pay when stocks arrive. The buyers she had just didn't come to an agreement with her to purchase the stuff. Not like they DON'T WANT to buy the items on purpose. It just wasn't at their convenience and they probably couldn't make it for COD. And I believe they didn't just "simply inquire & don't plan to buy" because they look to me like they were going to buy.

    Maybe she is just too young, and doesn't know how to handle her emotions. But if she wants to continue being a seller, she should start learning to deal with people, no matter what business should not be mixed with emotions. Or else she should just go back to school/college, that's probably the best (softest) place to develop skills & gain maturity.

    Btw, its not that ppl have nothing to say, its just that you gave 6 minutes for ppl to respond to your reply.

  55. I know another blogshop who has the exact SAME attitude as Vivien. Drop ur mail if you wanna know.

  56. didn't u read properly? she said dat person alr decided on a meetup date etc den backout.

  57. this is anon August 28, 2010 6:44 PM. i agree totally with anons August 29, 2010 2:57 AM & anon August 29, 2010 3:21 AM. i also believe that most of the commenters who have voiced out against vivien are sellers themselves. i don't think we are 'ganging up' to bash her. all the comments have been rather constructive and i believe if vivien wants to learn from this, she should take all the criticism and apologize for her rudeness.

    the fact that even after this case has been exposed on both SMWDY and NOS, she can still come here to defend herself numerous times AND post up the apology letter from the buyer, goes to show that she is in no way remorseful nor feel that she is in any way wrong. it is obvious that she hasnt the slightest idea when it comes to running a business or customer service. and if she knows wats good for her, she will learn from this experience and not take it as 'bashing' like the anon who is helping vivien.

  58. I WANT TO KNOW! Mail me at

  59. Anon 3.25pm can't YOU read ? the aunt asked her if she could get the bags by a certain day and she said no. that's not backing out, that's called not wanting stuff that will not arrive by the wanted day.

  60. Since she don't want to "learn from this", just leave her alone lah. Don't you have a life of your own?

  61. i agree. leave her alone in her blissful ignorance and stupidity.

  62. haha don't you have a life? Sitting here leaving MULTIPLE comments and defending a brat because you are in fact one yourself :P haha...

  63. Someone left a comment saying that Vivien is "bashed" because she kept coming back to defend herself. But she's not coming her anymore is she? So keep your words people and leav her alone.

  64. Haha I guess some of us can guess whether vivien is coming back or not.

    Look at how she is treating her customers, she did not leave her buyer alone when the buyer apologised to her through email, she even posted up the apology letter from the buyer, by doing that I feel that she thinks she is correct in all ways, and she took advantage of the buyer & the apology letter. If she cannot leave her buyer alone AFTER the buyer apologised, why beg us to leave her alone when she didn't care to say sorry?

  65. sigh...after seeing the whole comment form...i'm still have no idea which blogshop is this...anyone can help? any hints? thx :p

  66. Why should she apologize to you all?

  67. TO ANON August 29, 2010 12:54 PM

    I wanna know!!!


  69. just to point out something,

    did anyone notice that all those in favour of vivien replies in the exact same writing style as she does?

    it's on high odds that she is the one defending herself in disguised as anon.

  70. Lol. vivien replies usin hr own name. c previous cmments.

  71. Lol. ANON August 31, 2010 11:48 PM, people can CHOOSE to use their own names or comment anonymously. Use some common sense.

  72. it's totally so vivien.

  73. this post and its comments makes me laugh. haha!